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Username: [Gypsy Mystik]
Name: Lady Lyenisa
Race: Human
Kingdom: Pheonix
Alliance: Good (sides with Roan/sides against whatever evil made her sick mysteriously)
Rank: Princess
Personality: Quiet, shy but can be outgoing, intellegent.
Discription: see Image
Weapon: small dagger with the royal crest (always hidden on her person)
Abilities: flame and earth manipulation; telepathy;
History: Lady Lyenisa is the daughter of the king of the Kingdom of Pheonix. She grow up with a love of books and learning. She loves nature, riding horse back and exploring the unknown. Since becoming sick, Lyenisa feels like she can't do anything, even though she wishes to. She knows that her parents are trying to protect her, and she listens to them and their concerns, but she still at leasts sneaks off to the library to read or to the sables to see her chesnut red mare. She wishes to become well, but even she has her doubts.

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2009-10-12 [Eyden13]: Awesome, just add your race, which being that you are the princess of a kingdom it has to be human, and put down her weapons, if she has none than put N/A

2009-10-12 [Gypsy Mystik]: okay ^_^

2009-10-12 [Eyden13]: Also don't forget to put what alliance you want to be in.

2009-10-12 [Eyden13]: great you have now been a proved

2009-10-12 [Gypsy Mystik]: Yeah!!! ^_^

2010-02-18 [Yume Youki]: Sick daughter or not, she's a real beauty!

It'd be kinda cool if Kari and her got together *dreams up a secret romance going on between the two*

hehe I'm not gross, really, I just love a good romance plot in everything I read/write...

2010-02-18 [Gypsy Mystik]: lol Well he'd have to try and stop the romance that Corus has set up between her and Evan, the prince of the Griffin Kingdom ^_^

2010-02-18 [Yume Youki]: Watch him. He can do anything he feels like doing - he'll be able to do it. ;)

2010-02-18 [Gypsy Mystik]: lol ^_^

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