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2005-05-26 17:53:30
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1.[ugursarac] :)
3.[orange evil fairy]


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2005-05-01 [FaST2HaMMeR]: u hate me cus lois loves me :o)

2005-05-01 [ugursarac]: YES.... i love lois :((

2005-05-01 [Pitch_me_Please?]: Pff

2005-05-01 [Pitch_me_Please?]: Neither of you love me

2005-05-01 [FaST2HaMMeR]: u can trust me

2005-05-01 [Pitch_me_Please?]: No i cant. None of u have even met me.

2005-05-01 [FaST2HaMMeR]: maybe tihs summer cus ı will come there

2005-05-01 [Pitch_me_Please?]: Not to see me

2005-05-01 [ugursarac]: ???

2005-05-01 [FaST2HaMMeR]: what happened theo?

2005-05-01 [Pitch_me_Please?]: what is the password theo???

2005-05-01 [ugursarac]: you re soo stupid... really.. dont write ..cuz i will delete it...

2005-05-01 [Pitch_me_Please?]: what is the password to this wiki??

2005-05-01 [FaST2HaMMeR]: ı dont know lois sory only theo know it

2005-05-01 [FaST2HaMMeR]: he is here now and ı said pls give her pass but he said nooo

2005-05-01 [Pitch_me_Please?]: He has already given it to me

2005-05-01 [FaST2HaMMeR]: aww oke

2005-05-01 [FaST2HaMMeR]: ı have to go take care of urself for me

2005-05-01 [Pitch_me_Please?]: OK

2005-05-20 [LiKeaNaDDiCt]: bu ne amına koyam ne lem bu wkinin reklamı bizim wikide sikerim belanızı

2005-05-23 [Pitch_me_Please?]: Why did theo and F2H hack into my friedns account?!

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