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The Crow Tavern

In the north-western sector of Lathiron, away from the Mage Guild, the Temple of Armon’hen, the Royal Palace, the White Gold streets and the festivities, and past the gardens, the palazzos and the manors, there is shade. Creatures and men, travelers and residents alike, come here to shield their eyes from the dazzling capital of Eisyden. It appeared almost that the blessed hands of the Sun God’s protection did not extend to this corner of the great city. Old and worn buildings seemed to sprawl across one another – a shingle dangling here, a rusty hand railing twisted unnaturally, a shadowed alleyway – but north-eastern sector was undeniably alive. During the day there was bartering, merchants, and passers by bustling in the street. And by night, when the good merchants turned to their beds, there was always mischief in the taverns and trade in the darkened streets. 
     Embraced by the black, vine-like branches and
scarlet leaves of two Lorken sprigs, the entrance to the Crow Tavern was a simple, unmarked wooden door with a dark iron knob sculpted to resemble the crimson leaves of the Lorken’s protective arms, and a broken key-hole. Dom, the owner, did not need to lock the door. The Crow was always open.
     The door opens onto a series of downward-leading, earthen steps. To either side are small, flickering torches grasped crookedly in a dragon’s disembodied iron claw. Ten steps down, a stone archway opens onto a large rectangular room with soaring wooden rafters, a dozen-and-one heavy wooden tables, a dozen-and-one sculpted pillars, and a stairway in the far right-hand corner (the Crow: Main Staircase). To the left of the archway, there is the expansive bar with thirteen stools. The stone walls are bare besides high windows through which crimson beams of light shine onto the floor and the torches used to light the chamber at night. Against the furthest wall, there is a well-sized hearth in which a fire dances and over which a large and ornate mirror is hung.
     Welcome to the Crow.

There was a gust of wind as the tavern door creaked opened once more, and muted footsteps were heard as the Crow's newest patron made an entrance. Soft leather boots appeared from the stone stairs, followed by worn black trousers, a thick leather belt, a dark grey blowse, and an old black vest, that flickered in and out of view as her black cloak shifted with each step. It was difficult to tell if this newcommer was male or female, as the figure was tall but slight and their face was hidden by their hood. Stray strands of ravenblack hair escaped the shrowd.
     This newcommer's steady footsteps took them past Piper's table, and as the figure moved past, a pale hand left a silver coin on the table. The movement was nearly imperceptible, and the cloaked patron moved with a noticeable grace. Without so much as glancing at Piper, they moved across the room, exchanged a few quiet words with Dom - who nodded - then disappeared down the stairway to the depths of the Inn.

Suddenly there was a ringing in their ears, a mind-consuming silence replacing the sound of any psychic ability that any of them possessed. The moment was fleeting but painful, the more magic that the person possessed – or that possessed the person – the more the emptiness ached. For one, horrifying moment, all magic in Nyan disappeared leaving a silent void in their minds and souls.

Having gotten a few good hours of sleep, Rynsana's slight form appeared from the stairway. She gave the hooded figure a curious look as she passed them going up the stairs, but found nothing threatening and turned her attention back to the tavern. Her eyes went first to the bloodstain, and a frown creased her brow... and that was when it hit her. The breath was stolen from her lungs. Something inivisible was crushing her chest and she stumbled up the last few stairs, gasping, panting, and clutching her chest. Her eyelashes fluttered as she struggled to keep her feet, and her eyes were faded. She recognized this feeling. She experienced something similar each time the sun set, but this... this made that pain pale in comparrison. Choking on the air she couldn't breathe, she sank to her knees.

Looking over, Emilio startles as he sees the young woman collapse, getting to his feet. Moving over to help her up, his thoughts of the conversation he was having totaly out of mind now, he heaves her to her feet and supports her. As he helps her over to a chair, his Lord Myrdhale storms back from the door, this time alone, sword Drawn, Eyes wide, scanning the room with desperation painted on his face.

[OCC: Not sure how to respond? Consider how magical your character is, and what would happen to them if magic was taken away.]

Slowly Alex made his way from the White City to the Northwestern corner of the glorious city. Taking in the sites he went he was slightly in awe that the city could degrade and change that much simply from one corner to another. Shrugging it off he continued his trek till he came to the unmarked door and handle that represented the Crows Tavern. 'Might as well start here and last I heard this is were Dom worked. Slowly he pulled open the door and took the ten steps down his feet finally stepped off the earthen steps, his eyes quickly darted around the scene of the tavern taking in all the current occupants and trying to discern who or what they were. Not wanting to draw attention to himself he pull his cloak a little closer and head towards the bar and sat at one of the stools. Nodding his head to the bartender that he'd like to place a order when ever he had a free moment.

Ive saw the new figure enter the tavern and had just enough time to wonder whether she would have to serve them something when she felt it: A creeping cold trapping her in her bones, her flesh suddenly feeling like a suffocating cage. "No." she whispered as her wineglass tumbled from her now-icy grasp, shattering into shards of glass amidst this newest red stain on the floor. She writhed as she tried to change into her horse form, but she could not. She was grasping at something that simply was not there anymore. Part of her being had been ripped from her, leaving her numb. Glass shards ravaged her side, but she felt nothing. Nothing, though the blood from her lacerations mixed with the spilled wine.

The moment the ringing started, a pain more profound than anything he had ever experienced before set upon Belial. His fingers clenched, shattering the wine glass he had been holding and driving shards into his palm and fingers. For all Belial fought to remain upright, Belial couldn't help but convulse in pain, falling over, the agony dragging a ragged scream from his throat.

Tuviel had been sitting calmly in his chair through Emilio's story, but at the instant that the ringing occurred his body stiffened for a few seconds. His body ached like he had never known before, all of his bones feeling like each one had a large weight pressing down on them, his wings feeling like they were about to be torn off. The pain eventually became too intense for him to handle in his current form, the only sound escaping from his mouth being a gasp of pain as his eyes rolled back, his body slumping and his head smacking against the table as he passed out, slightly twitching despite being comatose.

Orrielle had been reaching forward, eyes on the strange stone, wanting to simply touch it, when suddenly a shout broke her concentration. Or several shouts, really. Looking up, the elf blinked in confusion at the sudden flurry of events. She'd been so thoroughly involved in the conversation with Nathaniel that she'd let herself be distracted from her surroundings... and now she was being taken by surprise. That was never a good thing. Quickly she tried to take stock of the situation, wishing she'd been paying more attention- weapons were drawn, faces livid and terrified; if nothing else, she was curious.
   But then something happened to make her forget about all that. It was a strange sensation, one she was sure she'd never felt before, and not at all pleasant. A dull ringing in her ears... but it went further than that. It reached into her bones, into her very core- for that one moment, seeming to stretch on for an eternity, she felt as if a part was missing. And it was painful- more than she could have imagined. A shiver ran through her whole body as the sensation disappeared, though it was not something she would easily forget. Still, looking around, it seemed others had fared even worse than her. One visiter to the tavern was on the ground unconscious. Another had fallen to the ground screaming. The pain she'd felt seemed minimal, even trivial compared to what these people had gone through. What had happened?

As the pain began to faid, Belial clawed his way back to a seated position. Still shaking, Belial clenched his hands to drive away the pain. Felling a sharp stab in his right palm, he realized his has crushed his wine glass. Beginning to pick the shards out of his hand, he looked around to see how the others had reacted. After all, with as much magic as Belial possessed, others who had reacted similarly to him should need careful watching. As he looked around, he noticed the man with the draconic wings was unconcious. weak willed, but some measure of power to be sure, thought the vampire.

Tuviel slowly started coming around after a few moments, groaning a bit and rubbing his head where it had hit the table, softly murmuring to himself, "What happened to the magic...?" Still a bit groggy and aching, he looked about to see if anyone else had been affected, raising his eyebrow a bit when he noticed Belial looking at him as he picked glass shards out of his hand.

"You are all right my friend?" asked Belial as soon as Tuviel looked back at him. "I would have come over sooner, but did not wish to risk cutting you as well," added Belial, holding up his injured hand and walking over. "That was not a pleasent experience, and from the looks of the room it seems we were hit the hardest."

Ive slowly began to notice the firey pain in her side as she sat up shakily. With a sharp intake of breath she drew the largest shard out of her skin, then noticed that other people around the room were also stumbling back from various levels of pain and unconciousness. Deciding to stay quiet until she was sure what exactly had happened, she listened to the conversations around her as she picked glass out of her side and tried to staunch the bleeding.

Orrielle's green eyes flitted around the room, and it was easy to gather that nearly everyone had been affected by whatever it was. She disliked not knowing what had happened. There was blood, she noticed- it appeared some people had shattered glasses and the like. Suddenly a thought occurred to her. Instantly the elf's gaze flicked to Nathaniel, though she wasn't sure she wanted to see what his reaction had been.

Tuviel nodded a bit. "I have never felt anything like that felt like something had been ripped out of me. All I felt was a blinding pain and then everything went blank," he replied. He looked down at the table and to his own wine glass. "At least I didn't waste my wine," he remarked, "although others seemed to have had problems such as yourself. I would really like to know what happened. Whatever caused it is a potential threat to many people if the scene around us is any indication." His red eyes glimmered a bit as he started to contemplate what -or who- could have possibly caused an event so swift yet so devastating at the same time.

Piper looked at the coin that lay on the table, then reached out to pick it up casually, the same expressionless look on his face as always. As he felt it between his fingers, he flipped it a couple of times slowly, examining it as he did. A Raven? He asked himself as he looked down at the symbol on the coin. Ravenhen hmm? Interesting, lets see where this goes. Standing up, Piper started to trace the movements of the graceful figure that left the coin on his table. The way the whole set up was done was executed very well, even Piper would have missed the movements that were made if he wasn't paying attention. While he traveled as stealthy as possible, even in the bustle of the tavern, he made his way around trying to locate the figure. Piper knew however that even in a place where someone can't go far, he'd be quite a task to trace the movements of the one he was after. Very intriguing, inde.... what is this?. Looking down at his flute, Piper noticed it looked a bit dimmer, like the life of it had been drawn away. Odd.

As Piper moved towards the doorway, he was intercepted by Dom, the owner of the Tavern. The broadshouldered and dark-haired man glowered down at Piper. "Are yeh going to pay for a room? If not, then yeh should return to yer seat." He was still in a foul mood over Myrdhale's murder, and he was completely baffled by the sudden collapse of half of his charges. However, the rules remained the same. No one goes down the stairs without paying. There was a chance that Piper meant to hurt Mistress Valhalla. It would not be the first assassination attempt, and Dom would have none of it.

Unlike Belial, Nathaniel did not lose his seat when the magic disappeared. He slumped forward onto the bar and took his head in his hands, clutching at his black hair. The ringing. Oh Great Lorken, the ringing. The silence. It was too much to take. His eyes were pale and wide, like a newly blind man, as he sent a desperate glance around the tavern. Nothing... was his frantic thought, and it echoed unnervingly in the unnatural silence of his mind. He could hear nothing. Emptiness and fear consumed him. 
       It was pain like he had never known, but it was not the end. His unnaturally pale skin warmed, appeared almost human; his handsome features soft and yielding instead of chiselled stone. And his eyes! A pale, depthless and vulnerable blue. Crimson tears appeared in the corners of his eyes as he squeezed them shut.
       His whole body convulsed, and then he grew still. His breathing was ragged for a moment, and he did not lift his head from his arms immediately. When he did, he was in control once more. Inhuman pallor replaced the human flush, and his dark feral gaze swept the tavern, the bloody tears gone from his cheeks. He knew. Oh yes. Unlike them, he completely understood what had just come to pass.

In the far corner of the tavern sat another Child of Darkness and he surrendered to the pain calmly. Crossing his arms, he laid his head on the table and moved not a muscle during the terrible experience. Beneath his hood, his features were indistinguishable.

Each shallow breath took all of Rynsana's concentration. She didn't know who was supporting her, but she leaned into him, the basest human instincts driving her to seek human comfort while the pain of the soul wracked her body. "Thank you," she murmured feebly as she sat down. It took a moment for her mind to catch up with her, and when it did she sat up straight abruptly and looked around. Quickly tallying up the reactions of various patrons, she frowned. Besides the strange old man in her dream, she had never heard of anyone having this sort of reaction besides herself. Amber eyes flickered anxiously to the small windows. The sun had set. A deep chill slipped up her spine.
        "So strange..." she muttered aloud, having overheard the last part of Tuviel and Belial's conversation. Pursing her lips in a moment of indecision, Rynsana weighed her options. But it was not a split second before curiousity won out. She needed to know. Clearing her throat and leaning forward onto the edge of the chair to catch their attention, Rynsana asked the question, "Have any of you... experienced something like that before?"

A fiery-haired young thing was tending the bar when Alex approached, and she offered him a polite smile of apology and a quick, "Excuse me, sir. A moment," before she snatched up a clean rag and rushed around the bar to Ive's side. "Ive! Are you alright?" Cautiously avoiding the shards of glass, Ruby gently dabbed the blood away from Ive's side with the cloth. "Once you have the glass out, we can bind that. What happened?" Although the barmaid had also felt the change in the air, and her eyes had lost some of their sparkle, she had not had nearly such a violent reaction as some of the others.

Orrielle only saw the end of what happened to Nathaniel during the strange episode, but it was enough to confuse her. His body shook, apparently with pain, and he looked more... human than usual. It sent shivers up her spine and gave her a small hint as to what had taken place. But before she had a chance to try to piece together any more knowledge, the vampire lifted his head from his arms, appearing to be normal once more.
   The elf's eyes continued to focus on Nathaniel's features, though she watched him guardedly. Unlike many, he didn't seem the least bit confused. It shouldn't have surprised her that he probably knew exactly what had happened. She closed her eyes momentarily, then opened them again. "What was that?" she asked in a low voice meant only for his ears.

Piper almost wanted to laugh, how many times before have people been overly aggressive with him only to change their minds moments later. Looking down at his flute, the young musician contemplated using it for a moment, but not wanting to use his trump card just yet, he refrained. If the man in front of him thought he was intimidating, then he must have been delusional. I don't have time for this Piper thought to himself, as he gazed up into the man's eyes. Standing his ground, the cloaked flute player pulled out the coin that was given to him earlier and held it in front of the man's face. He didn't intend on paying for a thing, especially since he wasn't going to be staying there. He only wanted the information he needed so he could get on with his mission and if this brute in front of him thought he would hold Piper back, he was sorely mistaken.

     Alex sat down slowly at the bar, memories from his past slowly coming back to him. It had been almost three years since he had been in the Crow. ‘Three year, has it already been that long already?’ Alex thought to himself as he remembered the day he came to the White City as if it were yesterday. ‘Battered, tired, and hungry Alex had been on the move for nearly a month making his way slowly in no particular direction. He tried to stay off the man roads in case those who attacked the village were on the lookout for him. Running out of food nearly four days ago, Alex was barely aware he came to the White City till he actually collapsed from exhaustion against the walls.’ Glancing about the tavern in which he had stayed in and worked day in and day out he recalled with vivid memory the many brawls, fights, and rather shady characters that frequented the tavern. The many nights he would try and keep order and the peace only to have a sword or dagger drawn when drunken patrons wouldn’t listen and decided to become violent.
     Turning around in the stool he sat on he leaned back against the old wooden bar, and glanced around at the current patrons of the Crow. His eyes were slowly shifting over the scene when it hit, nothing strong but a cramp that attacked his arms and legs as if he hadn’t moved in a long while and had been sitting and bent over in a very uncomfortable position. ‘What the hell?’ Alex thought as he slowly massaged his arms and leg to try and push out the cramp and have the blood flow through his veins again. But the more and more he tried he was unsuccessful, but just as sudden as it had come it slowly subsided into nothing. ‘What the hell was that?’ Alex thought to himself as he again scanned the patrons of the Crow when his eyes fell upon Dom standing in front of the door way that led to the rooms the Crow had to offer its patrons. ‘Finally he has a spine after these years it seems?’ Alex thought cynically to himself recalling a bar fight a year or so before he left were Dom had dove behind the bar as soon as trouble erupted and had said after wards he had tripped or some other unlikely story. Chuckling to himself his eyes continue to glance around the Tavern.

"That my dear," said Belial, turning to face Rynsana, "Was something completelly new. I have known magic to inspire agony in a being, but never everyone at once. And never have I felt such agonizing... emptyness."

As Ruby dabbed at her side, Ive finally found her voice again. "I...I think I'm fine. I'm not sure what happened. It was just...very cold. And empty all of the sudden." She stood, turning her chair upright again, then sat down and looked around the room again.

"Are you alright, young one?" Emilio asked of Rynsana, oblivious to Myrdhale's re-emergance into the bar. The commander strode through the turmoil, his eyes crazed, his breath ragged, almost hyperventilating. He smashes his fist against the table. "Who did that?" he demanded, his breath quivering. He gritted his teeth. "WHO did that!?" His voice bellowed across the room. He dropped into the chair opposite from Ryn. Clutching his head, he began to mutter under his breath "shut up shut up shut up...", tears running down his cheek.
   Emilio rushed over to his Master. "Sir?! Are-Are you ok?!" shocked to see him return. Myrdhale took a deep breath, then coolly raising his gaze, regaining some of his composure. He shot a glance across to the woman recovering. "What has happened here?" he asked.

Belial watched as Myrdhale entered back into the room. It was obvious that Myrdhale had experienced exactelly what the others had, meaning it was not a localized phenomenon, but acity, if not world, wide event. Unlike the others though, Myrdhale seemed to be looking for someone to blame. Interesting, Belial though, Extremelly paranoid, that much I figured on. But he seems paranoid to the point of lunacy. There has to be a way to exploit that

Turning his gaze to Rynsana, Tuviel gave his own reply. "I have never felt anything like that in all my years, and despite my appearances, those are many. It is not something I wish to experience again. It is like having one's life blood sucked out of them." He looked around the tavern before making another comment, "Though it seems others may describe it differently, depending on how much they were affected." While slightly rubbing his chin with his fingers, he softly muttered to himself, "I wonder if there's a library in this city..."

Belial suppressed both a grimace and a chuckle as Tuviel described what he felt. "I doubt a library will yeild any answers my friend. I don't believe an event like that has every happend before."

Tuviel gave a slight shrug. "Perhaps not, but it wouldn't hurt to at least investigate a little," he replied. "Personally I doubt if there would be any records of any previous event like this. But on the off chance there is something to be found, it would be wise to get as much information on it as possible."

"Perhaps, but in either case I believe we should first find out what the common demoninator is between all of us affected," replied Belial, walking slowly towards Myrhale. "And how are you my friend? I gather you were similarily affected as were most of us."

Turning his glance subtly to Belial, Myrdhale replied. "That... I strongly doubt. Emilio... fetch me something to drink, if you would. I need to calm myself..." He lowered his head as his companion nodded "Of course, my friend" and went to fetch a new glass of wine. Placing his hand gently upon his twisted cheek, he let out a sigh. "What.. was it that you all experienced.. A loss.. Something gone, ripped from your essence..." He furrows his brow, closing his eyes, his breathing quickening once more.

"Yes, to a greater or lesser extent depending on the individual," replied Belial, "You are lucky in that you were able to walk back into the tavern. Some were affected to the point where we could not stand."

"Nothing was taken from me. Or rather... Something was given, then stolen a moment later. A Tease, a torment of what I can never have..." Myrdhale gritted his teeth in frustration. " Please, all of you... Still Yourselves.. you think too much..."

Nathaniel heard Orrielle's question, but did not answer immediately. He wet his lips with his tongue and his eyes, now a deep crimson, stared unseeingly over her shoulder. His mouth was so dry. His jaw clenched, and then slowly relaxed. When his attention returned to the elf, it was an almost tangible thing, as if she could physically feel the touch of his intense gaze. "Are you a religious women, Orrielle?" his voice was light, as if it were an idle question.

Crossing his arms over his chest, Dom met Piper's eyes evenly. New folks. Never have any respect, he brooded, equally unimpressed by Piper. When he saw the coin, his eyes narrowed briefly and he took it to examined it, even biting it to make sure it was genuine silver. He did not appreciate that Piper had reached into his personal space, and decided that he disliked this cloaked man. He hoped that Piper was not of much importance to Valhalla, but he knew better than to pass too many judgments. Convinced that it was genuine, Dom returned coin to Piper's hand and stepped aside. Now when he spoke, his face was a polite mask and his words were low. "Down here. And down the stairway at the far side of the cellar. First room to your left."

Emilio's back to her as he walked to the bar to fetch a drink, Rynsana pursed her lips, considering their responses to her question. It did not occur to her that she was staring after him, too preoccupied was she with her thoughts. They had not experienced this before, like she had. What could that mean? Suddenly, her blood ran cold and the colour drained from her face. "It couldn't be..." she breathed, amber eyes wide, lips parted in an expression of horror.

Ive looked across to where Rynsana sat and noticed her gasp and look of shock. "What is it?" She asked hesitantly, "Did you feel the emptiness again?" Her brow furrowed in concern.

"No," mused Belial, watching Rynsana from the corner of his eye, "I believe she has figured out what happened to us, the thing we all have in common. Come lass, share your thoughts, perhaps we are of the same mind about our situation."

Piper walked calmly past Dom without even the slightly acknowledgement. The man had annoyed Piper, though his facial expressions didn't show it, the music player felt like hitting the man he just passed. First room on the left he said? Indeed, here we are. Without the least of hesitation, knowing he was expected, Piper opened the door to the room and walked in casually, quietly, and slowly, which is his usual manner. Upon entry, he simply raised his head and looked around for a moment to take in his surroundings. After that, he stood quiet, waiting, knowing the answers he sought were soon arriving, now all he had to do was 'patiently' wait, but this little game was getting old to him, and old very fast. I'm waiting... he thought to himself, the voice in his head coming off very sarcastic.

"Yes," Tuviel said quietly, "give us the same enlightenment which you seem to possess about this matter. If at all possible, I would like to prevent this from happening to myself ever again. And besides, perhaps others even now already know why this happened and are seeking a....remedy." He frowned a bit as a thought came to him, but decided to keep it to himself.

As usual, Orrielle felt slightly disconcerted as Nathaniel's gaze fell upon her. Actually, that was quite an understatement. The intensity of his unblinking gaze was enough to send shivers up her spine, though she did not let it show. Likely she would never grow used to something like that.
   He didn't answer immediately, and when he did it was with a question of his own. Orrielle blinked, hesitating before answering. "I would not call it religion," the elf said carefully. "Rather, I would refer to it as faith. But yes, I do believe in such things. If I may ask, why?"

Normally, the Vampire would have allowed himself a pleased smile in apppreciation of the discomfort his gaze induced, but Nathaniel had greater things on his mind. It was not that he was not conscious of her shivers. No, he was highly conscious of her body and the seductive beating of her heart. It had been too long since he had fed, and his hunger was a blooming ache in the pit of his stomach. But there were more pressing issues at hand.
   He opened his mouth to answer.


  The force of the psychic blow sent Nathaniel realing and sparks danced briefly before his eyes. A grim smile claimed his lips and he inclined his head in acceptance of his companions interruption. "I will tell you," he said to Orrielle, recovering smoothly. "But not here where there are prying ears. Shall we get a room?" He let the hint of mischief tease his lips. He knew that her curiousity would drive her to accept.

A remedy... Rynsana thought dreamily, feeling rather lightheaded and not sure why. Amber eyes flickered between the face staring at her expectantly. What was she doing? She couldn't tell them! Her theory was absurd, in any case. Still pale, she offered them a wan smile. "Oh no, no isnight," the lie came easily to her, "I just recognized an... acquaintance of mine in the corner there," she gestured vaguely, her expression clearly saying that she was not happy to see this 'acquaintance' of hers. She shifted to the edge of her seat, as if ready to bolt. "I... have to go."

Just out of sight, up the stairs in the entrance way, the large wooden door once again creaked open to admit the Crow's newest Patrons. The first to appear was an old man cloaked and garbed in an ivory robe. One gnarled hand bore his pale wooden staff, the end of which was a dragon's claw clutching a piece of gold. The other hand scratched his white beard. His golden eyes sparkled jovially. Behind him strode a tall ravenhaired woman, the finely boned and porcelain picture of restless anger. She wore a heavy black travellers cloak, and her eyes were a most unsettling shade of crimson. Behind them, a stream of other unusual patrons stepped into the tavern...

Caneos followed the first white robed druid, standing in his dark blue robes like a shadow. He peeled away from his predecessor and stalked over to the bar. He leant against it and immediatley it seemed as if he had been standing there the entire time; a fixture to the bar itself.

After the entrance of the newcommers, there seemed to be a shift in the atmosphere. There was a new tension in the air. A growing sense of dread began to settle in each of them.

Myrdhale glanced over at the robed figures entering, wraith-like as they drifted amongst the crowd. More people...He grimaced. "The cacophony grows once more... Belial, was it??" Eyes twitching slightly, the old craze that had been there before starting to return. "Tell me what exactly you experienced, for what was a blessing to me was clearly not well received by others."

Mediave strode into the tavern with his usual 'could-care-less' attitude, concerning those around him. He followed not far behind Eloren and Lerectius, his eyes scanning he room as he looked over it's current denizens. How dark they wish they were. He thought, and then swore to himself he heard a voice impose the same statement on himself. I grow ill of this farce already... he continued, much to his surprise without the respite of some internal voice. He returned his attentions back to Eloren and the druid, directing a question at either of the pair. "And just who are we here for?"

Seeing Rynsana about to rise from her chair, Ive motioned for her to stop. "Please, they can't possibly be planning to harm you now. Everyone is already on edge with what happened to us. Even if they've spotted you, they can't do more than acknowledge that you're here, can they?" Her curiosity about what Rynsana's theory might be made her more forward than she otherwise would have been. "Tell us your thoughts on what that nothingness was. It cannot be stranger than the event itself."

"What I felt my friend," said Belial in response to Myrhale, "was a dissapearance of what I can only call my essesnce, a part of my very being. I felt as if I were... empty, or not whole. And pain, for a brief instant, it was as if simply being alive was to be subject to agony."

Orrielle raised an eyebrow in curiosity. His reason for the question merited retreating to a private room? That was unexpected. She noted the expression on his face- he was not speaking especially seriously. Yet he was a vampire, so it was impossible to understand what was going on in his mind. For that matter, she probably should not even be pondering his motive so much- only a complete fool would accept an invitation into a private room with a vampire.
   And yet... she was curious. Whatever he had to say that had to be hidden from prying ears, she felt a strange desire to be privy to. For some inexplainable reason the elf found herself wanting to trust Nathaniel, in spite of what he was, the danger he presented. Part of her screamed to be rational. But the stronger part drove her to slowly nod and reply, "Perhaps we should."

Alex glanced around the Tavern and at the many patrons whom have eithered just entered after him or had already been in their before his arrival. 'tis a motly bunch at best I'd say best I hurry before this gathering turns into a bloodbath... Alex thought to himself as he recalled vividly his time from the past in the Crow and how easily it was that a simply arguement or misunderstanding turned immediately into Violence. Glancing around the Crow once more he noticed that Dom stood by himself at the entrance way to the lower levels were the rooms were. 'Ah, best now that I make my move Alex thought as he quietly and switfly got up from his bar stool and wandered his way over to Dom. When he was but a foot away he casually said in a low voice joking voice "Oi, Barkeep been hiding behind the bar again have you?"

As Loren entered the new tavern her eyes searched out the room. She noticed Nathaniel almost instantly but not the people he was with. She knew that he was the one who found her when she had crashed and was thankful. Her eyes gleamed for a moment before she surveyed the rest of the crowd. There were many unusual guests here too. She once again turned to follow the druid as he seemed to always know where they needed to go. The vibrations on the floor made Loren feel uncomfortable and she kept a paranoid eye out while staying close to her sister and the druid.

"Well, it seems life is now returning to normal my friend," said Belial, looking around the room. He saw Orrielle speaking with Nathaniel, talking of going to a private room. well, if she's foolish enough to go with him, she deserves to be a meal he thought to himself.

Tuviel blinked a bit as he finally came out of his thoughts, looking about at the rest of the people in the tavern but remaining silent.

Sylvien made her way into the tavern, close behind the druid. She scanned the occupants of the room, her eyes falling momentarily on Nathaniel before moving on. There were other people that she recognized but that was no matter. Keeping close to Loren, Sylvien walked with purpose to wherever it was that the druid was taking them. This quest was of great importance, and she hoped that those involved would be able to do what was needed.

Relaxing his grip on his concealed blade, Myrdhale quietly turned his center to take in the new arrivals. His features grew quiet, still. "... You have no Knowledge of what could have caused what we just felt, Belial? Do the shadows of your kind not give you any insight?" He gave a dark look to the vampire, almost disdainful.

"My kind? And just who are my kind? I do not exist in any shadow my friend, I am a man of enlightenment." replied Belial, taking out the religious symbol he wore around his neck.

A wry smirk spread across the zealot's face. "Somewhat of an exception then. Your ilk so rarely take the light into their hearts. Not surprising. You walk as gods amongst mere humans, why humble yourself to another?" Myrdhale leaned against the bar, slumping over it, taking a deep breath. "At least these new ones aren't agitated..." Barely a whisper on his lips.

Caneos admitted to himself that eaves dropping on any conversation near him was a filthy habit, but it had come in useful on more than one occasion. His blue robes barely twitched as he leant on the bar, finding a spot clear of spilled hops so his robe did not get dirty; his eyes were cast downwards but still they followed his fore runner into this hell hole of a bar, his ear however was trained on the two having a conversation a few feet away at the bar. It appeared that even these two motley characters, one of which was spouting religious gibberish and the other relaying concern, had felt the change that had just happened. Caneos wondered whether everyone had felt that horrible emptiness...

"I humble myself, my friend, because in the end, we are all after the same thing are we not? And end to our worries," replied Belial, "How can I show others the truth if do not walk amongst them as one of their own?"

Dom had been quietly standing at the entranceway when Alex spoke not a foot from him. He gave a startled jump, then turned to face Alex. "Wha the..." He stopped to give the battered garments and shining armor beneath a once-over, then stared at the man's face for a moment before he broke into a crooked grin. "Alex m'boy! It's been, what, nigh a few years since you came here last! What on earth are ye doin' back here visiting yer old barkeep?" He slapped Alex good-naturedly on the arm.

Alex smiled at the older man, who was a surrogate step father in his eyes, he took him in when he had naught but the clothes on his back and kept him alive. "Just checking in on you ol' man, gotta make sure your still alive and kicking" He said with an almost straight face, but the corner of his lips turning into a smile. Alex slowly glanced around the room, slowly taking in the current patrons of Tavern and just looking around remembering the time past. Snapping back to the present he face Dom again and said in a lower voice, "Mind if we get a drink over at the bar?" hoping to impart that he was looking for some information.

Dom motioned for Alex to follow him over to the bar. "'Course, 'course. Have yer drink on me. I'd best mind the bar anyway. Ive's still chatting wi' the customers, keepin' them calm. You just missed the stir-up." Dom shook his head as he stepped behind the counter. He looked around at the people gathered at the bar. "Drinks? Anyone? Sorry if'n I've kept ye waiting."

Alex slowly followed Dom back to the bar and glanced around the room taking a look at the patrons one more time. "Stir up?" Alex inquired as he sat down at a vacant bar stool and turned half way to the bar so that he could lean his back against the bar top and still have a unobstructed view of all the tables in the Tavern. "I hope it wasn't as bad as days gone by?" He said more to himself then to Dom remembering the many fights, brawls, and arguements that use to frequent that Crow when he had been living and working in the establishment.

Loren noticed the new guy who entered the bar. His foot steps were lighter than most here. She suspected that he did not know what happened... or he was just soft on his feet. He talked to the bar tender a moment then sat at the bar. Loren turned to her sister, just now realizing how parched she was and not remembering the last time she had water. Sylvien, would we be able to take a short break for some drinks? After the earlier happenings I seem to find myself parched. At this point I'd take just about anything... Her eyes were full of a lust for a drink as her body reminded her of the events earlier that day with a slight throbbing behind her eyes.

Sylvien looked to her sister and nodded her head. The memory of how it felt for that brief moment in time when all magic seemed to cease, was still strong in her mind. She looked to those that sat around her, "If you would all excuse me, my sister and I are feeling a bit parched." She stood and made her way through the crowded tavern up to the bar. Once there, she ordered some drinks for herself and Loren, and then turned to look back over the occupants of the tavern. There were many people that she recognized, most of them sat at the table where she had just come from. These people had all come together to solve this one problem that might never be known to the major populous. She turned back to the bar once the drinks we finished, payed for them, and made her way back to the table.

"But if you'll excuse me my friend, I believe my glass is inexcusably empty," commented Belial to Myrdhale, turning away and moving to the bar. "Another glass of... whatever it was that passed as fine wine here" he asked to Dom before turning around and surveying the bar's patrons.

Stopping for drinks? With that sudden, empty echo that had passed over this land how could anyone consider stopping for drinks? Surely there were more important things than wetting your whistle, whatever had caused that horrible feeling would be one. Caneos held his tongue however, merely tapping a foot beneath his long blue robes as he waited for the ivory robed master of magic to take charge of something.

Dom poured rounds of drinks as he spoke to Alex, the motions second nature to him. "Aye. Stir up. First off, some lunatic came in here with his bodyguards and started makin' accusations and waving his weapon around. Got blood all over my floorboards. Then somethin' happened an' everyone just started collapsing, right? Something about magic." He shrugged casually. He hadn't felt anything, so was baffled as to what had occurred.

"Indeed, it was due to magic," commented Belial, squeezing himself into the conversation between Dom and Alex. "Or rather, due to the, shall we say, lack of?" Belial sipped his drink for a moment before turning to the bar, raising his voice so as be be heard throughout the room. "I'm sure there were those of you, like myself, who felt rather exsanguinated by the brief magical absence. Instead of sitting here and talking about it like I hear so many of us doing, perhaps we might head to a library, or pirory, and discover the cause?"

Alex glanced to where Dom was working and pondered over what he had learned and just hear, it was unsettling to hear that someone was able to just waltz in and cause that kind of commotion. "Anyone hurt in all that ruckus Dom? Beyond who ever seemed to be attacked." Alex asked as he looked around the Crow and could see the splatters of blood slowly being soaked into the wood and trying to be cleaned up. "By the by Dom, when you have a free moment I'd like to talk to you" Alex said as he listened half-heartily to the rest of the noise in the Crow.

Loren being slightly impatient after the days events walked up behind her sister as their drinks were being poured. She stared at everyone at the counter as if she was weighing and judging everyones souls with an intensity in her eyes that showed her true age. She did this until Sylvien nudged her at the hush that fell over some of the patrons from her gaze. She once again remembered her manners and took the proffered drink from her sister and drank deeply before glancing over all the people that she had just stared at.

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