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Hello! Here is where you can see all my pencil drawings that make me proud of myself :D They're not the best but I like 'em!

Again if I catch anyone stealing my artwork and saying it's theirs is in deep doo-doo.


Updated!: El 18 de noviembre - Updated with MANY new drawings...let's see....[counts] Well... alot okay?! I've also added a new section which is for comics that I've drawn and have moved comic-images in that section. There's also a new comic there! Enjoy!


Click on the thumbnails to see a larger version of the image.

1]<img100*150:stuff/Aidan-san%20and%20Kit-chan.JPG> 2]<img100*150:stuff/Anakin%20Vader.jpg> 3]<img100*150:stuff/Ayametwin.jpg> 4]<img100*150:stuff/Chained.jpg> 5]<img100*150:stuff/Chan%20friends.JPG> 6]<img100*150:stuff/Edward%20Wong%20Hau%20Pepelu%20Tivrusky%20IV.JPG> 7]<img100*150:stuff/Evil%20Harry.JPG> 8]<img100*150:stuff/Father.jpg> 9]<img100*150:stuff/Gnaw.jpg> 10]<img100*150:stuff/Hiro%20Sohma.JPG> 11]<img100*150:stuff/Inuyasha.JPG> 12]<img100*150:stuff/Jill%20and%20Sessh%20Plushie.JPG> 13]<img100*150:stuff/Jill%20and%20Sesshy.JPG> 14]<img100*150:stuff/Kagome.JPG> 15]<img100*150:stuff/Kati-chan.JPG> 16]<img100*150:stuff/Katirpg.jpg> 17]<img100*150:stuff/Kelly.JPG> 18]<img100*150:stuff/Ken-kun.JPG> 19]<img100*150:stuff/Kikyo%201.JPG> 20]<img100*150:stuff/Kikyo%20Priestess.jpg> 21]<img100*150:stuff/Kikyo.JPG> 22]<img100*150:stuff/KikyoKagome.JPG> 23]<img100*150:stuff/Kit-chan%20and%20Kairi-chan.JPG> 24]<img100*150:stuff/Kit-chan.JPG> 25]<img100*150:stuff/Lucifer.jpg> 26]<img100*150:stuff/Oc1kk.jpg> 27]<img100*150:stuff/OCPirate.jpg> 28]<img100*150:stuff/Phan-Chan.jpg> 29]<img100*150:stuff/pureply%20kit.jpg> 30]<img100*150:stuff/Renity.jpg> 31]<img100*150:stuff/Sailor%20Wars%20Serenity.JPG> 32]<img100*150:stuff/Sere%20Clow.JPG> 33]<img100*150:stuff/Serenity%20notepad%20sketch.JPG> 34]<img100*150:stuff/Serenity.jpg> 35]<img100*150:stuff/Skife%20final.jpg> 36]<img100*150:stuff/The%20Pearl.jpg> 37]<img100*150:stuff/Usagi%20Spike.JPG> 38]<img100*150:stuff/Will%20Turner.jpg> 39]<img100*150:stuff/Final.JPG> 40]<img100*150:stuff/Kati-Sama%20with%20Scythe.jpg> 41]<img100*150:stuff/Nicole%20Ray.JPG>


42]<img100*150:stuff/Aishiteru.JPG> 43]<img100*150:stuff/AruChan.JPG> 44]<img100*150:stuff/Candlelit.JPG> 45]<img100*150:stuff/Chibi%20Carlotta.jpg> 46]<img100*150:stuff/Chibi%20Christine.jpg> 47]<img100*150:stuff/Chloe%20Sullivan%20Portrait.jpg> 48]<img100*150:stuff/CPU%20Self%20Destruct.jpg> 49]<img100*150:stuff/Demented%20Muffin.jpg> 50]<img100*150:stuff/Inuyasha%20and%20Kagome.JPG> 51]<img100*150:stuff/Kit%20CD.JPG> 52]<img100*150:stuff/Kitrpg.jpg> 53]<img100*150:stuff/Paint%20Gun%20Practice.JPG> 54]<img100*150:stuff/Pwn.jpg> 55]<img100*150:stuff/Random%20Objects.JPG> 56]<img100*150:stuff/Shoe%20Final.JPG> 57]<img100*150:stuff/Shoe%20Practice.JPG> 58]<img100*150:stuff/Spike%27s%20Sight.JPG> 59]<img100*150:stuff/Uniforms.jpg> 60]<img100*150:stuff/Uniforms1.JPG>


In order: Please read from right to left.
<img100*150:stuff/EggCover.jpg> <img100*150:stuff/Egg1.jpg> <img100*150:stuff/Egg2.jpg> <img100*150:stuff/Egg3.jpg>

New Comics!

-----Inspiration of a trip to Washington D.C. over the summer! =D In the comic are me and my brother!

Comments By Kito

1] --- This was probably drawn...a little over a year ago, I believe. I may be wrong. My memory's fuzzy but this is of me (Kit) and [Aidan Ryuko]. He had this tendency to glomp me whenever I came online on MSN. *chuckles* So I decided to draw that. It was a quick picture. Done in 8th grade. Personal rating: 6/10.

2] --- Hah! Look familiar? The image it is based off of is in magazine articles, newspapers, websites everywhere! It's of Anakin during Revenge of the Sith! When he was in that one volcano place...What was it called? Mustafar? Yeah..I think. Yeah...>.> Well --- Now, let us think here for a minute what makes someone an evil jedi. Key terms you might want to remember is mullet hair, scar, and Hood of Doom. Did we get all that? Good. Done in 8th grade. Personal rating: 8/10

3] --- This drawing I drew for [Aidan Ryuko] again. Wow I must've really liked this dude. >.> Anyways, he wanted me to draw an angelic figure, but I was having a hard time figuring out how to do so. I figured that just having a guy that looked like Ayame from Fruits Basket holding a hourglass. Actually I didn't realize it looked like Ayame until after I scanned it xD Weeeee. The sweater pwns okay?! >.> Don't mind the sweater. Done in 8th grade. Personal rating: 6/10

4] --- My very first CSI fanart. That's right, I know you like it. CSI rocks Forensically. >.> If that even makes sense. Half of you people at home probably won't even understand what the hell I'm ranting on about.... I'm a huge fan of Grissom/Sara. (Catherine can go to hell and make hell revolve around her.) So this fanart is dedicated to the frustrating Grissom/Sara relation throughout the series. Done in 9th grade. Personal rating: 8/10

5] --- This picture I drew my 7th or 8th grade year. I don't remember. But Kiko-chan (Kairi-chan), Kati-chan, Keita-chan and I were the buddies of that year in middle school. Woo-hoo! The picture took me about...I don't know, 2-3 hours. Do not mind the "Speaking to Johnny" note, she could be speaking to anyone --- her boyfriends have varied since then. I added my brother, Kyle into the picture because I thought it'd be humorous. He's probably the only person in my family I've ever drawn. Atleast on my own will. Kati-chan looks smaller than she should and I look bigger than I should but it's my picture so HAH. My laptop owns and you best worship it. :p Keita-chan is playing her favorite (anime) game. Yu Yu Hakusho is her favorite anime I do believe. Personaly rating: 7/10

6] --- I actually drew this after the oekaki version of it so it's not as good. Especially on the hair. But I got the basic features of her pretty good. She has no nose, but, Edward doesn't need one and the roses on her cheeks are so cute. ^^ Done in 6th or 7th grade. Personal rating: 5/10

7] --- The Evil Harry was drawn on the back of a restaurant place mat. You can see imprints of the words fading through --- but ah well, focus on the picture people! I don't know what brought me to draw an evil Harry. Maybe it's because we just read the 5th HP book, I dunno. :p Done in 7th or 8th. Personal rating: 7/10

8] --- I've always wanted to do Kazuma/Kyo fanart ever since I saw the anime. I think their relationship as a father/adopted son is sad and heartbreaking so I just wanted to draw something like this. The pictures are from the ...6th manga I believe. Done in 8th grade. Personal rating: 8.5/10

9] --- Spinoff on how I like to gnaw on people. Particularly, Kellin-chan since she puts up with meh. *giggleses* Kellin-chan is not a boy. She is simply wearing a school uniform for the men similar to the ones on Fruits Basket. I love how I drew the hair. Not bragging or anything but I think I do best with hair. Me in that picture is just creepy so I won't comment on that. Done in 8th grade. Personal rating: 7/10

10] --- Yey for the Year of the Ram! Hiiro-chan from Fruits Basket. He looks SO bored. :p Well I was bored too in English class so I drew him off the keychain thingy that Kati-chan did for meh. Done in 8th grade. Personal rating: 4/10

11] --- Was originally drawn as a birthday gift for Nikki --- which. Heh heh. I ended up just keeping the original and tracing it for her. This was done, 7th grade year. Personal rating: 6/10

12] --- Drawing in my 8th grade year. Kati-chan and her obsession with Sesshoumaru. I think I drew Kati alot that year, as it shows in these pictures. I think Kati-chan's been the subject of my drawings alot...even surpassing Inuyasha which is already weird within itself since I despise Inuyasha. Personal rating: 8/10

13] --- An older version of Kati-chan and her obsession with Sesshy --- only a few weeks/months older though. It's kinda crappy...>.> But weh.! Personal rating: 4/10

14] --- Really really old 6th-7th grade year drawing of Kagome. I hate it now but...>.> Weh! Personal rating: 4/10

15] --- The most normal drawn picture of KATI-CHAN you will ever see. Pheer it. >.> Yes, 'tis Kati-chan without her fangs, pointy hears, black clothes, and...potential pointy crystals. Drawn in 8th grade year. Personal rating: 8.5/10

16] --- Kati's rpg character --- drawn 8th grade. Here she has pointy ears, black clothes, boots, the works! And pointy crystals! Weeee!! Personal rating: 7.5/10

17] --- My first picture drawing Kellin-chan. She wanted pigtails like those and such so I drew it on her. I love her hair so it seems I always draw her hair like that. Drawn 8th grade year. Personal rating: 8/10

18] --- Kenshin --- like the Edward one, This Kenshin was drawn after its oekaki counterpart. Oekaki was better but I lost the picture where it had the good resolution for it. So...darn. :p Drawing 6th-7th grade year. Personal rating: 6/10

19] --- One of the many Kikyou's. I draw alot of Kikyous because she's pretty darn easy to draw. This is was drawn in my 7th grade year. Just a random drawing. Personal rating: 6/10

20] --- Probably the best of the Kikyou's. Drawn my 6th grade year. Had a reference picture. Personal rating: 6.5/10

21] --- 7th grade drawing of Kikyou. Yes another Kikyou, deal with it. I really wasn't good with expressions back then was I? Hmmm. Personal rating: 5/10

22] --- Yeah you can tell the coloring's bad in the picture but y'know what? I dislike coloring my pictures so hush! Pretty basic.  Spin off of that Sesshoumaru/Inuyasha oekaki I drew. Personal rating: 5/10

23] --- Comic based on a true story. :D 8th grade year. I liked to punch >.> Personal rating: 6/10

24] --- First self picture I drew. Go tomboys ! I was such a tomboy in my 8th grade year, that's why I'm grinning like a wolf like Kouji from Fushigi Yuugi. Personal rating: 7/10

25] --- I first drew this with the image of Link my head and then it turned into Link's somewhat related twin. And then Kati-chan said it looked like Lucifer so I dubbed it Lucifer. >.> Personal rating: 7.5/10

26] --- Original Female chick I drew off of the top of my head in History class my 7th grade year. >.> I don't know...I've been looking at too many Martian Successor Nadesico pictures. Heh. Personaly rating: 7/10

27] --- Another original chara. Inspired by both Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings. Whoot! Can you tell? The hair is actually very pretty and lined out but you probably can't see most of it from that lighting because it's so light. Also in 7th grade. Personal rating: 8/10

28] --- Phan-chan. Inspired by Phantom of the Opera, woo-hoo! Damn do I love Raoul. ; - ; Yes, Raoulie. I heart Raoulie. But I drew Phanny. Phanny's so cool. And isn't he just adorable as a chibi plushie? ^^ His sword is kinda...hanging off of nothing but don't mind that. Drawn 9th grade. Personal rating: 8.5/10

29] --- I love this picture of me on a bench holding a basketball. I'm not that sporty but I do play some basketball and tennis. Even if I suck at it. Anyways --- the showing of nails is kinda...blech -- since this is a tomboy picture. Hey! I have nails okay! >.> I can't help that. 8th grade year. Personal rating: 8/10

30] --- Muwahhaha. I just wanted a different dress and look for Serenity so I drew zis. I love it ; - ; The hair...the dress. I love it. I am in awe with my own drawing. She's kinda on the skinny side though....Ah well, 7th grade year. Personal rating: 8/10

31] --- Sailor Moon Crossover Pic --- Sailor Moon/Star Wars. Can you tell? >.> Well it is. Drawn 8th grade year. Was in a Star Wars buzz. Bite me. :p Personal rating: 7.5/10

32] --- Other Sailor Moon Crossover pic. Sailor Moon/Card Captors Sakura. Hehehehe....>.> I've no life. Sue me. Drawn probably...I don't know 6th-7th grade. Personal rating: 6/10

33] --- This is the best sketchy picture of Serenity I will ever cook out. Drawn in my 6th grade year [ believe it or not ] and was on a notepad. :D I so proud....Anyways -- Personal rating: 7/10

34] --- All I like about this picture is the hair and the reflection. That's it. >.< Drawn 4th-5th grade. Personal rating: 5/10

35] --- The line art is by me. [Aidan Ryuko] did the coloring, etc. Credit to him. As listed on the picture. Was entered in a FF contest that was never held...>.> Blech. Ah well, I'm proud of it and I gave Aidan-san hell with it. Heh. Done 8th grade year. Personal rating (on lineart): 6/10

36] --- Book cover for the Pearl by John Steinbeck. Done 8th grade year for Englo class. Blooood. Muwahahha.

37] --- Fanart for a fanfiction. "Love's Bitch" by Krys Yuy. You should check it out if you're interested in Sailor Moon Crossovers. This is a cross between Sailor Moon and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and/or Angel. Mainly BtVS though. Woooo! I was like in 7th grade when I drew this. Heh. A bit much for a 7th grader? Personal rating: 7.5/10

38] --- Will Turner from Pirates of the Caribbean --- fanart. Drawn for Allie, one of meh bestfriends from Elementary school. She loves Orlando Bloom so I drew it for her. Shading's not very good....But meh, 30 minute drawing. This was probably drawn...7th grade year. Yeah. Personal rating: 7/10

39] --- Draw/Design I project. Zat was fun ! ^^ Though I hate drawing with my left hand....see how much I've improved?! :D Drawn 9th grade. Personal rating: 7/10

40] --- Kati-sama wanted me to scan this, so I did. This is a recent drawing and we started talking about scythes so yeh >.> And her fangs are a bit more noticeable in this picture. Drawn 9th grade year. Personal rating: 8/10

41] --- This one is of Nicole --- or "Nikki" where I've mentioned above. We sit with each other at lunch because we don't have any other classes with each other. I decided to draw her one day and so yeah >.> This is how it came out -- took about 20 minutes --- I decided to stop at ther My Chemical Romance shirt. Weh! 9th grade year. Personal rating: 7.5/10

42] --- [coughs] It looks....odd doesn't it? Two girls, in some odd intimate pose. But I assure you that one of them is mine. you're not relaxed one bit. Well, I'm not a lesbian or bi --- not that there's anything wrong with beibg bi or a lesbian, --- I was actually doodling one night after speaking with Aru-chan all day online and since she lives in New York, talking online is all we can really do, we've known each other for a year now and she's one of my bestfriends. I was just doodling a picture of her and me and I didn't realize how yuri-ish it looked until I was done with it! Honest! But I do love it however! Booties! [Wags] Drawn 2005. Personal Rating: 8/10

43] --- This picture also deals with Aru-chan, yes, I DO love her. Deal with it. As mentioned in the comments of image 42, I've known Aru-chan for over a year now and we celebrated our anniversary....time. Yeah. We don't exactly remember the date but it's somewhere around in August, so nyah! I drew her in a school uniform from AIR -- the anime, you have no idea how hard that was! Grandpa Fujimiya was the name that she was under when I met her for the first time whilst coming upon her mp3 list page and desperately needing a song! Right now, this picture is in New York with her since I mailed it to her. Drawn 2005. Personal rating: 7/10

44] --- Okay, another doodle that I found in my notebook when I was scanning things. This goes back to 8th grade, more in the late 2004 year. I was writing out Malice Mizer songs to send to Kati-sama, so that's where the list coems from and sometimes I get urges to write down random stuff in front of my computer so that's where the other stuff comes from. Personal rating: 7/10

45] --- Chibi-Carlotta, part of the Chibi PotO series that I started over the summer. [Giggles] Isn't it cute? I like Carlotta more now that I've drawn her like that. Drawn 2005. Personal rating: 8/10

46] --- Chibi-Christine from Phantom of the Opera, part of the Chibi PotO that I started over the summer ---- this picture's more angst than anything, if anyone's seem PotO, you'd know what everything means! Violin = Gaston Daae [Father Maxwell Lourdes], Ring = Raoul, Rose = Phanny. Tada! Drawn 2005. Personal rating: 8/10

47] --- Portrait of Chloe Sullivan from the WB Hit Drama series [but is no longer of my interest anymore] Smallville! Chloe is my favorite character, and I adore her beauty so I drew her as what she looked like at the Spring Formal. Drawn 2004-05. Personal rating: 7/10

48] --- Me? Computer problems? YOU BET! Computer Problems-inspired! Drawn 2005. Personal rating: 7/10

49] --- Demented Muffin from Gaiaonline! It's actually Aru-chan, and I drew her avvi and her kitty thingy in the style of Yukito and his dirty doll in AIR. She no longer has that outfit on, even though I adored it! Drawn 2005. Personal rating: 8/10

50] --- Inuyasha and Kagome, drawn for a birthday gift for Nicole but...>.> Nah, I'm gonna keep it. I'm so selfish, I know. Proportions from Inuyasha to Kagome isn't very good but I do like how I drew the folds and hands. Drawn 2004. Personal rating: 8/10

51] --- Lunch Quicky. One day in lunch I drew this. Didn't come out very good. But 'tis I and my CD player on a stool with my usual jeans and hoodie. Drawn 2004. Personal rating: 6/10

52] --- Kitoky, Roleplay character for ...demon race roleplay. I can't draw little kids! I just can't! Drawn 2005. Personal rating: 5/10

53] --- Draw/Design I class artwork, we were given a tool and we propped it up and from my angle of viewing it, I drew that. That very good --- the 3-D art isn't consistent throughout the picture. Drawn 2005. Personal rating: 7/10

54] --- Another gaia-inspired picture of my gaia character [who, is yes, always half naked like that] and Aru-chan's character [full-clothed] with her kitty. =D I bought Aru-chan and gave her gold, so I pwn her. But someone else tried to buy her and I drew that and re-bought her and I now forever pwn her. Drawn 2005. Personal rating: 8/10

55] --- Random body-parts drawing. More as a guide, I used to draw Kati-sama's rpg character for demon race rpg. 

56] --- Draw/Design I class artwork --- yes, that's my shoe. I drew my shoe and this is the final copy of it. My grade was an A, 47/50. My lines were too detailed in the laces so points got taken off. I'm just a detailed kinda person, y'know? Drawn 2005. Personal rating: 8/10

57] --- Draw/Design I class artwork, the practice page for my shoe. I transferred the image of this picture onto the final piece.

58] --- Fanfiction fanart. Again of Love's Bitch by Krys Yuy. I'm weird, addicted, obsessed and sexual innuendo filled? Yes. And? Point? Drawn 2005. Personal rating: 9/10 but I hate the hands. Blasted hands!

59]& 60] --- Uniform sketches, don't mind the drunken and paranoid look on the faces of my models. Focus on the uniforms. My favorite is the one with the severed head.

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2005-08-26 [jaderii]: OH! You mean the comic on your page. I thought you meant a manga you have or something..

2005-08-26 [kitoky]: [xDyingx Valentinex]

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2005-10-13 [Katisama]: YAY^^ i do lovey #40 sooooooooooo much^^ i like the hands too^^

2005-10-15 [kitoky]: How can you love the hands D; They're so chibi like and the rest of the picture isn't chibi-ish D;

2005-10-18 [Katisama]: ....i mean the hand pic...#39

2005-10-20 [kitoky]: Oh...o.o; Well why didn't you say so xD

2005-10-23 [Katisama]: gomen nasai...

2005-10-24 [kitoky]: o.o; Joke...

2005-10-26 [jaderii]: ;-; Kit-chan! I haven't talked to you in almost an entire weeeek. Ohh teh horror.

2005-10-29 [kitoky]: HORROR! [glomps Ja-chan]

2005-10-30 [jaderii]: *clings* // You make me want to update my art wiki. But I'm LAZY. Procrastination! *pinches self* // I'm going to change the names of my wikis too. o__o I am such an inconvenience! But I need to. I'mma put my name instead of Shadow-Lady or Violently-Happy. T'is better that way I think.

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