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2004-08-29 [HoTtIe WiTh A nAuGhTy BoDy]: Join [Nazis United].

2005-02-12 [Eriseith]: JTHM Fanatics! it's new!

2005-02-13 [Yoruno]: JTHM Fanatics is an empty page... are you sure you wrotte it correctly?

2005-03-22 [adieu]: you have to type in the '!' as well otherwise it doesnt work.i kept on having that problem

2005-04-07 [This Profile No Longer Exists!]: can u add Jelly Belly Loverz plz and thnx

2005-04-07 [Yoruno]: Added!

2005-04-09 [Gav.]: can you add Jedi_Gallery ? cheers!

2005-04-09 [SkyLynn07]: Josh's Fan Club..

2005-04-11 [Yoruno]: Added both of them!

2005-04-22 [Tear Dropper 07]: I like this Jeska* Leigh

2005-04-26 [Cat In Bag.]: Please add Jack Spicer Fans And could people join it? WE LOVE EVIL MANIACAL!!!!!!!!

2005-04-26 [Yoruno]: Added... is it ok in anime wiki?

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