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The Legato Revolution

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[~Legato~]: Same here, Same here

[Princess Carwash]: i dont think any of my bisexual friends have ever had crushes on me.. im more like the sister than the crush.. idk people can often relate to me and they like having convos with me.. but love wise.. doesnt happen like ever.

[Blaze the Nameless]: Pertaining to bisexual friends: it's not htat I don't love them. They just know I'm striaght.

Pertaining to Trigun: I've also realized that there are more animes out there that I would watch right now.<img:img/mood/44166_1164144907.gif>

[~Legato~]: Pertaining to both: Yeah.

[Rhammin]: well, blazey, i pity your non-bisexual vs bisexual perdiciment

[Blaze the Nameless]: It's alright. We're still friends.

[Rhammin]: i'm having no luck with any of the girls i know, mabe i should try dating a guy this time?

[~Legato~]: If you want to, you should persue it! =)

[Princess Carwash]: im actually not into anime anymore.. i hit highschool and gave all my comics to a friend.. its not my thing really.. im more into the music scene now.

[Rhammin]: i play guitar, but still leave time open for anime and video games

[Blaze the Nameless]: Dum de dum ditty do.

[Rhammin]: lol wtf

[Blaze the Nameless]: I'm bored!

[Rhammin]: ah, soo desu-ka.

[Blaze the Nameless]: La la lala

[Rhammin]: Blazey-san, dame desu yo. *scold*

[Blaze the Nameless]: WHatever.

[Rhammin]: cheese.

[Princess Carwash]: lol no hable espaniol.. je ne parle en francaise..?

[Rhammin]: um, what?

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