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Idril Arnatuilë
I get around
I h8 brothers and sisters
I hate being a virgin
I Hate Bush
I hate posers
I love Deadly_DNA_Girl's art
I Love Kriz
I Love Life
I love Queen
I Choose to Live
IceCream Maniacs
Iconoclasm Bar & Grill
ICP Fans
ICP Sucks
Idea Storage
If You Have A Problem
Ilena's Art
I love fairies
I Love Weird Al
Ilustrate My Story
Imaginary Dragon Store
Impeach! Impeach!
Important Persons
I'm a UU!
I'm kickin it Jesus style!
I'm Up For Adoption!
In a Dragon's Eye
Incubus Fanlist
Inkheart fans unite!!!!
Inkle Woven Dreams
Inner Dragons
Inner God
Inner Goddess
Inner World: Enter If You Dare
Insane Clown Posse
Inside Out
Institute of Heaven
Insult Arena
Insult Arena 2
Interesting people
In the land of Vascilia
In tyler we trust
Inuyasha 2
Inuyasha Addicts
Inuyasha fan club
Inu-yasha is a hero
Inuyasha's Clan
Invisable People unite
Iracundia Auditions
Ir-Iddyns gallery
iron maiden fans
Itachi Addicts
Italians Unite
I will save a life


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2004-08-19 [Yoruno]: Added! *bows*

2004-09-23 [Another Blank Page]: ummmm

2004-10-17 [BadCat]: Hey, this is great. I'm a Minion at the Insult Arena, and while I'm terribly pleased to see that we've already been listed, I'm not sure that the Insult Arena 2 link is necessary. It is one of 3 arenas (and one of half a dozen related links) linked from the main page. Shrug. I don't know if it matters to you or not.

2004-10-18 [Yoruno]: Uhmm... let´s just say it´s in there just in case :)

2004-11-16 [i_heart_gir]: Invader Zom

2004-11-16 [Yoruno]: Uhm... [i_heart_gir], is that a wiki page? It leads me to an empty page...

2004-11-16 [Gone123456789]: i think she meant zim. invader zim still an empty page...

2005-01-23 [Vallaincourt]: How do you add a wiki page? I would like to add mine: In a Dragon's Eye and The Eye of the Dragon, if possible

2005-01-24 [#9437]: both have been added to here and to RPG wiki, subcategory Various RPG's

2005-04-08 [SkyLynn07]: Interesting People is my wiki.. shouldn't it be added?

2005-04-08 [Yoruno]: Added! ^_^

2005-04-09 [SkyLynn07]: Would you add this I P Banners.. it goes with Interesting People.. so does these.. Interesting Competitions.. Interesting Thoughts..

2005-04-12 [Kyotaki]: I have wiki, inu-yasha is a hero@wiki, i guess its just not on the list...

2005-07-14 [Miss Emma.]: May you please add Insane Clown Posse ?? Thank ye ^_^

2005-11-11 [Gone123456789]: Added

2006-02-26 [Sister Insomnia]: Will you add my wiki Incubus Fanlist please!!

2006-02-27 [Yoruno]: Added!

2006-07-02 [stephie k]: can you add i love fairies please

2006-07-03 [Yoruno]: Added!

2007-01-06 [nwotfle]: hi! could the almighty master of wikis add the I Love Life wiki please?

2007-01-08 [Yoruno]: Added!

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