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Jack Finch

(New and improved!)


Username: [Nite_Owl]

Name: Jack "Jay" Finch

Age: 26

Sexual Preference: Homosexual (maintains a heterosexual pretense--see below)

Personality: Although often cold and distant to others, he actually does hold a kind and caring heart for most. Occasionally his temper gets the better of him, and also gets him into trouble. The truth is he would rather feel himself beaten than watch another suffer the cane and whip, and so he deliberately takes the blame and draws attention from others in such situations. Usually he is very quiet and keeps to himself, but when he has something to say, he makes a point that everyone else hear it.

Appearance: He is tall and lithe, pale and toned with lean muscle from years of hard work. He never sleeps well, tormented by dreams, and so his cold silver-cobalt eyes are ever framed with soft gray bags. Under the torn baggy clothes that drape over his unusually thin and ill-looking body, his skin is laced with pink scars and welts from multiple beatings. He doesn't seem to care much about his appearance, except for his hair, which is extraordinarily clean and long, smooth silky black, held in a neatly folded ponytail that he tends to hide and protect under the clothes. Apart from his very subtle intriguing aspects, Jack seems the normal worker.

History: He was born to a normal high-class mother, who believed her main duty and gift to society was to bear boys fit for slavery and girls fit for royalty. Jack never had much interest in women as a young child, but his mother cared little about this fact--in fact, largely ignored it. Men belonged in the mines, and that was that. When Jack was 18 and his brother Adam was 15, Adam was sent into the mines, and, feigning heterosexuality for his sake, Jack followed him shortly after. Adam was not built for the strain of hard labor, however, and it wasn't long before the dust turned his lungs black and the whips and chains of slavery drove him to his early grave. Jack had nothing left, but had no choice but to stay in captivity, despite his technically wrongful imprisonment. He knows of the resistance movement, has even seen a very few break free, but after nearly 9 years of labor, he has little life and little will left, and sees no point in attempting to escape himself.

Other: Jack likes to sing sometimes when he's alone, and denies his beautiful voice if questioned on the matter. He is also extremely attached to his hair and takes very good care of it at night, often for the many hours his insomnia provides for him.


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