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User Name: [Rice]

Character name: Lynn-Muriella Sickert.

Mutant name: Ice.

Abilities/powers: Biological manipulation. Lynn has the ability to control all aspects of her biological make-up, though not those of other people. These powers can span from her being able to heal quickly to even genetic alterations. However since she is still so young her powers are very undeveloped, at the moment the only powers she possess is an immunity to disease and skill to go for longer periods without food, water and sleep. She can approximately go 3 times longer than the average person without these necessities as her body converts other sources into desired ATP energy.

Sex: Female.

Age: 9.

Birthday: December 31st.

General Appearance: She is your typical young girl. Lynn is a petite young child with a stature of 3'9ft and a weight of just 50lbs, she has a milky skin tone which always looks slightly rosy in the cheeks, as if she has just run from somewhere. Her dark brown hair is long, gliding just past her hips, and normally tied together in braids that begin behind her ears and are often hanging down her front. She has a fondness for cite hair-clips so is usually sporting some bright coloured hair pins,bows or an alice band. Lynn's facial features are still very childlike though betray their future prospects of being long and thin, much like her fathers. Her eyes, which are always big, shine a bright blue and are complimented well by her cheeky grin. Clothing wise it's dresses all the way, she is most certainly not a tom-boy and can more than often be seen running around in dresses and cardigans. 

Additional Appearance: Due to her mutant power her appearance is always energetic and a bit hyper, you'd never catch her standing or sitting for too long unless she was preoccupied with a book or tv show, and even then she fidgets constantly. When you really look at the girl, you can tell she is her fathers daughter though, they both have the same intense eyes.

Personality: As a curious girl Lynn is known for getting into trouble a bit and sticking her nose into things she probably should stay out of. Her nature is very inquisitive and like that of a cat, always patrolling around the premises looking for stuff to enjoy. Her heart is genuine, honest and all in all pretty innocent if not a little naive, Lynn likes to bounce jovially through life and not let the bad times weigh her down. Though as of yet she has known little of grief except for the passing of her mother, a notion which still haunts her a little. However in the midst of the trauma she met her father and found a new person to rely on, she's almost like a little kitten clawing at your trouser leg for attention and treats, endearing but possibly a bit annoying.

Special Skills: She is an intelligent girl, like her parents, but a bit to motivated with having fun to every study for school, if she did apply herself she would no doubt score very high in exams. Lynn's best skill is her affinity for the piano, she has been playing since she was 4 years old and is rather good at it now - though there is always room for improvement.

Place of Birth: Bath, England.

Weapon(s) of choice: None.

Medical information: Lynn has never been sick thanks to her power so her medical records are pristine.

Brief History: The death of Lynn's mother shook the foundations of Lynn's happy life, she had grown up only with Muriel and knew little of her father other than he was a scientist off somewhere. She suspects, now that she is a little older, that her mother was trying to hide the truth from her for fear Lynn would go out in search of him. Muriel was not a mutant and had never disclosed how Lynn was conceived, though considering the nature of Ricin's aliment it could possible be deduced that Lynn was a test-tube baby. After the car accident that took the girls mum the girl was placed into custody until they could track Ricin down, she was sent from home to home for little over a year until finally the man was found. Too young to hold any sort of resentment, Lynn was extremely happy at the fact she would have a family again and was carted off to America. She has only recently arrived and is already loving the newness of things.

Ricin Sickert. - Father
Muriel Farfeather - Mother
Evelyn Sickert - Grandmother
Patrick Sickert - Grandfather

How long has your character been in the mansion: New arrival.

Relation chart (1: bad; 10: good)

Ricin Sickert - 10 - He's her only family and she thinks the world of him, Lynn follows her Dad around like a little duck hence her nickname 'duckling'.

Korvka Shostakovich - 8 - She really likes Korvka despite how she sometimes reacts, the woman is generally nice to her and gives her piano lessons, something her mother used to do. Naturally the girl has clung to Korvka a bit and see's her like an elder sister.

Vlad Shostakovich - 9 - He's AMAZING! Vlad is like a big teddy bear climbing frame hybrid.

Shana Grace Tilar - 8 - Lynn likes Shana, she's like the cool older girl ywho it's impossible to not like.

Light Arely Tilar - 6 - Light is a little bit scary in Lynn's eyes but also stunningly beautiful, she likes the girls model like figure and would aspire to be like her, though the notion is depressing unlikely.

Daniela Morgan - 8 - Another female who has earned a little kitten following her around, the cheerful Daniela makes Lynn feel comfortable though sometimes she feels as if Daniela is sad for some reason.

Magnolia Dawn Cassabella - 9 - Lynn was, at first, a little wary of Maggie since she seemed to be somewhat reserved and standoffish. (Though she later found out this was due to the girls power) However now she has come to realise that Maggie's power is very similar to her fathers and thus she is safe around her. The two chat often with Lynn acting like the annoying little sister and Maggie the doting big sister.

Shade - 7 - She hasn't seen much of him but from afar thinks he looks really cool and often tries to get his attention, much to the protest of her father who is somewhat distrusting of the young man.

Hound - 10 - Aunty Hound is as high up as anyone can get in Lynn's books, shes fun, energetic, playful and is always there to take Lynn to the park or play games. She loves Hound and thinks the world of her.

Valerie - 8 - Lynn thinks she wonderful, lovely, adorable, many nice things indeed.

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2011-04-29 [Figgy]: All looks good here, Rice. Though, the only thing is that she won't be able to participate in stuff like DR spars (though I'm sure she'd sneak her way into some student gatherings). But if that's ok with you, then Lynn (My middle name XD) is all fine and dandy :)

2011-04-29 [Rice]: Oh trust me..she's a cunning little one, she'll get in somehow! ;D

And wow, I LOVE the name Lynn...just adore're lucky!

2011-04-29 [Figgy]: Hahaha, thank you XD I do too. It's a really pretty name ^^

2011-04-29 [Rice]: I'll bring her in once we've all skipped forwards. CB Would it be okay if I say skipped her coming up to the gates and say had her already inside the mansion?

2011-04-29 [Figgy]: Oh, yeah, that's fine :)

2011-04-29 [Rice]: Thank you my dear~

2011-04-29 [Veltzeh]: Wait, does she come to the mansion right after today or just before Halloween? :o

2011-04-29 [Rice]: I'm waiting till the skip and then i'll comment with her, however i'm sort of assuming she's been there for a day prior to when the new day starts. :)

2011-04-29 [Veltzeh]: All right, so it's reasonable to assume that the others haven't met her yet. :)

2011-04-29 [Rice]: Oh yes. The only person she has met is her father..but she'll make herself known. Just try getting her to shut up.

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