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Maeve104's Art Page

Here is a variety of art that I have made over the past year or so. Some are newer than others. Some are just sketched in an hour, some are worked on for weeks. I'll post more if I have time, but for now enjoy looking at what's posted! :D Feel free to comment or request a sketch of one of your own characters or whatnot. I'll do one for you if I have the time.

Please note that all images are the property of Maeve104, and should not be used without her direct permission. Thanks!

This is one of my RP characters- a Were-Horse named Ive (pronounced Ivy) from The Eye of the Dragon RP.



A weapon for one of the fantasy races in The journey to ardor RP. Done in colored pencil.

A Therruli from The journey to ardor. It's a warrior race of cave moles. They would stand about four and a half feet tall in real life, but be very strong. I wish this picture could show the colors as bright as they are in the actual drawing...grr...

A pet Dire that I made for a friend! Isn't he just adorable?! ^.^ I wanted him to be a bit cartoonish, so I outlined in ballpoint pen, then colored it in with colored pencil.

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2007-07-06 [Galatea]: Oh beautiful! How awesome I love the were-horse...what medium did you use? It looks a little like watercolor? I love the other two characters as well, are you going to color them by any chance? Not that they need it, they are great they way they are. ^_^

2007-07-18 [Fearathress]: Fantastic art!!!

2007-12-11 [Galatea]: Woo! I love your warrior cave moles! :D

2007-12-13 [Maeve104]: hehe. Thanks!

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