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2007-02-25 18:52:30
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Questo è il luogo dove gli italiani possono unirsi e parlare del loro patrimonio ed essere anti-americani se vivono in quel luogo di MERDA. Qui possono mettere in mostra i loro veri colori... che sono di certo il verde, il bianco, e il rosso!

This is the place where Italians can unite and talk about their heritage and be un-american if they live in that SHIT hole. Also this is where they can show off their true colors... which are of course green, white, and red!!




all right you guys this page is seriously lacking in our moral lets show our true colors GREEN, WHITE, RED!


1. [♥ Italian Women Can Get You in Trouble] - No shit, I started it hee hee

2. [ItalianViolinist] - Il Violinista di Ragazza da Trieste

3.[Rainy~Day] VIVA LA ITALIA!

4.[Brookes <a target="_blank" href="">Sex</a>y Juggalo]hey if ur 50 percent italian dose that still make u italian lolol just play viva la italia

5.[MajinBu] 100% true italian lol and still living there :P

6.[Avacynrei] 95% Italian^_^

7.[f8cfaf3] Orgoglio Italiano!

8.[Lord Balmung of the Azure Sky] IM ITALIAN AND PROUD!!!

9. [PsychoticBliss] dont mess with the italians man! we're from the mafia!

10.[LisaLola.] I just added myself 'cause I really love Italy! Feels like it is my country! my grandmother is Italian!

11.[Oh! Its a Riot xx] .. yey

12.[BrokenPromise7x] Italians are awesome

13.[connor's left elftown] my dad's side is italian! and im going next summer !!

14. [*Clause Patent*] booya bitches i'm 50 % italian and lovin it!! and i love the banners by the way...fucking awesome

15. [bellatrix lestrange] I plan on <a target="_blank" href="">moving</a> to Italy as soon as possible, I heart all things Italian!

16. [lusci0uz X playmate] HELL YEAH IM ITALIAN!!!! *dances around* ITALIANS ROCK!!!!

17. [xXxerinxXx -pure sex-] I LOVE ITALIANS!!! lol what more can i say.....

18 . [me matas]my last name is Colonna what else would i fucking be?

19. [Bearer of the Black Sword]

20. [Human Casualties] Italians rock im one! and everyone here

21. [blue_is_true] im italian and many other things to i love italy its one of my fav countries i love bein italian

22. [Prater] Italian on father's side...

23. [Snowflame] I'm quarter Italian..does that still count?

24.[robsalvatore2]italians are the best and i love being italian

25.[kathryn's amante]

26.[CanUKeepUp]i love being Italian and there bois are yummie

27.[Dulce et Decorum Est™] w00t w00t italians rule!! 100% here!!!

28. [Hermes322]

29[buttmunch17]my mommys italian and my dad is indian am i still considered italian?

30. [Gone Away Deleted Poof] Italians own you! Viva La Italy!!!

31. [scythebearer] i'll make you an offer you can't refuse!

32. [Firelord]bho...i'm italian...

33. [Nicolai Antredias] Proud of my Italian Heritage.

34.[Sharp leaf] Viva l'italia!!!

35.[Life's A Bitch Be Its Pimp] my mum iz italian and my dad is egyptian??

36. [WolfBrethren] been a long time sice i wrote in italian. can some one check this for me? (Non sapere ciò che dire cosí che ritornerò a lei su ciò.)

37. [Oomnomnom] I'm 25% Italian on my dad's side, and I'm very proud of it!

38. [Tawnee.] Italians ROCK!

39. [Anda] Full Italian and a green card in the U.S. Weird, neh?

40. [Sacro Zitella] Italian Represent, what else is there to say?^^

41. [blue cavalier]

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2005-09-16 [KillerQueen]: this wiki is dead

2005-09-16 [me matas]: yeah i know.. i dont know what to do with it....

2005-09-17 [KillerQueen]: lets have a festa!

2005-10-11 [Firelord]: che state a di'?

2005-11-11 [Furor Scribendi]: uh, does Sicilian constitute as Italian???

2005-11-11 [Firelord]: yes

2005-11-11 [KillerQueen]: yeh im sicilian

2005-11-12 [Firelord]: davvero?

2005-11-12 [KillerQueen]: si!

2005-11-12 [Firelord]: non ci sei nella lista

2005-11-12 [KillerQueen]: omg..i never noticed!

2005-12-01 [me matas]: im sicilian too!

2005-12-01 [KillerQueen]: wooot...we so rock

2005-12-03 [me matas]: lol we do do we?

2005-12-03 [KillerQueen]: indeed

2006-03-29 [me matas]: meow1

2006-04-10 [iippo]: I'm very sorry to burst in like this, I hope you don't mind... but a language student is in need of some help. She's made a questionnaire online for her project and needs Italian people to answer it. So if any of you could help her out, I'd be ever so grateful. :) The questionnaire can be found in

2006-05-17 [me matas]: it's ok


2006-07-10 [KillerQueen]: ITALIA! ITALIA! i didnt even watch one match LOL

2007-08-07 [Ludwig van Beethoven]: Can I join? Can I join!? I already love this page!

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