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user:[Mrs Vicious.]
Name:King Gerr Minitus.
Race: Mostly human with about an 1/8TH dragon.
Alliance: Good
Rank: King.
Personality:A fair but just King, King Minitus had a firm hand when it comes to punishment but doesn't lack mercy or compassion. An old king with years of experience as many things; worrier, a farmhand and a husband. Trusting of his consorts but careful, ever watchful. Just in case.
Discription:A strong build, still muscley from his days as a worrier. The King stands at around 6'4 with light brown hair, almost golden. Always clean shaven and properly groomed. Not liking to show his welth too much, his crown a modist band of silver upon his head, encrusted with round opals no more than five encircling the whole thing. His face, though showing the sgns of the 50 years of life, was never the less handsome as it was when he bagan to rule, the wise looks set off properly with sparkling Green eyes with wrinkles in the cornors, for years of laughing and smiling and a scar, light pink and still striking to those that handdnt seen it previously. The scar ran from brow to lip, down his left side, stating just abrov ehis brow, missing his eye, slicing his cheek and upper lip, bairly kissing upon his bottom lip.
Weapon: A standerd sword kept at his side at all times.
Abilities:Quite adept at many things. Water manipulation and earth being his specialities.
History: Having grown up as a general worker around a farm in his younger years, Gerr had been drafted into the army at a young age and worked his way up rather quickly, being quick of mind and happy to learn and fight for his country he soon found himself as the Right hand of the previous king thom was heirless, on his death bed the King gave him the gratest opertunity in his life, to be King. Accepting with much contemplation Gerr became king, His wife was supprised to say the least but soon became acoustomedto being called Queen. After a few years of raign they soon had a son, an heir to the throne, Evan. Named after Gerr's grandfather, but now the kingdom is in dismay, the King in hiding and the Prince belived to be dead.


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2010-06-16 [Eyden13]: Okay what you have is great. For Griffin you'd have to be Evan's father, who is believed to be dead. You'll have to be in hidding, but that's all. You can even make up why your in hidding.

2010-06-16 [Mrs Vicious.]: oh... cool. i just need to sort out like the history and things, oh and is he good or bad?

2010-06-16 [Eyden13]: Whatever you want.

2010-06-16 [Mrs Vicious.]: oh, cool. why is he in hiding?

2010-06-17 [Eyden13]: I don't know. Just the information about the rp and make it up.

2010-07-15 [Eyden13]: Just put his race and alliance with link to RP then your ready to go

2010-07-15 [Mrs Vicious.]: ... oh crap, is Evan human?

2010-07-15 [Eyden13]: Yup, but be what ever you want, I can mele it work. He'll discover his "other half" later if need be.

2010-07-15 [Mrs Vicious.]: I think Ill just be human, with like a slight hint of dragon or something.

2010-07-15 [Eyden13]: K

2010-07-15 [Eyden13]: all done!

2010-07-15 [Eyden13]: RP away!

2010-07-15 [Mrs Vicious.]: woot.

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