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"Alex!" Lire screamed as she felt herself slip and start to fall. Alex spun around just as he finished dispatching his last opponent; "Lirerial!" He yelled as he lunged forward; scooping up a rope as he move. He fell to the ground and threw the rope so that it was wrapped tightly around his right arm; Lire caught it and jerked to a stop. It was then that the Asian man realized that the rope was imbedded with shards of glass that were digging into his arm. Below him Lire gasped as she rope burned into her palms.
"Please... don't let me go." She pleaded with him as she stared up at him with wide eyes. Alex shook his head, "I won't let you fall." He promised fervently as he started to pull on the rope. Lire screamed as the rope shredded the skin on her and she slipped a few more inches. Alex immediately stopped; his heart was going crazy and he realized for the first time that he couldn't picture his life without the dark-skinned girl. "Lirerial, wrap the rope around your waist and arm." He called to her and braced himself against the window sill in preperation for the movement. Lire's legs kicked against the wall for several moments before she managed to gain enough purchase to kick away and out into empty space. For several heart stopping moments she twisted and then hit the wall with enough force to knock the breath from her body. The rope felt like it was going to cut her in half; the glass digging through her clothing into her stomach and her left arm that had gotten wrapped up in the sharp rope.
"I'm ready." She called up to her friend as she ignored the biting pain from the rope cutting into her bare arm. "I'm pulling you up." Alex called down to her in response and he started to pull. Lire tried walking up the wall to help him but the pain from the rope around her stomach was to much and she was resigned to letting him drag up. She didn't tell him about her arm being tangled in the rope and it was only a few minutes before she lost the feeling in her arm; she didn't look up knowing the sight of her torn arm would only make things worse.
Alex couldn't hear Lire anymore and he was suddenly terrified she was hurt more serious then he thought. He threw his whole weight into the rope and started to walk backwards ignoring the rope that was cutting into his arm. Finally he caught sight of Lire as he pulled her over the edge; she was looking pale and he couldn't stop the feeling of absolute fury at the sight of her mangled arm. He glanced towards the bodies of the men they'd taken out and suddenly wished they were still alive so he could make them suffer for hurting his girl. "His girl" the thought stunned Alex as he watched Lire groan and untangle herself from the rope; he hesitantly reached out and unwound the rope from her arm; picking out pieces of glass from her flesh.
Lire smiled up at him; "It's just a flesh wound." She said reassuringly as she touched the bloody skin, "Not a big deal." She touched the almost identical injury on his right arm, "You saved me." She said wonderingly. Alex was looking at her strangely and she tilted her head as she studied him curiously. "Are you ok...?" She asked hesitantly. She'd never seen that expression before and she yelped when he suddenly grabbed her and dragged her into his arms. He had pinned her arms against her sides in a way that only he knew; he pressed her head against his chest and held her close. He was muttering something to himself and Lire had to strain to listen but eventually she managed to make out the words, "I almost lost you... you almost died. Mine... you're mine. My girl..." The words sparked the feelings that she had hidden deep inside and she struggled to lift her head and look into his face. She was cursing her eyes that prevented her from meeting his gaze, "Alex..." She said but he didn't seem to notice so she tried again, "Hyun Ki!" She said louder; this time using his Korean name. This seemed to snap him out of it as he looked down at her face, careful not to meet her eyes directly.
"I'm sorry." He said stiffly as he released her and moved away from her. Lire stood up and followed him, "Esperame." She said as she walked forward; only the slightest limp giving away the intense pain she was feeling. She walked over to him and laid her hands on his shoulders, "Don't leave me." She said as she stroked his cheek. Her heart was loud as a drum as she spoke and she smiled shyly at him. She wasn't a virgin and she knew how to use her body to accomplish her goals but she had never dreamed that Alex would return the feelings she had for him. As it was he leaned into her touch and closed his eyes; Lire smiled and stood on her tiptoes as she lightly brushed her lips against his. Alex's response was immediate; he pulled her tight against his body and captured her mouth in a strong kiss. She fought for control; her lips moving just as urgently against his as her body pressed closer. Her hands wrapped around his neck as she nibbled on his bottom lip causing him to moan softly.
"You are mine." Alex growled possessively as he swung her around and pressed her against the wall. For Lire this was a new experience; she was far to used to being in control; to being feared and for the first time that control was wrenched from her grasp as her emotions and body overwhelmed her. She gasped as his teeth bit at her neck and she touched his face; this time leaving bloody streaks on his skin. The wetness seemed to snap him out of his fervor and he suddenly stopped. "We need to get you looked at it." He said as he pushed her away. Lire pouted up at him, "I'm fine." She snapped back and tried to pull him down for a kiss. Alex grabbed her waist and she winced as he touched her injuries, "You're not fine." He answered as he scooped her up into his arms. He stopped her protests with a long kiss as he carried her out of the room.

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