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 It is kind of a romace but more of a thriller, action, highlander romance. Correct spelling and grammer are a MUST but everyone makes mistakes. I am willing to forgive a few mistakes but if they are a constant thing in your posts, you will be asked to correct it or leave. It will be as your character never existed.

This role play is based on the Fae.

Long ago Fae and man walked side by side. They married each other, they helped each other and they were great allies. But, one night after a conspiracy gone wrong, there was a war. A long, grueling war that raged for three long years. Many Fae lost their did most of human kind.

After the war ended, the Fae sealed themselves away in a seperate demension like world, where they were not bothered by the ways of man. The Queen of the Fae, Ishira, has forbade interactions with mortals of any kind unless absolutly necessary. Even she, has scorned her mortal lover whom she turned Fae. But, she has had to deal with the neccessary evil of associating with mortals for, there are two family of Druids who guard the sacred objects of the Fae. The Sacred Chalice of Life, was granted to the Druidic family of McClinin as was the Sacred Pendant of Time. The Sacred Horn of Power was granted to the Druidic family of McTirnin as was the Pure Golden Scroll of the Druidic, human and Fae history.

Breaking the laws of Queen Ishira, one Fae dared to mate with a mortal, whom was a decendant of the Druidic family of McClinin. The Fae was the Queen's personal lover...Alexias. The son born of Alexias and Beth McClinin would be doomed to guard those possesions of the Fae, and be forever damned to hide the power and heritage that is foever his...the power of the Fae. His name is Joeseph Micheal Alexias McClinin.

Jospeh was bathing in his castle in Scottland one evening...when he was abruptly inturrupted by his father screaming at him, "It's gone! The Pendant of Time, it's gone!"

When you pick a character (There are spacific characters, and when those are gone, there are other characters that can be used. Message me for them.), you must message me with that character you wish to be. I will give you the personality/attitude of your character and a password you must put in your first post to prove I have given you the ok to role play.

Characters Available:
Alexias (Father of Joeseph)
Beth McClinin (Mother of Joeseph)
Crea McClinin (Sister of Joeseph)
Josick McClinin (Brother of Joeseph)
Chorick McTirnin (Head of the McTirnin clan)
Grubba Man McTirnin (Old wise man of the McTirnin clan)
Chorick Jr. (Son of the McTirnin clan)
Julie Sharneck (Soon to be Joeseph's woman)
Seth Wormins (Evil hentchmen of the evil Druid)
Ancient Druid of Mekernia (Evil Druid)
Random Fae men (5)
Random Fae women (3)
Random humans (3)

The Character sheet:
Character name:

Land of the Faye badges
Faye art
Faye Myth
Faye Characters
The Faye Land(Role play)

Username (or number or email):


2005-08-10 [Dwarf Ronin]: Okay, what kind of charactes are you looking for to join this roleplay?

2005-08-10 [eyes of frost]: If you message me with that character you want, it says above that I will give you the personality/mood of your character and if they have them their special powers.

2005-08-10 [Dwarf Ronin]: Well, can I be a alchemist?

2005-08-10 [eyes of frost]: ....The characters are upt here for a good reason. The storyline and plot are already thought out...WELL THOUGHT OUT. Maybe if you read you will understand.

2005-08-10 [Dwarf Ronin]: Ancient Druid of Mekerina.

2005-08-10 [Kit Azhure]: hi!

2005-08-12 [eyes of frost]: Uhm, you are going to have to send that to me in a message Kir. Hey Kit, nice of you to join us!

2005-08-13 [Tyr and Zao Hawk]: hmm... sorry, jsut doesn't seem like the kind of thing I'm looking for. Pre-made characters aren't normally my thing... sorry. *waves and bows to frost*

2005-08-13 [Dwarf Ronin]: Okay, frost, I will be a human..

2005-08-13 [eyes of frost]: Sorry Tyr. And [new news...] There is now a picture in Faye art. [end news]

2005-10-12 [Morganath]: umm how can a druid be evil when they do not believe in the concept of evil??

2005-10-18 [eyes of frost]: .....Becuase I said so...

2005-10-18 [eyes of frost]: And a druid can turn evil...and their powers take a turn for the worst. it is possible. Lol.

2006-06-17 [Keyurg Kirosake]: ~ Keyurg enters seemingly out of no where and walks to the darkest corner he can find and sits down and relaxes ~ Hello all!

2006-06-17 [Keyurg Kirosake]: ~ wonders if anyone is here ~

2006-06-17 [eyes of frost]: Yea. This isn't done yet. Lol.

2006-06-17 [Keyurg Kirosake]: ~ smiles and notices a voice and looks into the eyes of [eyes of frost] and nods ~ Hello how are you today? need help?

2006-06-17 [eyes of frost]: No I am fine thank you.

2006-06-17 [Keyurg Kirosake]: ~ smiles and gets up. ~ Well if you need anything, do not hesitate to ask! ~ Keyurg turns around and walks out ~

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