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Kiting, as a sport of freedom, a sport of adrennaline and most of all, a sport of Power. Lots of power is used to fly even some of the smallest of kites!

Trainer kites are usually Dual Line Power Kites that a small enough to fly in strong winds without getting hurt. They are also used just to build up a general understanding of flying for when you first begin to power kite!

Recomended Trainer Kites:

Ozone Imp - The Imp averages out at about 1.7 msq and is perfect for getting started. generates a high amount of pull for its size and has a low aspect ratio which is great for recreational flying.

HQ Symphony Range - The are very similar to the Imp within the sense that they have a low aspect ratio and are easy to set up and are Dual Line. This makes it simple for the flyer to launch and land in moderate to strong winds. The Symphony comes in several sizes, they are: 1.2, 1.4, 1.8, 2.2, 3.7 and finally the 4.3.

PKD Buster - The Buster comes in a range of sizes and ae recomended for those who wish to step up from a dual line kite to a Quad Line one. Quad lines are used to Brake the kite, keep it in the power zone or even to make much sharper turns! The Buster comes with a set of 25m lines and a pair of Quad Line Handles. The recommended trainer kites for the PKD Buster are the first three sizes: 0.7, 1.4 and 2.2 msq.

Stepping up to Kites Recommended for Buggying:

There are many kites that can be used for buggying and most of them have a lot more pull than lift. All of the flexifoil kites (apart from the single skin inflatable kites such as the Storm) are great for buggying.

Flexifoil Bullet - This kite is the best kite out there for buggying, it cannot be beaten for pull in even the lowest of winds. This is the most stable kite and is often use in competitions and races world wide. This kite has a medium aspect ratio and comes complete with a robust Bullet Bag, Instruction Manual, 30m Set of Quad Lines, the Actual Foil and the handles. This is the perfect kite for buggying due to is very low drag (drag affects the speed of which the kite flys through the air) and extremely quick turning.

Flexifoil Blade - This is an all round great kite for any kiting sport you may wish to take part in. This kite is used for Kite Jumping, Kite Surfing, Kite Buggying, Kite landboarding and any other kiting sport which requires a lot of lift in even the lowest of winds. These kites come in a range of sizes from 3.3 msq to 10.5 msq. This is the kite for you if your sport requires an extrordinary amount of lift, pull and stability. This kite is [not water relaunchable] but is very stable and should never come close to the water in experienced hands. I myself have a flexifoil blade 6.6 and am seen here flying it on Croyde Bay in devonshire, england.
The harness i am using is a Bump 'n' Jump, i am flying with 500lb control lines and 300lb brake lines on a Flexifoil Blade Control Bar.

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2004-10-12 [BirdHouse107]: Hey wow nice peter lyn lol ;)

2004-10-12 [BaSs PlAyEr BoB]: yeah gd page we made!!!!!!

2004-10-13 [BirdHouse107]: yeah me to!

2004-10-13 [Jay Ladlehaus]: if you're going to give a brief history of kites, you should probably include the best historical example, which was how Ben Franklin used the kite to discover electricity.

2004-10-27 [prairierose]: dude, I didn't think there were any other kiters on Elftown! Hiiii!!! I've been flying Rev's since I was eight or something, so I'm pretty good even though I practice irregularly. We have a parafoil (the smallest symphony) and some deltas too, but me and my Dad are mostly into quads. Wow, I'm so excited to find other kiters!

2004-11-08 [prairierose]: ooh, badge. pretty.

2004-11-10 [TheRogue]: ooh, badge. BUSTED. I wouldn't put that badge in your house... it will get you banned from elftown. :)

2005-02-05 [prairierose]: Hey, do you guys ever go to kite festivals?

2005-06-11 [HumblePie]: WoW sweet wiki, it's a shame no one ever posts in here anymore, I love kite flying. I live in the state where kite-boarding was invented. It looks so awsome I can't wait to do it someday, it looks ten times better than windsurfing. Cool Stuff here!

2005-06-11 [prairierose]: is everyone here but me just a power flyer? Revs rule, man!

2005-10-06 [Sagacious Turkey]: ...riiiiiiiight...

2005-11-05 [Kiddalee]: I'm a new kiter. I plan to get more serious about it in the spring, when I'll have money, time, and wind.

2005-11-05 [Kiddalee]: Err... is this page maintained any more?

2005-11-07 [prairierose]: not that I can tell. Power kiting or stunt?

2005-11-09 [BirdHouse107]: Hi i am [BirdHouse107] and i am the creater of the kiting wiki page, please inform me with any ideas in changing this wiki page.

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