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Magicians Badge by [carmen]

Magicians are rare creatures with knowledge on Informatics Alchemy, and they are able to do the programming that allows Elftown to run properly, or be extended with new features. Magicians are designated by our Mayor [Hedda] personally.


Magic Council

Spell Caster [Hedda]
Apprentice [Nita]

Apprentices are members who study how to program Elftown. Right now only [Hedda] can do actual Elftown-programming, so do not ask them questions about it.
The rules mentioned below to become a magician also apply to becoming an apprentice.


NOTE: No, you can't be a magician! To be that you need:

1) Knowledge in Pike and Roxen (see Elftown technology)
2) Hedda's trust.
3) Be nice to work with.

I might consider to share the code without 2 and 3 to start an Open Source project of the code behind Elftown, the Heddate Roxen module. That will not include work on Elftown though and I need some really serious people to make this worth doing.


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2003-11-08 [Fire Hunter]: I can be a Magician.

2003-12-03 [yoshimitsu]: can i also be a magician. plz

2003-12-11 [MathiasIV]: If you are still watching this page I am pretty dang knowledgeble about wiki's.... I have done almost everything that I have seen to do with them. If you want some help on that end I can do it. Will message you personally if you dont get this in 2 days

2003-12-11 [Anonymous]: Magicians have to do with programming, not with wiki building :) For instance, they made possible that we can do wiki building :) Do you understand? :D

2003-12-17 [lady nytmare]: I could be a magician, i have extensive knowledge of programming. However, i am insane...would this be a downfall?

2004-01-13 [Chel.]: I want to help!! ^-^

2004-01-18 [Valmar]: i can be a Magician, caz i am a real on in real life

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