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Character name: Keara “K” Scathach (pronounced KAY-ara SKAW-hak)
Gender: Female
Age: about 24 (unknown)
Class/Rank: Thief, former low-class spy/soldier, peasant class
Appearance: Keara (or K as she prefers to be called most of the time) is a rebel in nearly every aspect of her being, it seems. Unlike one would expect a woman to, she hates having long hair and so cuts off uneven portions of black hair whenever it starts to bother her; it only gets in her way. Also, she is hardly shy about herself and really doesn’t wear much more than really necessary, since this also seems to impede her fighting skill. Just an old pair of short-torn leggings and a scrap of a shirt is all she really needs. She never seems very clean, but her strange bright green-blue eyes pierce through and seem to light up her face in an odd way. As far as jewelry goes, the only thing she possesses and never takes off is a strange cross-like symbol on a plain silver chain from her mother, long dead.
Personality: Keara doesn’t like to be bothered to say the least, especially when in deep thought of something. She never cares what others think of her, and won’t listen to most people unless they’ve gotten her proper attention and respect. Although she may respect some (few), she very rarely makes friends with people. It is definitely clear that she is extremely stubborn and sometimes immature, but really all she wants is to have some fun in life and do something so that people will remember her name someday just like any other being. Despite her occasional childish ways and manners, Keara knows when to be serious and to take action. This is especially clear in her fighting; like a true Legionaire, K doesn’t hesitate to cut down any that get in the way of her goals.
Weapons/Magic/Skills: K’s favorite weapons are her precious sai and cruelly sharpened needles. Although she is always seen waving about the sai, only rarely does she use this dangerous steel needles (occasionally with poison on their tips) and the few who know of them are dead in the next few seconds. The only downfall to the needles is that their effect can be prolonged with magic and cured with the right medicines, but the odds of such an occurrence is enough to overlook this. With the sai, K is very agile and fast on her feet; difficult to catch, to say the least. It is what made her an excellent thief. If she looses her weapons, she is also a decent boxer and street fighter, if a bit out of practice.
History: Keara, like most lower class child, was born in a world of darkness, poverty, hunger, and a lack of justice. Times were harsh to her family, and although she once had two brothers and a sister, two of her siblings lasted less than a year and her last brother was killed in a raid of the lower empire. Her mother also perished cruelly when Keara was only 11 years old, and her father seemed to not even exist. And so she learned to fend and fight for herself with no one to protect her from the evils of the world. The military seemed to offer a good new start for people like her and, interested, she was drawn into the service at age 20 under the careful guise of a man (women were not allowed to join the militia). After about a year her true identity was found out, but instead of being thrown out it was decided that K’s skill in disguise and thievery could be useful, and was soon put to work as a lower-class spy. Her task was simply to watch average citizens and follow possible rebels throughout the lower empire cities. She befriended a soldier working in the castle as a spy for the rebels (oddly enough) and soon had her assumption of the Immaculates’ lies confirmed. Soon afterward, she also met Dare (a friend of her fellow counterspy) and took her in to join the gathering rebellion of the Legion.
Other/Details: In the times when K feels calmer than usual, she likes to play the panpipes. She also has the makings of a pyromaniac, as she simply sits and stares at fire when one is lit nearby.

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