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2008-01-30 10:04:39
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Jitter Song Illustrations

All rights reserved © Athena Leonti
This is not free art. If you're looking for images to decorate your houses and wikis see in Elftown graphics or Elftown graphics Jitterbug Perfume.


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[ Information about the stock can be found in my DA gallery in each manip's description]

The Promise by The Cure

When the crowds are gone by Savatage
<img0*100:stuff/Capricornahf.jpg>Capricorn at her feet by Moonspell
<img0*100:stuff/spiderset.jpg>Spiders by System of a down
<img0*100:stuff/lovecrimes1n.jpg><img0*100:stuff/lovecrimes2n.jpg>Love crimes by Moonspell
<img0*100:stuff/wasserweena.jpg> Wasser by Weena Morloch
<img0*100:stuff/oh-luna-mein.jpg> Mein Flaggschiff In Die Sonne (rather inspired by the whole album though) by Samsas Traum
<img0*100:stuff/Moonspell_serpentes2006net.jpg><img0*100:img/photo/61513_1131546592.jpg> Than the Serpents in My Arms by Moonspell
<img0*100:stuff/xartinos.jpg> Χάρτινος Ουρανός by Ξύλινα Σπαθιά
<img0*100:stuff/zwntanos.jpg> Πάλι Εδώ Ζωντανός by Τρύπες


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2008-09-26 [Lothuriel]: These are awesome!! I especially love the Capricorn one!

2008-09-26 [Jitter]: Me too! Although when I made the new version I was working on a way dark screen and it turned out bleh :(

2008-09-26 [Lothuriel]: I haven't heard the song but, I like the way it gives the pic a dark mysterious look.

2008-09-27 [Jitter]: Moonspell are playing dark and mysterious music too :)

I don't think they're your style but check it out anyway ^^

2008-09-27 [Lothuriel]: Wow, I likey!! 

2008-09-27 [Jitter]: :D

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