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Hello, and welcome to my wiki page! Please enjoy your stay!

Here you can see my artwork done by me and only me. Also you can see other fun stuff such as anime quotes, activities and more!


Artwork Gallery

Here you can view artwork by me, me, and only me. With some of my other favorite artsies not by me.

Updated: New images in Kit-chan's Drawings


Kit's Anime Page

Have fun with some of the most loosely related things to anime!


Note Writing

See what kinds of things Kati-chan and I talk about in school when we're bored.


Kit's Shorties and Fics

My short bits of writing that I do.



Note: If you come repeatedly back to see my page and updates on it please sign your name here, I'll have banners soon. Please do not mess up my page, I worked hard on it and I don't go around messing up other people's pages so please don't do it mine.

1. [kitoky]: (Pageowner) Fav. anime - Neon Genesis Evangelion, favorite character - Misato.
2. [Katisama]: Fav. Anime - Inu Yasha or Fruits Basket, fav. character - Sesshomaru
3. [The Prince of Vampires] I like all kinds of animes, I don't really have a favorite
4. [MyMeteora81] Anime is awesome. Cowboy Bebop, Inuyasha, and Lupin the 3rd are my favorites.
5. [Kuronue's] favorites YYH, Inuyasha, Cowboy Bebop, and more but can't think!
6. [jaderii] Hasunama and Mikuni from Eerie Queerie. Hehe. ^-^
7. [JapaneseMiko] I love Eerie Queerie! Fav from there is Mikuni!! I also love Sesshoumaru from Inuyasha! Go SESSY!!
8.[darkcarpathianx (stormchaser)] I love anime!!! trigun and chobits also inuyasha are some of my favs

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2004-09-20 [kitoky]: Meep you didn't look at all my pages then! "Other Fanart"

2004-09-20 [Katisama]: i did too! i'm looking again........

2004-09-20 [Katisama]: okay, i saw it. SOOOOO KUUUTE!!!!! i love it!!!^^ *evil giggles at dirty thoughts*XD

2004-09-21 [kitoky]: You can always comment on each page :p

2004-09-21 [Katisama]: i know, hey, i finally got all of the notes typed up, check um out: Kitoky&Kati'sNotes

2004-09-21 [kitoky]: *giggles* Yeah I read them, omg, we're so stupid it's funny.

2004-09-21 [Katisama]: yeah really tho!!! lol lol lol^^

2004-09-21 [kitoky]: Hey I added the notes we wrote from yesterday up!

2004-09-21 [Katisama]: really, i'll look at them when i come back from school^^ what were we talking about in them???

2004-09-21 [kitoky]: uh...lunch, fight, sesshoumaru and marron plushies. the usual

2004-09-21 [Katisama]: *laughs* yeah now i remember!!!^^

2004-09-21 [kitoky]: Aww poo, we didn't write any notes today :p

2004-09-21 [Katisama]: *giggles*

2004-09-23 [The Prince of Vampires]: God you two talk a lot!!!^^

2004-09-23 [kitoky]: Indeed we do! We talk alot at school too...but mostly we spend like half of the time laughing our butts off.

2004-09-23 [The Prince of Vampires]: yeah, i read the notes you pass back and forth at school on Kati's page now i'm gonna read um on here^^

2004-09-23 [kitoky]: I have another little page to add too...of our notes that is.

2004-09-23 [The Prince of Vampires]: Really?! Wow, no wonder shes getting grounded for bad grades...... Poor Kati-chan :(

2004-09-23 [kitoky]: Hey, don't blame it on us man! We're just...blankminded, that's all.

2004-09-23 [The Prince of Vampires]: *Laughs* Yeah, I'm the same way!^^

2004-09-23 [kitoky]: And may I add that Kati-chan didn't have all bad grades! She had an A and some B's, I know that much...

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