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2005-05-26 17:53:30
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1.[ugursarac] :)
3.[orange evil fairy]


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Made By [ugursarac] for [Pitch_me_Please?]....

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2005-05-23 [Pitch_me_Please?]: Why did theo and F2H hack into my friedns account?!

2005-05-24 [FaST2HaMMeR]: i dont know anything what abpout are u talking?

2005-05-24 [ugursarac]: are u silly ?? i m hacker but i didnt....

2005-05-24 [FaST2HaMMeR]: i am always number one

2005-05-24 [Pitch_me_Please?]: Why did u send me a message saying u hacked me then theo?!

2005-05-25 [ugursarac]: cuz i will hack you ....

2005-05-25 [Pitch_me_Please?]: WHY?

2005-05-26 [ugursarac]: cuz you re blocked me on msn..!! wait me .!!

2005-05-26 [FaST2HaMMeR]: wait us everybody

2005-05-26 [ugursarac]: !!!

2005-05-26 [Pitch_me_Please?]: ???

2005-05-26 [ugursarac]: hahah look again ur reign

2005-05-26 [Pitch_me_Please?]: please dont hack anymore theo, i thought u were my friend?

2005-05-26 [Rice]: Hey Theo thta is mean ive her her acount back >:(

2005-05-27 [FaST2HaMMeR]: not theo

2005-05-27 [FaST2HaMMeR]: and no theo

2005-05-28 [ugursarac]: sure f2h

2005-05-28 [eiddy]: hey everybody listen to me ı just join this web page ı think so someone hack here and wait me lois plsssssssss ı know u are scared but ı have to sorry everybodyy thxx theoo it is fun for me

2005-05-28 [eiddy]: by the way f2h we are going to stole call me pls

2005-05-28 [ugursarac]: not important :)

2005-05-29 [FaST2HaMMeR]: wow u r here eiddy wellcome dude

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