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The sound of music filled the air long before Lire reached the club. Her silver eyes seemed to glow in the pulsing lights as she glided confidently into the crowd that surrounded the doors. She walked right up to the bouncer and her lips curved in a confident smile. The man grinned back at her and his tongue ran over his lip as his eyes drifted appreciatively up and down her slender body.
“Oye, mami, you come back to me if those idiotas in there give you a hard a time. Escuchas?” He said to her; his voice heavy with latin accent as he pulled her close and laid one large hand square on her ass. Lire smiled wider and ran her slender hand up his chest and tugged lightly on his hair.
“Por supuesto, te vengo a encontrar cuando salgo.” (Of course. I’ll find you when I come out.) She purred and winked at him before pulling free and disappearing inside. Lire easily moved through the crowds; she loved the sound of the music and she carefully made a note of each guard that she could see scattered throughout the area. She grinned and tossed her head almost forgetting why she was here in the first place. The quick beat of the music filled her and she started to sway and move. She smiled as tall man approached her and held out his hand; the question unspoken. She nodded and laid her hand in his and allowed him to lead her to the dance floor. Once more she surrendered herself to the beat; this time joined by her partner. Her lithe body moved fluidly from one move to another. She used her whole body to dance; letting her hair whip around and her hips move easily as she pressed up against her dance partner. He spun her around; pulling her back up tight against him and brushed away her hair to nibble gently on her ear as he whispered sweet lies.
Lire pulled away and reached up to plant a long kiss on him; letting him grab her waist and pull her against him. He didn’t notice that she kept her eyes open; watching a man dressed in all black who lumbered past. He also didn’t notice that she stopped the kiss as soon as the guard was out of sight or that her attention was now trained on the form of a man who sat back in the VIP lounge. She started to walk away but her partner pulled her back,
“Solo conmigo esta noche, mami.” (Only me tonight, baby) He murmured into her ear as he nibbled a path down her neck. Unseen by him Lire’s eyes flashed with annoyance but she kept from meeting his gaze as she smiled at him and stood up to whisper in his ear, “Follow me.” He nodded eagerly as she grabbed his hand and led him through the crowd and up to the sitting area. She pushed him down on one of the chairs near a table and climbed on to his lap, straddling him. Now for the first time she met his gaze; meeting his dark gaze with her silver eyes and watching as he froze. His eyes were confused and frightened as he stared into her face unable to look away and Lire smiled at him and ran a finger over his lips.
Although the club was crowded no one was paying attention to the couple in the corner; something unfortunate for the man. His luck had run out when he had interfered with Lire’s hunt and now she was making sure he wouldn’t get involved again. She kept him paralyzed as she ran her hand from his lips to cheek and then to his ear. She made a motion with her hand and he jerked and slumped forward; his body convulsed a little bit more as Lire caught him and lowered him face down on the table. A small stream of blood trickled from his ear as Lire pulled out the tiny knife and wiped it clean of blood and brain matter on his clothes. She slipped the knife back into her sleeve as she left him there; appearing to anyone like he’d passed out.
She made her way back to the dance floor; weaving in between bodies and dancing as she went. She settled on a spot close to where her target sat and this time she really danced. Her body moved in fluid waves; her hands moved perfectly, accenting each movement further. Her eyes were downcast as if she was in deep concentration; completely lost in the sound of the music that played. She could feel the eyes of the guards and the eyes of her target studying her; mentally undressing her and her lips curved into a disdainful smile. Suddenly she felt hands on her hips; dragging her closer up against a hard male body and her heart skipped and started beating faster. She turned; pulling loose and whirled just out of reach and smiled seductively at the man she’d been ordered to find. As far as people went he wasn’t bad looking although he was considerably older than herself; at least mid thirties to her seventeen years. He followed her a few steps; his eyes dark and smoldering with lust as he took in her slender body; the way her black shirt hugged her hourglass waist and one arm and shoulder was covered with thin black fabric while the other was completely bare to the world. Light, silky fabric swayed with each step she took, swirling around her thighs like black froth as she moved and danced; luring him further away from the security of his guards. He couldn’t quite see her eyes; she refused to meet his gaze but he didn’t care; he liked his women submissive although he would miss the chance to break this one; her black hair was so dark it seemed to absorb the light and her legs seemed almost a mile long in the stunning pair of heels that she so expertly wore.
He didn’t notice how she watched each guard as they drifted further and further from the lounge and deeper into the crowds. The wrong head was doing the thinking for him at the point; so lost was he in the image of her bare body writhing underneath him. Because of this he didn’t think and instead acted; grabbing her hand and pulling her towards the door that was nearby. Lire knew from her studies that it led to the alley out back and she was not disappointed as they emerged into the warm Honduran night. He didn’t wait; instead hoisting her up on top of a crate and immediately burying his face in her cleavage. Lire pushed at him in annoyance; his response was quick and painful as he lifted his hand and slapped her hard across the face. Her reaction was immediate and instinctive as she lifted her eyes and glared directly into his face. He froze; his hand still uplifted to deliver another blow and slowly drew out one of her knives. This one was bigger than the one she’d used to kill her previous partner and razor sharp. She pressed the tip into his arm, slicing a path from his wrist to his shoulder as he stood frozen. She was mad; no, she was pissed. How dare he lay a hand on her! Sure, she knew who he was, she knew he was a major player in sex trafficking but the idea that he had dared to touch her in such a disrespectful way was enough to make her ignore her training and want to kill him slowly.
She smiled slowly, coldly as she stared into his eyes,
“Diego te manda saludes.” (Diego says hi.) She murmured softly to him as she pressed the knife into his other arm and made a shallow cut.
“You’ve heard of me, right?” She asked with a smile as she brought the knife to her mouth and slowly caught a drop of blood with her tongue. He was frozen but his eyes easily expressed the terror and fury that he felt as she sliced open his biceps. Her hands were now slick with blood as she smiled into his face, “You really should’ve paid my father the money you owed him…. He probably wouldn’t have given you to me if you had.” She said with a shrug. At that moment something crashed and Lire whirled around; a cat ran for cover and she spun back, realizing her error but it was to late. Her victim was loose and her head snapped back with the force of his slap as he threw her to the ground.
“I’m done paying Diego’s little fees. In fact; I think his daughter will make a wonderful addition to my collection.” He said with a leering grin as he dragged her upright; Lire felt dazed from the force of the blow but was still clear headed enough to hook her leg around his; bringing them both crashing to the ground. She rolled clear; and circled him as he stood up attempting to catch his gaze once more but this time he kept his eyes averted even though it grated his pride.
“I have your knife, senorita.” He said mockingly as he waved the weapon at her; Lire’s answer was a blurred flicker of movement shortly followed by a gurgling gasp as her dagger buried itself in her opponent’s throat. Her head hurt and she was bruised; her anger at the indignity was overshadowed by the fact that Raphael, her handler, was going to be very mad that she’d ignored her training and jeopardized losing the target for personal satisfaction. She growled irritatingly as she retrieved her knives; even taking the time to slash the man’s throat before she turned and vanished into the darkness; even as guards spilled out of the club and into the alley to discover their dead leader.

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