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“Why did you do this?” She asked softly as she stared at the man she’d trusted. She squirmed restlessly, testing the harsh ropes that cut into her skin before returning her gaze to the man who stood above her. “You’re worth a pretty penny. Fortunately my buyer wants you alive and intact. Lire glared at him, “I will make you pay for this.” She said quietly; her voice deadly but the man only laughed.
“Oh, I doubt that. He’ll break you out of that habit you have. You’ll learn your place soon enough.” He said with a chuckle as he pulled out a black cloth bag and put it over her head. Lire fell silent; it wouldn’t do any good to keep talking and so she concentrated on listening; trying to record the process they were taking in her head. She had been slung roughly over someone’s shoulder and was being carried to what she assumed was a car. She heard them open the door and then she was thrown roughly into the backseat. She grunted as she landed on her side; her fingers were going numb; the ropes felt like they were going to cut through her flesh.
The car started and Lire wanted to scream in frustration. She hadn’t fought and killed to be captured like this! It seemed someone else besides the driver was inside because she heard someone move and then felt a blow before sinking into silence.

She woke up to the feel of cold steel on her wrists and ankles; she groaned as she moved her head and blinked her eyes open. She was staring a white ceiling and when she tried to bring her hand up to touch her forehead she realized that her hands wouldn’t reach. The restraints alone almost sent her into a panic as she started to thrash. This was new; she wasn’t used to this; she couldn’t handle being trapped like this and she started jerking harder and harder against the chains on one wrist; ignoring the pain as she tried to slip loose.
“I don’t suggest you do that, pet.” A male voice spoke and Lire froze as she craned her neck trying to figure out who’d spoken. A man came into view; he was older at least in his fifties and balding he was the type of person Lire would’ve killed for daring to speak to her. As it was she stared at him angrily,
“Kristos! Why do you have me?” She demanded. Her answer was a resounded slap against her face that had enough force to snap her head sideways.
“Listen here, pet, it’s time you calmed down. I told Diego when he got you that you needed to be taught a lesson. I asked him to sell you to me so many times… well… now he’s paid for his mistakes and I’ve gotten a new girl.” He leered at her as he ran a hand down her shirt, hooking his finger around the edge and pulling it down to reveal her bra.
“You will learn to obey me. In every way I ask and you will learn to show respect to your master.” He said as he caressed her cheek, “You’ve always been such a beautiful girl. Pity that Diego never taught you manners.” He laughed, “You actually pretend like you are human!” Lire lunged forward, her teeth clicking closed right before he jerked his hand out of reach. He retaliated quickly, closing his fist and hitting her hard; he seemed to lose himself as he hit her again and again until Lire was drifting in and out of consciousness. She just barely registered him stopping and saw his lips moving but she couldn’t seem to make out what he was saying, her head lolled loosely to the side before as she fell into the warm darkness.
When she woke; she woke up with a scream and her hand jerked up only to be painfully stopped by the shackles. She’d been blindfolded and someone was on top of her and her clothes were gone; she could feel the gritty hand running down her stomach; her underwear were already gone and his hand explored her slender body thoroughly as she gritted her teeth against the violation. When he started to move into position she started kicking even though the movement just hurt her ankles and nothing else. Her whole body stiffened when he surged forward and started to rape her. She turned her head away as she bit her lip so hard she could taste blood; she refused to cry. It was only sex; she knew they were trying to break her and were using her body against her and even when she felt tears pricking at her eyes she forced them back as she stayed in stony silence.
“Next time you will think twice before you try to rebel against me.” Came Kristos’s voice and her head whipped in his direction, he wasn’t the one raping her but he sure as hell was watching and somehow it made the whole ordeal worse. She didn’t answer him but felt hands on her head and sudden heat and she closed her mouth tightly when she felt something probing her lips.
“If you bite you will be punished.” Kristos said from his view. One man was still raping her while another started trying to pry her mouth open. Lire let him do it but, as soon as he put himself within reach of her teeth, her jaws snapped shut as she bit as hard as she possibly could. Her rapist leapt off of her as the other man screamed and started to hit her over and over; soon her entire body was being pummeled until finally she released him; spitting out the blood please that he wouldn’t be having sex anytime soon.
“You will break.” Kristos said coldly as he stood over her but Lire didn’t answer; she heard chains rattling and then suddenly she was pulled from the bed. Her body was limp and so pain-filled that she hit the floor with a thud, a low moan escaping her as she tried to stand. She tried to reach for the blindfold but the chains yanked her hands back. Suddenly she was strung up, her hands pulled roughly overhead and fastened in place. She sagged down, her legs couldn’t support her anymore and she just wanted everything to stop. She jerked when freezing cold water suddenly hit her skin and she sagged back down as the water streamed from her bare body and fell to the floor.
She heard it before it hit; the air whistling around and object right before it connected with her back. This time she screamed. She didn’t know what it was but it felt like it was cutting into her spine each time it hit and forced a new scream from her throat. It hurt… it hurt so bad. She whimpered softly when her torturer pulled back to deliver another blow and screamed when it connected. Time seemed to slow until her entire world was simply pain; when the beating finally stopped she just hung limply from the chains. She’d long ago lost her voice; unable to keep screaming through the ragged mess that was her throat.
Days passed; days filled with pain, humiliation and rape. Lire felt like she was dying as she resisted at every turn; taking every opportunity to fight back and even managing to kill a couple of her tormentors. Her body was constantly beaten; although they made sure not to do anything permanent. Finally her chance to escape came as pure chance.
She’d been blindfolded, as usual, when she heard a commotion and gunfire. She didn’t bother to lift her head; she didn’t really care at this point. At least not until she heard American voices; different from the greek accents she’d been forced to listen to for weeks.
“Hey! In here! There’s a girl!” She heard someone shout and then the chains rattled as she was gently lowered to the floor.
“Hey… it’s ok.” The voice said gently and laid a warm hand against her cheek. Lire shuddered at the contact and blinked rapidly when the blindfold was pulled off. He was so warm compared to her that her body shifted towards him even though she wanted to leave. She looked up at him and smiled faintly, “Finally. I knew I wasn’t going to die here.” She whispered hoarsely. The woman holding her was blond haired with blue eyes; she was dressed in an army outfit but Lire could tell that she had a softness about her.
“I’ll get you out of her; don’t worry.” The woman said urgently before glancing over her shoulder. Lire nodded and closed her eyes to avoid catching anyone’s gaze but the stress was still to much and she drifted off to sleep although this time she was hoping to wake in a better place.

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