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BSS Act I 

<img:>I Scene I

Jade stumbled her way onto the plane until she was stopped by a flight attendant. "Miss, that bag is too big to carry on board, I'm sorry but I'll have to take it."

"My whole life is in this bag!" Jade argued as she shoved past the fight attendant. Jade grumbled when she fought her way up to coach and found her seat occupied. "Get up," she demanded.

"Why don't you ask nicely so the only people you'll be with for the next two weeks don't hate you as badly as the usually do?" Nagi asked from across the aisle.

"Hush it, hippie boy!" Jade snapped.

"Don't yell at him," Nami glared up at the blonde girl. "Make it easier on yourself and pick another seat. Practically the entire section is empty."

"You only talk big because your boyfriend is here," Jade snipped.

"I wasn't talking big..." Nami said slowly.

"Ignore her," Lulu said as she looked up from her book.

"I'm getting Claudia," Jade stuck her nose into the air as she marched into the back.

"Nami, you may want to move since you're the one in her seat..." Nagi said softly.

"And leave my friends to sit next to her and leave me alone?" Nami asked.

"As you said, the entire section is pretty much open," Lulu said as she returned to her reading.

"Fine," Nami growled as she stood, "Just so I don't get sent home before we even leave the ground..."

"Here," Nagi said quietly as he moved over a seat.

"If you two start..." Lulu murmured.

"Shut up," Nami glared back at Lulu before settling into the seat beside Nagi.

"I'm fairly certain that the solution to this little problem will be for Jade to join Claudia in first class anyway." Anka said blandly, her nose buried in a book as she leaned against the window in her seat.

"You think?" Nami blinked, "What makes you so certain?"

"Claudia wouldn't dare leave her star pupil alone. Just watch, she'll make some excuse to pull her up into first class."

"It's a bet." Lulu smirked.

"How much?" Anka asked without glancing up.

"$50 and bragging rights." Lulu smirked.

Nikita boarded the plane wearing her usual dressy outfit; black slacks, a red collared button down blouse, a black blazer, and black Nebuloni heels. Her carry on consisted of her lap top case stuffed with reading material, her lap top, and of course junk food. She stopped looking around, spotting her group she moved down the aisle taking the seat in front of Nami and Nagi. "That wasn't Jade I heard was it? She can't already possibly be making life hell?" She remarked sighing.

Nami turned around to face Nikita. "Don't tell me you could hear her clear back in the terminal..."

"Was that ugo starting again?" Akira growled as he flopped down beside Lulu.

"How could you tell?" Lulu asked as she turned a page.

"My ears are bleeding," Akira said dryly.

"Well, if Akira and Lulu weren't mean enough, yes. She made a big deal out of me sitting beside Lulu," Nami rolled her eyes.

Nikita nodded at Nami. "I swear if she bitches the whole time I am going to find some rope, duck tape, and the hardest liquor and she won't know what’s coming to her." She replied.

"We all are," Nagi said flatly. "So let's all chip in and save money."

"I can't hit girls though..." Akira frowned.

"She's not a girl. She's just a bitch," Nami muttered, making a face.

"I'll hit for you. I can get out of the charges easily." Nikita said smiling at Akira.

Nami leaned toward Nikita. "Hun, Akira's hot...but don't get too close unless you just want a fling..." she forewarned.

"Or anybody else with the last name Williams, except me," Nagi added.

Nikita looked at Nami and nodded. "Good to know. So have any of you been to Egypt before?" She asked changing the subject.

"Nope," Nami muttered.

"First time out of the country for a lot of us," Nagi added.

"Except for past lives. Believe it or not...a lot of our class mates and ourselves have had past lives in Egypt," Akira said thoughtfully.

Nikita raised an eyebrow at Akira's comment but said nothing. She knew the belifs of Egypt very well, but did they actualy belive in them as well?

Lulu looked at the questioning look on Nikita's face before closing her book and sighing. "Yeah, ignore him. He's into the freaky taboo stuff that creeps out normal people," Lulu remarked.

Nikita looked at Lulu. "It's not freaky just, it seems unusal for someone to belive in that is all. Well at least to me. There is no truth or fact behinde it. Like the law, there is truth and fact."

"There is truth and fact behind every journey...including the one your soul has partaken in. Everybody who is drawn to another culture aside from the one they were born merely misses their past life," Akira reasoned.

"Knock it off," Nagi sighed.

"What?" Akira asked.

"Not everybody wants your beliefs shoved down their throat, sexy," Lulu said calmly as she patted Akira's arm.

Nikita turned in her seat and faced Akira. "That is correct. A person is drawn to another culture due to curiosity. If, we were to go along with this reincarnation belief then, history as we know it would not continuously repeat itself. Mistakes would be learned and remembered than continuously remade." She replied softly, but loud enough for him to hear.

"That's only true if you don't get the chance to fix what wasn't supposed to happen," Akira said pointedly.

"I have to ask," Nami sighed as she focused on Akira.

"Okay, have you heard of putting up a temporary seal on say a demon?" Akira asked.

"Sure," Nami muttered, mostly to humor him.

"Well the reason the seal is temporary is because they can't kill the demon if they're not destined to," Akira said with a shrug.

"You believe that stuff?" Nami asked.

"Yup," Akira replied with a nod.

"No wonder you don't talk to girls before you bed them," Lulu said dryly.

"Yeah, babbling things like that wouldn't get him anywhere," Nami agreed.

"You'll see it sometime in your life. One thing that will shed some light on my beliefs and you'll begin to question your own," Akira said confidently.

"No, no we won't," Nagi replied. "We're not big boxes of crazy."

"There is a logical explanation for everything." Nikita muttered.

"In this case...Akira is crazy and his tarot cards have gone to his head," Nagi said dryly as he turned around.

"Nami, sleep with me and I promise to awaken your spiritual side," Akira offered.

"She's mine!" Nagi shouted.

"No thanks..." Nami said nervously.

"No? What about you Nikita?" Akira asked.

Nikita coughed. "Not in your wildest dreams lover boy."

"Tantra allows you to last for hours without having to stop," Akira added.

"Thinking about that with you is just...ew..." Nami shuddered.

"Is it true Nami?" Lulu asked. "About the people who meditate being able to last forever?"

Nami blushed, "How would I know?"

"You and Nagi still haven't done it?" Akira asked, surprised.

"No, and if we did it still wouldn't be anybody's business," Nagi growled.

"I still have a shot with Nami," Akira grinned. "And with Lulu and Anka, Nikita..." he smiled dreamily.

Nikita rolled her eyes at Akira. "Much can be said for someone who hold his or herself for the right person. But that same someone can also just be called a chicken." Nikita said playfuly at Nagi.

"Or eighteen-year-old virgin. Whichever you think rolls off the tongue better," Nagi said dryly.

Nikita laughed. "Nah, chicken sounds better." With that she turned in her seat and pulled out a law book from her bag.

"It's something new," Nagi shrugged as Nami curled against him.

"They can think whatever they want to," Nami whispered.

"Yeah, even the truth wouldn't make them change their minds considering I was a virgin until I was eighteen," he whispered back(only intended to have been heard by Nami).

"How can you two cuddle on a plane?" Lulu asked.

"Like this, obviously," Nami retorted.

"Better seperate, here comes Claudia." Anka glanced down the length of the aisle, "With Jade in tow, who seems happier than usual. I think I win the bet."

Nikita looked up left eyebrow raised. "Hello Claudia."

"Is there a problem?" Claudia asked as she stood in the middle of the isle, looking around at her students.

"Not that I see," Nami replied.

"I see two of them a kiss ass and an old chro-" Lulu covered Akira's mouth.

"No!" Lulu said quickly.

Nikita shook her head. "Nope not at all."

"Is something the matter, Claudia?" James approached the group.

"It would appear that there's been a mistake in the seating arrangements." Claudia said, glaring briefly at the students, "I suppose it's for the best though, I need help grading papers and since Jade doesn't seem to have a seat..." She allowed the statement to hang.

Jade smirked, "First class here I come." She hissed so that neither Claudia nor James could hear.

"Have fun." Anka muttered without looking up.

"Rope, ducktape, and liquor." Nikita muttered rolling her eyes.

"What did I miss?" James asked, stumbling through the isle.

"Jade is now in first class," Nagi announced.

"Good, I missed the most of the bitch fit," James sighed in relief as he set his overhead bag in the above compartment.

"Why did you come?" Akira asked.

"Somebody's gotta buy the booze," Lulu said flatly.

"You mean keep. You. Kids. Out. Of. Trouble," James said slowly.

"Yea, you mean buy the booze." Nikita replied.

"Somebody has got to keep you kids out of trouble," James said firmly as he settled into the seat across the isle from Nikita.

"He has bail money," Akira nodded. "Everybody relax."

Nikita looked at Akira. "You don't need bail money if you can just talk yourself out of the charges."

"Hey, gorgeous," Akira leaned forward, "You need cleavage to do that. So We guys need money."

Nikita went red. "Well, we just come to your rescue then." She replied softly.

Akira grinned, "Did you know that I have been meditating since I was four years old?"

"Now, why would I know such a useless fact like that?" Nikita replied flashing him a smile.

"Because that useless fact means that I can keep myself from having an orgasm for over five hours," Akira said quietly.

Lulu slapped the back of Akira's head. "Knock it off, prince charming."

Nikita raised an eyebrow. "That means what to me?"

"He thinks that that little fact will get you to sleep with him," Nami muttered, rolling her eyes.

James turned around and lowered his glasses, "Five hours?"

Nikita shook her head. "Yea, that would be one of the things that would keep me away."

"Not me. I'd have a stop watch," Lulu said proudly.

"Allegedly five hours," Nagi said to James.

"Is it not true?" James asked.

"I've been meditating for just as long," Nagi said as he glanced over at Akira, "So I think I'd know when he's lying."

"Oh yeah?" James asked.

"Can you cum when you masturbate?" Akira asked,

"None of your damn business," Nagi growled.

"That'd be a no because we can't orgasm normally," Akira said triumphantly.

"Akira!" Nami snapped, covering her ears.

Nikita coughed. "You are very self absorbed."

"Now, that isn't true. Self-absorbed people are within themselves. I wanna be in you, and you, and you..." he said as he pointed to each girl.

"This could take a while," Nagi muttered.

"Yeah..." Lulu rolled her eyes.

Nikita sighed and went back to her book tuning Akira out.

Accalia sat in a seat in the back, watching the others converse with amusement. She didn't like to be a part of the crowd, but always found humor in observing them. She pulled her over-stuffed bag into her lap, thrusting her hand into the bottam, searching for her one true love: chocolate. It had been hell getting this bag past the attendents, but Accalia was so good at blending in that she was hardly noticed. The flight attendents were no exception.

"Hey Accalia," Jewel said, standing in the aisle. "Can I sit here?" Accalia looked up, munching her candy bar. She nodded hesitantly, not wanting to share her space with someone else, but not wanting to disappoint the other girl. She tossed the wrapper back in her bag, thinking she should attempt conversation.

"What took you so long boarding?" she asked, fishing around in her bag once more, this time for a book. Jewel sighed haughtily, anger flashing in her eyes.

"It was those damn security guards!" she exclaimed in rage. "They tried to say I was a terrorist, just because I wouldn't take this off," Jewel's hand went to her neck, lovingly caressing the dagger that hung there on a chain. Accalia laughed at her friend's passion regarding the dagger. She scanned the rest of the students boarding the plain, hoping to find the person she was looking for...

Julian finally boarded the plane after what seemed like forever arguing with security and a very rude flight attendant about some chocolate he wanted to bring aboard the plane, among other issues. "You owe me big!" He said taking a seat next to Nikita and tossing the German liquor chocolates in her lap.

"Oh my gosh Julian I love you!" She quite shouted tossing her book down and leaning over wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him on the cheek.

Jared grumbled slightly as he came on board, he had a little trouble with the security "just because I had a Katana in my luggage, they get all bent out of shape" he moved down the isle looking for a place to stow his small bag and sit down.

"Samurai armor gave me a hard time on my trip back from Japan," Akira said nonchalantly.

Accalia looked up, her eyes showing her excitement as she noticed Jared moving through the aisle. Jewel followed her gaze, locking onto Jared. She knew Accalia had probably wanted to sit with him, but wasn't really eager to move. She hoped Accalia wouldn't ask her to.

Nikita let go of Julian and moved around in her seat. "Anyone want any?" She asked holding up her big bag of chocolate.

"Yes!" Nagi licked his lips as he help out his cupped hands.

"You are now on his good side," Nami shook her head with amusement.

Jared looked at Akira for a moment "they're so touchy nowadays" he commented as e moved past, he stopped as he neared Accalia and Jewel sitting together, he smiled slighty and nodded to them before returning to his search for an open seat.

Nikita smiled brightly. "Just don't go breathing in Claudia's face. They have the good stuff in them." She replied winking at Nami as she dropped ten in Nagi's hands. "Anyone else?"

Accalia scowled as Jared moved past them, she turned her face to look out the window, enabling her to hide her disappointment. She didn't want to hurt Jewel's feelings. Jewel spied the handingout of the yummy "alcoholic" chocolates as she liked to call them. Her eyes brightened as she leapt from her seat, rushing up to Nikita.

"Can I please, please have some?" she begged pathetically.

Nikita laughed holding the bag out for Jewel to take what she wanted. "So, now that the hags from hell are in first class, what are the true plans for this vacation?" Nikita asked looking at her classmates but mostly at the three main conspirators, Nami, Lulu, and Anka. Jewel grabbed a handful of chocolate, sitting down in a near, vacant seat.

"College students in another country? I say we party!" she exclaimed, unwrapping her chocolate and popping it into her mouth.

"Well, we're going to tour several museums and listen to two famous architects speak. And then we're going to spend a week at a site where they recently discovered a newly uncovered pyramid that was unexplored," Lulu said calmly.

"And when the hags are asleep we're getting drunk, playing poker, and fooling around," Nami whispered.

Nikita gave Julian a nudge. "Did you hear that, fooling around. It about time." She whispered giggling.

Julian laughed as he and looked at James. "So what possesed you to join this trip?"

"And who will you be fooling around with?" Jewel asked laughing, although she looked at James, awaiting his answer.

Jared spotted Jewel vacate her seat and took te opportunity, he moved back towards Accalia, he bent over see her face "mind if I join you?" he asked simply.

She smiled happily. "Of course I want you to join me!" She squeaked, throwing her arms around him in a hug.

"I am here as a responsible adult," James said firmly.

"Yeah, so is Akira," Nami rolled her eyes, taking one of Nagi's chocolates.

"He is my assistant," James replied, smiling.

"Precisely, doc," Akira gave James a thumbs up.

"Uh...yeah, now who are you doing?" Lulu asked, suddenly caught up in the conversation.

"Whoever wants me," Akira announced.

"No, not you," Lulu shoved Akira playfully. "James?"

"I stick to my story," James insisted.

"So definitely not female then." Julian said jokingly.

Nikita about choked on her chocolate at Julians remark. "So what are you big plans for the trip Jewel?"

"Yeah, you barely talk to even us," Anka added as she glanced up from her reading.

James sighed, "I'm sure I'll find my soul mate on this trip and save my virginity until marriage."

Jewel smiled, starting to feel a tiny bit of effect from her chocolate.

"Oh you know, hooking up, getting drunk, the usual."

Julian rolled his eyes. "You know there is nothing morraly wrong about having sex before you are married and with women or men, whatever your preference is that aren't you soul mates."

"We are going to Egypt, a land full of ancient legends and mythology, there has to be more than that." Nikita pressed.Jewel shook her head in response.

"Nope. Those are my plans. I'm still...a virgin. i'd like to change that."

Jared smiled as he returned her embrace "sorry it took so long, the guards were giving me hell over my sword" he said as he casually stowed his bag in the overhead compartment, he closed the door and planted himself in the seat next to her, his smile still in place "what's been going on while I was 'delayed'?"

Accalia blushed as he settled in next to her.

"Not much. The usual from Nami and Nakita. I was talking to Jewel for a little while, but she ditched me for alcohol. Mostly, I just...missed you."

"What's in the choc...kit?" Nagi asked.

Julian and Nikita exchanged two different smiles. "That can be arranged." They chorused. Giggling Nikita looked at Nagi. "The hardest damn liquor known to mankind; German Alcohol." She replied beaming.

Jared looked away for a moment to hide his redding cheeks, he coughed slightly as he collected himself "" he said as he avoided looking in her eyes, he glanced down at the others who looked like they were plotting something and wondered if he should be worried.

"No, no..." Nami shook her head. "You can not give Nagi alcohol..."

"I'm fine," Nagi insisted. "Just a little...dizzy..."

"Nagi, keep your mouth shut and don't think about anything!" Nami ordered.

"Why?" James inquired.

"Nagi gets a bit...frisky and talkative when he's drunk..." Anka and Lulu chorused.

"Should we be worried?" James inquired further.

"He might rape Nami, but that's overdue," Lulu said dismissively.

"Is that her way of saying no?" James asked.

"He'll be fine," Akira yawned.

Nikita's smiled widened. "He will be fine, it will get him barely tipsy if anything. This will be an interesting flight." She said beaming popping another chocolate in her mouth. “Would anyone else like anymore before I finish them off?”

Ciarine quietly came onto the plane, heading for her sit, slightly hoping it was a window seat so that she could read on the trip.

Nikita turned back around and pulled her lap top out setting it in Julian's lap, a pair of ear phones, and the movie The Ugly Truth. Standing back up she then zipped her bag and put it in the luggage compartment. "Want to watch it with me?" She asked sitting back down and turning on her lap top as she put the movie in.

"You bet! There is a sexy as doctor in that movie." Julian responded moving up the arm rest so Nikita could lean in on him and they could both see the movie. Smiling, Nikita did just that and slipped an ear bud in each of their left and right ear.

Ciarine found her seat, sitting down by a window. She pulled out a writer's notebook as well as a book on different symbols from around the world. Ciarine looked over at the others, and smiled slightly. They were all characters, each one of them, and she enjoyed them.

Anka sucked in a breath, "Please tell me you still have some of that chocolate?" She asked, placing her hand on her small bag.

"Anka?" Nami turned around, "Do you maybe need to talk to me in the bathroom?" she raised her eyebrows, glancing down at Anka's bag.

"U-uh, about what?" Anka gave a nervous chuckle.

"Oh. You know. Best friend stuff," Nami said quietly.

"Errr... maybe?" Anka rubbed the back of her head.

"Let's go," Nami said as she stood. "James, make sure Nagi doesn't do anything...stupid that he wouldn't do sober."

"Aye, aye," James said as he saluted Nami.

Nikita looked up and tossed Anka the rest of the bag that had about 15 or so left in it, before going back to her movie.

Anka deftly caught the bag of chocolates as she stood, lifting hers into her arms as well, "Fine..." She said, slipping a few of the chocolates into her bag unnoticed.

"Come, come," Nami said as she grabbed Anka, pulling her into the bathroom, locking the door behind them. "So, do we have a stowaway?" Nami asked slyly.

"Maybe..." Anka said as the top of her bag popped open and Yaryck peered out, chittering as he scented the air for more chocolate.

"Why did you bring him?" Nami sighed as she scratched under Yaryck's chin.

"Oh come on, you expected me to just leave home with the family?" Anka made a face, "Besides... I never go anywhere for more than a day without him."

"Well, we'll just keep him ninjaed under everybody's noses," Nami smiled.

"My thoughts exactly." Anka tossed a handful of chocolates into her mouth before holding a few down for Yaryck to enjoy.

"But I've gotta get back to keeping my boyfriend from doing something in a drunken stupor," Nami sighed. She turned around quickly, "You didn't hear that."

"Right... cause there's some alcohol in this and he really doesn't have a tolerance..." Anka realized, slipping the top back over her bag.

"No tolerance would be an improvement," Nami sighed.

"Haha," Anka chuckled, "At least the trip will be amusing."

"If Nagi doesn't say anything stupid in my absence," Nami opened the door and stepped out of the bathroom.

"What could he possibly have to say that would embarrass you besides the general loose-tongued drunkenness?" Anka asked curiously.

"Uhhh..." Nami blushed, "Nothing," she said tersely before dashing out the door.

"Hey, Nagi is awesome!" Lulu grinned.

"Why?" Nami asked, coming to a stop.

"He can count cards!" Lulu squeed.

"7 of diamonds," Nagi pointed to a card in Lulu's hand.

"See?" she asked. "Nagi, ole buddy, ole pal..." Lulu grinned sheepishly. "You and I are hitting a casino!"

"Or you could not illegally exploit his newfound drunken abilities..." Nami sighed as she stared down at her feet.

Nikita looked up hearing the last statement. "Is something wrong Nami? Nagi's been pretty good."

"No," Nami blushed, scratching her cheek anxiously. "What did I miss conversation-wise?" she asked, quibbling the topic.

"We're gonna take turns playing a few hands of cards when the plane actually takes off," Lulu shrugged.

"You people ruin concentration," Akira growled as he opened an eye. He was sitting in his meditative pose.

"We people don't ruin anything. It's not our fault you don't know how to tune noises out." Nikita retorted.

"It's not the voices," Akira said calmly. "You're all so sexually repressed that you're suffocating my free spirit!"

Nikita laughed. "Want to come unrepress me?" She asked teasingly.

Akira looked her up and down, "Without the perfect ass you're just a tease and not worth my time," he said firmly, nodding to emphasize his point.

"He said what?" Lulu asked, dropping her cards.

Nikita threw Julian's travel pillow at him "No need to be an ass." She said smiling and rolling her eyes.

"Don't be mad at me for knowing a tease when I see one," Akira said as he set the pillow behind his head.

"Did he really what I think he did?" Lulu asked, still stunned.

Nikita shruged. "Just because I said it teasingly doesn't mean I didn't mean it." She said rolling her eyes and looking at Lulu, "You mean completly blow off my invited. Oh yes sister. He just did." She said laughing.

"If you're serious, mile high club right now," Akira said as he tucked his hands behind his head.

Nikita laughed even harder. "I guess you will never know then Akira."

"Virgins are boring, anyhow. Lulu, wanna join the mile high club?" Akira shifted his gaze to Lulu.

"Y-you...turned down a girl...?" Lulu stammered.

"Yes, he did," Nami agreed, still stunned herself.

Ciarine just listened to the others.

"Ya, he did." Nikita said turning and looking at Ciarine. "Hello Ciarine, I didn't see you board."

Ciarine looked at Nikita. " seems to always happen that way, Nikita...."

"Hmmm, but it shouldn't." Nikita replied.

"I'm.....use to it..." Ciarine said softly.

Nikita nodded. "So what are you looking forward to the most on this trip?" She found she was repeating the question from earlier, but she was just trying to strike a converstation, her movie had lost her attention.

"The history...the folklore...all of the on and in the structures..." Ciarine said with a small smile. "I...dream of being an author, and I thought this would be a great opportunity to travel..."

Nikita smiled. "Oh you will defiinitely find enough insperation in Egypt to write many stories. It is a beautiful place."

Ciarine nodded. "Thank you...thank you Nikita..."

Jared had been listening intently to the conversation before turning to Accalia "what are you looking forward to on this trip Accalia?" he asked, trying to break the silence between them.

Accalia shifted uncomfortably as the attention was turned to her "Um...well, I hear there's alot of great historical sights.." she said nervously. 

Jared nodded "it should be fun, the last time I was there it was..a 'Family trip'..." he said the last part in slight contempt, he didn't add that it was from one of his parents' botched attepts at placing him in an arranged marriage, he learned about it before they did anything permenant and was able to aviod the wedding bells, he secretly hoped he didn't encounter the former Fiance while Accalia was around, if at all.

Nikita nodded. The memories of her last visit to Egypt flooded her mind. The vast sea of sand that covered the desert that shifted to reveal hidden cities that were once grand in history was one of the most beautiful sights she got to witness the last time she was there. "The untold stories off the abandoned cities that were divulged by the sand and only revealed with it pleases it. The begging of any great story can be done simply by watching and observing." She muttered softly.

"I agree, Nikita..." said Ciarine softly.

Nikita looked back up at Ciarnie, she didn't realize she had said that out loud. "What do you write?" She asked curious. "Well I guess the more approriate question is what kind of stories do you write." Nikita corrected.

"Fantasy stories....somethings other worlds, but mostly our world though....I like to imagine...." Ciarine replied.

"That's really cool!" Nikita said smiling.

"You really think so?" Ciarine asked.

"Most definitely! You can catch a range of audiences with those types of stories." Nikita replied.

Ciarine smiled. "Thank you...for the support.... I love writing..."

Nikita nodded. "I wouldn't mind reading whatever you have written if you want it read."

Anka eased into her seat, bag in her lap, "Looks like everyone's having fun. We're about to take off though so we need to get buckled in."

"We've been grounded for over an hour," Akira said as he pulled out his tarot cards, beginning to shuffle them mindlessly. "And I wanna make it in the mile high club."

"Keep talking like that and you'll be chained in your seat." Anka grumbled.

"I'm a deviant not a rapist," Akira said as he flipped over The Lovers Card, glancing over at Nami and Nagi. "Anka? Look here a sec..." Akira said nervously, pointing down at the first flipped card.

"What is it?" Anka asked, glancing over at him.

"Interesting card for a single card draw, eh?" he asked, holding the card so she could see it.

Ciarine looked at Nikita, and smiled slightly more. "I'd love you to.....Nikita..."

Nikita smiled and turned around buckling up. "Sounds good."

Ciarine buckled up. "Wonderful..."

"Who were you doing the reading for?" Anka asked.

"Attention all passengers, we will be departing in approximately two minutes. Please secure your belongings and fasten your seatbelts for the ride."

"Waiiiit!" A shrill voice called out, barrelling down the hallway towards the loading dock. A mess of raven hair, and matching oversized clothes rolled into the plane, having tripped on his untied shoe laces. "Damnit!" He growled, standing up and straitening his already crooked glasses. The flight attendant closed the door behind the rather dishelveled fellow, trying her best not to burst out with laughter. "You all were going to let them leave me!" He accused angrily, huffing up to make himself look bigger. That didn't work so well considering the woman standing beind him towered over him at a normal height of around five foot, seven.

Nikita looked up laughing. "Did we party too much last night?" She asked teasingly.

Kyo Nagamii walked toward the louding dock. He had a passive expression on his face, in realty he was excited about the trip but was afraid to show his emotions. He looked over at the commotion and sighed. "So loud...if you don't wish to be left than move quicker next time."

Gideon cast a menacing glare in Nikita's direction, just before turning it to Kyo just as angrily as before. "I was on time! They had a problem with my carry on! And you all just left me!" He huffed, moving down the aisle to his designated seat, and plopping down, but not before stuffing his over packed back into the over head compartment. "Making fun of me..hmph, when your souls are lost forever to the demon's hunger, we'll see who's laughing then!"

Kyo ignored him as he sat down alone. He didn't know any of them, they weren't his friends and none had bothered to get to know him which was fine by him, the only friends he believed he needed were his band mates. He sighed hoping they would be fine while he was gone. He gently massaged the area where he had a cross shaped scar, it had long since healed but Gideon's words had sparked the painful memories connected with it. "Demon's...'He whispered looking out the window. For a moment his true self shown through, a lonely boy with a lot of pain in his eyes. He pulled his black trench coat with the chains on it around himself as if to shield himself from something. He wore red and black trip paints underneath as well as a black t-short.

Ciarine looked over at Kyo, then at the others from her seat. "This is going to be a long flight..." she said softly.

Kyo took a pad and pen from his carry on and began to write lyrics for the new album he and his band mates were working on. Their music tended to be dark and sorrow filled, displaying the darkness in society. He sighed running a hand through his red and black hair in thought.

"You can't really belive in all that mumbo jumbo crap do you? It's all just ghost stories told to scare children." Nikita replied brushing off Gideon's glare. "If you learned to pack lighter you wouldn't have caught soo much hell. You are worse than a girl." Nikita continued on in the same joking, teasing, tone.

"Blasphemer! It's real! I'll prove it one day! Then I'll show you all!" He huffed out acidicly. He could have jumped up and down screaming, but then again, that flight attendant did look kind of scary, so instead, he just withdrew himself back into his seat, but not before grumbling several obscene things under his breath. "And it wasn't cause I packed too much, they had to go through every bag I owned because of the talismans and equipment I brought with me..."

Nikita rolled her eyes and leaned back on Julian who was still intent on the movie. "This is going to be a very long flight." She said nodding to herself. "A very long trip. Already surrounded by fanatics." Sighing she picked up the ear phone and stuck it in her right ear once more.

Kyo gazed up at Gidean long enough to study him closely. "Only the foolish believe that deeply. It borders on fanaticism which can hurt those around you. I know from experience. Believe what you will but don't shove it down our throats. And you should know enough about flight procedures to know that you shouldn't take things like that in your carry on do to the metal detectors." He said glancing down at his pad once more. He wasn't sure if he liked Gidean, than again he wasn't one to judge before he knew someone, he did know he disliked fanatics, he bore his scar from one.

Anka stretched languidly in her seat, glancing up briefly as the two latecomer's boarded the plain. The flight attendants began moving through the aisles as the buckle seat belts light came on at the front of the cabin. She clicked hers into place and gripped her bag against her lap nervously, heart hammering in her chest. She was nervous about the flight, about being so far above the safety of the ground.

Kyo clicked his belt into place and adjusted the seat belt to fit him better. He was skinnier than boys around his age due to being malnourished. He wasn't treated well at the foster home and often was made to skip meals, as a result he lacked weight. The only reason he was able to go on the trip is because of a special research scholarship he had received through hard study and research.

Ciarine buckled up her belt for the plane trip, the long plane ride. She reached into her carry-on bag, pulling out ziplock baggies with two brownies in each. She had wanted to do something nice for everyone for the trip and because it would give them all something more than peanuts to munch on for the trip. Ciarine started to quickly pass the baggies out. "Everyone....I have brownies for a snack for you...please....take a bag...." she said to all of them in voice that was soft but loud enough for them all to hear her.

Kyo hesitantly took his, a look of surprise crossed his handsome face before quickly being hidden behind his passive facade. "Thank you..." He murmured surprised at her kindness. He wasn't used to having someone do something nice for him. His stomach growled, reminding him that he hadn't eaten that day. He opened the baggy and began to eat one of the brownies hesitantly, afraid something was hidden in them.

The brownies was rich chocolate with chunks of whole chocolate throughout them. Ciarine smiled softly, and shyly at Kyo. "You're...welcome.... I... made them for the trip.....I thought they would be beter than having salty peanuts the whole flight...." she said softly.

He blushed slightly but tried to hide it. "They are good..." He said as he glanced down at his notepad. "Do music?" He asked uncertainly. He wasn't sure if he should engage in conversation, but she was the first to show attention to him.

"Yes," Ciarine said softly. "I love music..." She looked towards his notebook. "Do you write music?"

Akira quickly grabbed two bags of brownies, passing one to Anka and shoving a large bite into his mouth. "Fngew..." he said with his mouth full, swallowing immediately. "Thank you," he said more clearly before turning back to Anka. "Uh, Nami just passed me when I stopped shuffling and drew this card. My mind was blank so it could have been about anybody, but I'm pretty sure it was about naturally Nagi too. Do you think I'm being too superstitious?"

Nagi swallowed a meager bite of his brownie. "You guys shouldn't tease the man who decides if your souls are just going to be enslaved or if they're going to be raped by demons," Nagi said dryly to his fellow classmates.

Anka shrugged, "Could have some meaning or other." She said nonchallantly, not pointing out that Nami and Nagi were already dating, "I wouldn't be too worried about it." She gripped the edges of her seat as the plane began to move.

"Alright...let's read you!" Akira said enthusiastically as he began shuffling his deck of tarot cards. He continued as he stared at Anka, flipping over The Empress. "And here is Lulu," he said flipping over Strength and Lust, "and Spike up there," he added, flipping over The Devil. "Ciarine," he added as he flipped over The Hermit, "Kyo," he said quickly, revealing The Justice. He glanced around for those who hadn't been read yet, "James," he said as he flipped over The Emperor, "Jewel," he revealed The Temperence, "Nikita," he nodded to the girl before flipping over The Charriot, "Accalia," he drew in a breath before flipping over The hanged Man, "Julian," he said as he flipped over The Wheel of Fortune, "Jared," he said before revealing The Sun "and me," he sighed, revealing The Hierophant. "Funny, I never saw myself as a teacher..." Akira muttered.

Nami turned to glance at Lulu, "Giving Akira the cold shoulder?"

"Yeah, the sex will be hotter later when he makes me want him back," Lulu said confidently.

"Great to kn-" Nami stopped when she saw Akira flipping the tarot cards. "Know."

"What's wrong?" James asked, glancing across the aisle at Nami.

"Akira is reading everybody with a one card draw," Nami muttered.

"Oh...boy..." James turned the best he could to see, being slammed back into his seat by the force of the take off.

"Lets pretend I know absolutely nothing about tarot and tell me what we're signifying here." Anka muttered, touching the empress card, "For instance, what does this say about me?"

"This card represents the creation of life, romance, the creation of new ideas, sometimes a mother or mothers, a strong woman who has men willing to...die...for...her..." Akira said slowly.

Anka snorted, "I'm none of those things, so there's nothing to worry about." She stood jerkily as the fasten seatbelts blinked off and locked herself in the bathroom, drawing in deep breaths as she tried not to think of how far up they were.

"Akira, did Anka say where she was going?" Nami questioned.

He shook his head as he gathered up his tarot cards. "She ran off," he shrugged.

"Why?" Nami asked as she glanced past Nagi, out the window. "We'" she said in realization.

"You didn't think we'd be driving to Egypt, did you?" Lulu asked.

"Oh, no..." Nagi grumbled as he wrapped his arms around Nami. "Lulu, go get Anka."

"Damn! That's right!" Lulu snapped her fingers. "They're afraid of heights and go into panic attacks," she slapped herself on her forehead, slapping Akira's hand away from her skirt as she walked toward the bathroom. "Hey, Nagi sent me here so you can cling to me," Lulu said as she tapped on the door.

"Calm down, hun..." Nagi said soothingly.

Nami nodded, but continued her huffing.

"Is she going to be okay?" James wondered, his voice hinting a lot of concern.

"Eventually. Last time it only took her twenty minutes to calm down," Nagi replied, still stroking Nami's hair affectionately.

Anka sank to the floor as the plane shook with turbulence, "G-Go away!" She cried, rocking against the door as her mind became dizzyingly distant. Yaryck peered out of the bag before quickly scampering up to her shoulder.

"No, it's either just me, or Akira and me breaking in the door," Lulu said firmly as she continued knocking on the door.

"I-if I open the door I'll go into a full blown panic attack." Anka exclaimed, her tone shaky as she drew Yaryck down into her arms.

"Then unlock it or I get Akira," Lulu said calmly.

"Go away, Lulu..." Anka growled fiercely, forcing her back against the door.

"Alright, I'll tell Akira you wanna help him join the mile high club," Lulu said firmly.

"You're not getting in and neither is he!" Anka burst out, "I refuse to move!!"

"Akira, if you can break into the bathroom we can have a threesome and get into the mile high club!" Lulu shouted.

Akira dashed to Lulu's side, "Sounds good," he said as he pressed all of his weight against the locked door.

"Go the hell away or I'll throw you off this plane!" Anka exclaimed, glad that she'd flipped the lock even though it was relatively flimsy.

"She sounds seriosu..." Akira said gingerly.

"That's just role-playing," Lulu said.

"Go to hell, Lulu!" Anka exclaimed from the other end of the door.

"See? She's good huh?" Lulu asked, quite amused by her own antics.

"I don't think she's playing..." Akira said quietly. "Are you...okay?" he asked through the door as he eased his weight off of it.

"I'm not coming up... We're in the air... There's no car holding us to a track, nothing between us and crazy but certain doom. What if we crash o-or blow up... or get hijjacked or something?" Anka muttered bitterly.

"In the case of a hijacking, the samurai guy with a sword and Nagi will charge them and we'll have Spike send them to hell," Akira said dryly.

"You've thought about this, haven't you?" Lulu blinked.

"Crashing is super unlikely, and blowing up also unlikely considering the security we all got hassled with," Akira added.

"Oh, it's all highly likely." Anka replied, "Engine failure, we could lose oxygen, pilots not getting enough sleep or not being trained properly, equipment not put away properly... Hell we could hit another plane if we keep to the clouds or if it storms... Oh hell... a storm..." Anka moaned as she allowed her mind to wander further into numbing fear.

"Dude, calm down and take a breath," Akira replied. "I'll get you some vodka and you can unwind and feel better, kay?"

"You're planning on getting her booze?" Lulu demanded.

"Yes, looks pay for lots of things," he said confidently.

"Get it, bring it!" Anka hissed though didn't move to open the door.

"How's Nami?" Akira asked as he passed Nagi and Nami.

"Better..." Nami said in a shaky tone.

Akira turned toward her, "Didn't he teach you how to breathe? Calm down and teach her something useful," he said to Nagi before advancing toward a flight attendant. He kissed her cheek and took a bottle of vodka from her cart, rushing it back to the bathroom.

"What got into him?" Nagi asked.

"You're asking why your family is weird?" Nami questioned.

"Room service," Akira said sweetly as he lightly tapped on the door.

Anka opened the door a crack, still leaning against it, "Down here..." She wiggled her fingers from halfway down the door, "Just give it and leave me..."

Nikita took the two baggies of brownies meant for her and Julian. "Thanks Ciarine. I am sure these will be great! I am glad one of us thought about food." She said smiling at the girl before turning back around in her seat elbowing Julian holding out his bag.

Julian looked up at Nikita removing the ear phone from his ear just in time to hear something about fortunes being told with one card. Smiling he took the bag from Nikita, unbuckling his seat belt and turning around to see Akira walk back down the isle with alcohol in his hands. "Whats going on?"

"I would..." Akira said as he passed her the bottle, "But I gotta pee..."

Kyo hesitantly revealed the notepad. There were lyrics to a song about overcoming struggles. "What do you think?" He asked Ciarine. He was unsure if he should but figured it would be a way of thanking her

Ciarine smiled up at him after looking over the lyrics. "I think they are great.... you could be a professional lyricist...."

He blushed. "My band and I are working on that. We have a little fame locally but we want to make it big. You really like them?" He asked afraid she was just humoring him.

"Yes I really do..." Ciarine said with a smile.

He looked down at his notepad with a smile. "Do you think we might be able to make it big? I am hoping this trip will help with inspiration for more songs. My bandmates are going to practice while we are gone."

"I am sure you will get alot of inspiration...I'm using this trip to help with inspiration for a novel I'm writing," Ciarine said.

"What is it about? Are you already published or trying to?" He asked opening up more than usual. She seemed nice and actually saw him as a person. This was new to him outside the band.

"I'm trying to be published...I'm a English"

"I am majoring in music...but I am thinking of an archeology major too. My main passion is music though."

"That's cool..." Ciarine said, smiling. "I'd love to hear your music sometime..."

"Are you in to gothic music? Because that is our focus. Some of it tends to be on the dark side...are you really interested in hearing it?" He asked in suprise. She didn't seem the type to like their music and he was starting to think she was only being polite.

"I'd really love to learn to your music...gothic or not... I love all genres of music....I actually like listening to...." Ciarine then named a gothic group that he really liked.

"I love that band...they inspired me. Our band is Shadows Rising. Umm...if you want I have a copy of our you want to listen to it? It's ok if you don't want to. Up to you..."He said trying to hide his blush as he held out the demo.

Ciarine reached over to take the CD, blushing slightly as their fingers brushed one another. "I'd love to listen to it..."

He blushed as well. "Let me know what you think even if it is just constructive criticism. We are always looking for ways to improve." He said as he hurriedly retracted his hands.

"I'm sure that it will be great..." Ciarine said softly. "If you'd like...would you like to read a story that I've started....?"

He blushed and slowly nodded. "Sure. What genre is it?" He asked curiously. She made him feel strange but she was nice and showed interest in him. He only hoped she wasn't being set up to hurt him. He had experienced such a trick before and it hurt him deeply. But she seemed earnest.

"Fantasy...fantasy and scifi....medieval..."

"Sounds interesting. That is the type I like to read..." Kyo said with a nod. "May I ask what inspired you to write them? Or was it for fun?" He said studying her closely with a curious expression on his face.

"There's another in first class, go there!" Anka muttered stubbornly, opening the vodka and taking a long drink from the bottle.

"I can't wait..." Akira said anxiously.

"Let him go...he's dancing a little..." Lulu knocked lightly on the door.

Ciarine smiled. "My writing started out for fun, but then I really started to want to be a writer so I choose to be an English Major......"

"Nooo, I don't wanna moove." Anka hiccupped, drawing out her o's childishly as she took another long swig from the bottle and clung to it, "There're windows out there and clouds... No ground to be seen." She rambled on.

Accalia lifted her head from where it had been lolling against Jaren's shoulder. She had no idea she had fallen asleep.

"I-I'm sorry," she said, shaking the left over sleep from her body. She yawned widely, then clamped her mouth shut. Horrified, she dashed off to the bathroom to take care of her sleepy breath.

Jaren smiled, he had thought she looked rather cute when she was asleep and her reaction just now made her more so.

"Gah, the bathrooms are big enough for me to pee and you to not look!" Akira started to sound more desperate.

"I's small in here." Anka muttered, trying to stand and stumbling a few steps foward, catching herself on the sink.

"I'll stop hitting on you! I swear! Pretty please!" Akira squeaked.

Anka frowned and glanced around, she noticed the vent over the toilet was loose and a relatively decent size and snickered to herself evily. Loosing the last of the screws she grabbed her bag and stuffed the nearly empty bottle inside before crawling into the vent and making her way to the other end- which happened to be where the flight attendants kept the snacks. Crawling out she grabbed a bag of peanuts and snuck up behind Akira. Innocently, "Whose in the bathroom?"

"Err?" Akira pointed to the bathroom and to her, looking to Lulu for confirmation.

"So he is cuckoo..." Lulu laughed. "Let's get back to our seats and see what the in-flight movie is," she said as she looped her arm with Anka's.

"B-but..." Akira poked Anka a few times as if to see if she were real. "I gotta pee..." he muttered before he began shimmying the door handle.

"Heehee, yer goofy Akira." Anka giggled as Lulu lead her away, uncapping the bottle and tilting it to her lips once more.

Kyo noddded. "I see. I am majoring in musical arts and archeology...Maybe someone will adopt me if I prove my intiligence...." He whispered the last part but Ciarine heard him.

Ciarine moved from her seat over to his row of seats, sitting near him. "What do you mean about the last part?" she asked softly.

He looked out the window. " old do you think I am?" Kyo asked softly as he gently rubbed a section of his chest through his shirt as though trying to ease some pain or hurt.

"I don't know... around my age...." she said gently.

"Today's my seveteenth birthday..."

"What a coincidinque, it's my birthday too!" Anka giggled as she and Lulu passed their row of seats, she clung to the nearly empty bottle of vodka as her gaze fell on the endless sky beyond the plane's windows.

"Anka, our birthday was like two months ago..." Nagi pointed out.

"Aren't you a little young to be drinking? Kyo asked hesitantly as he studied them, particularly Anka. He was growing a little uneasy. This was the first time people had bothered to talk to him...even if one was seemingly drunk.

"It's to help with the whole heights/vertigo thing..." Anka's lip quivered as she ducked down in the middle of the aisle, "I can't do this!" She yelped worriedly, sleeves pulling back to show the ragged scars that circled her wrists in the process.

"Come on sweetie, let's find a seat..." Lulu said soothingly.

"There are two seats across from me..." He whispered rubbing his scar once more uneasily.

"Wow...really, Kyo?" asked Ciarine.

He shrugged. "Yea...if it is ok with everyone else..." He said not sure if he was was inviting trouble or not.

"Its really your birthday?" Cairine asked with a soft smile.

"Yea. Just like all the others I be honest I don't know why I keep track of them, maybe it is because in another year I can leave that place for good...." He mumbled looking out the window

"Leave that place?" Ciarine looked at him in concern.

"The orphanage..." He said simply as he gazed out the window. Pain flickered in his eyes before he quickly concealed it. She realized he was putting on a facade but it looked like he was trully lonely and hurting.

Ciarine leaned over and hugged him gently.

He froze and looked at her in shock. "W...what are you doing?" He whispered in shock.

"Hugging need a hug...." she whispered, blushing.

"Noone....has ever...why me? I don't understand....why are you so nice?" He whispered his facade dispelled.

"Why am I so nice? I...don't know...I don't know how to be any other way....and..." she whispered, looking down blushing.

He blushed looking at his hands in his lap not sure what to do. "Thank you..."

"Do you want another brownie?" Ciarine asked.

Kyo nodded thankfully. "Yes please. Thank you so much."

She handed him another brownie, smiling softly and blushing.

He smiled hesitantly. " you treat me as a person....why don't you treat me badly or pretend I don't exist?" He whispered in confusion.

Anka reached into her bag and blanched, "Lu... Y-Yaryck isn't in my bag!" She hissed in worry, a scream sounded from the bathroom and she sighed with relief, rising to her feet and stumbling to the bathroom and knocking, "He won't bite... just give 'im here," She called in a hushed whisper.

"I'm not shouting from that," Akira said frantically.

Lulu followed Anka to the bathroom, "What did Akira do to Yaryck? I'll kill him if he hurt the little guy!"

Akira eased the door open, cupping Yaryck in his hands. "He ate my chocolate bar..." Akira whimpered.

"Yaryck loves chocolate. If you have any on you of course he'll sniff it out and try to take it," Anka took Yaryck lovingly and eased him into her bag, "Behave now." She scolded lovingly.

"At least you're cute," Akira said to Yaryck, slipping the last few bites of chocolate into Anka's bag with him. "'d you get him on board?" Akira asked.

James yawned as he stood up. "Get who on board?"

"Nobody," Lulu said quickly.

"Uh? Not what I heard," James argued.

"I said I'm bored," Akira cut in.

"Has going to the bathroom become a group thing now?" James asked as he urged to use the restroom.

"Akira is just being a pervert and you know we girls always go together," Lulu grinned as convincingly as she could.

"I'll buy it," he shrugged.

"You okay, now?" Nagi questioned.

"A little better..." Nami finally slowed her breathing. "You?"

"Losing the buzz, luckily," he said with a sigh as he began running his fingers through her hair. "Nami?"


"The next time I'm offered foreign chocolate, remind me that I'm a lush..." Nagi said sheepishly.

"Okay..." Nami giggled as she nestled into him affectionately.

"Bathroom's free now, let's go sit!" Anka giggled whirling around, looping her arms through Lulu's and Akira's.

"One more thing, Anka." James glanced at them.

"What is it?" Anka asked sheepishly.

"Don't keep that bottle in the open." He winked briefly, "Somebody may see and get the wrong idea."

"R-Right," Anka blushed, polishing off the bottle and tucking it in her bag, her cheeks held the faint flush as they headed up the aisle.

"So?" Akira hissed, "How'd you get him on?"

"I'sa secret." Anka winked, "So less sit down an' enjoy the flight, kay?"

"Kay?" Akira asked as Anka forced him and Lulu to sit.

"Mhm mhm mmmhmm hmhmmm..." Lulu hummed as she tapped her fingers to the beat.

"Nickelback?" Akira guessed.

"Yeah I heard 'Next Contestant' somewhere," Lulu said sheepishly.

"I wonder where..." Nagi said sheepishly.

"Huh?" Nami blinked as she turned to face him.

"Whoa, mister metal listens to Nickelback?" Akira asked.

"Maybe a few songs from the radio," Nagi blushed, his ringtone going off revealing Nickelback's song "Next Contestant".

"This just got interesting," Lulu said as she smiled wryly.

"I got it stuck in my head," Nagi said quickly.

"My best friend gave me the best advice," Nami said with a grin.

"Each day's a gift and not a given right," Nagi muttered, damning himself afterward.

"Got that one stuck in your head too?" Nami giggled.

"My mom wants to know if we joined the mile high club," Nagi sighed.

"At 37 thousand feet," Lulu sang, still grinning wryly.

"Hehe, your parents are too obsessed with the whole sexual energies thing." Anka giggled, yawning, "Geez, I'm sleepy now... Maybe I'll take a nap after all."

"Will she...cookie toss?" Akira asked.

"No, she's not a lightweight. She can take that whole bottle and another and still pass a sobriety test," Lulu said dismissively.

"Jus' drank it reeeeeally fast, even had some rum 'fore I got to the airport." Anka grinned sheepishly, eyes closed.

"When we get back you are all invited to my frat's next party," Akira declared proudly.

"They gonna act up when we outdrink them?" Anka cracked an eye open curiously.

"Nah, they'll be in awe when they see hot girls drinking and not being snooty," Akira said with a grin.

"And who all are you including in this hot girls category?" Nami asked curiously.

"I've never met an unattractive girl," Akira declared proudly.

"Not even Jade and Claudia?" Lulu cut in.

"Hey, they just need a good night of sex," Akira replied.

"And I believe that was a volunteer," Nagi cut in.

"I'm not taking one for the team," Akira growled. "Why don't you do it, Nagi?"

"I'm not a cheater," Nagi said proudly.

"Akira's tossing Jade and Claudia a mercy fuck so they aren't total bitches?" James asked curiously.

"No no no no no!" Akira argued.

"Yes, at the same time," Lulu replied.

James saluted Akira, "I'll get you a purple heart for bravery."

"No need because I'm not doing it," Akira whimpered.

"Are you turning from a challenge?" Julian said softly trying not to wake Nikita up.

"There's a difference between a challenge and suicide," Akira said firmly as he crossed his arms.

"Come now, it isn't suicide, if anyone can sofften those two up it is you." Julian replied chuckling.

"Hey, even Akira has his standards, and I don't blame him." Anka slurred, her voice sleepy and barely above a whisper, "He'd have ta be beyond stupid drunk ta even touch 'em." She mumbled a few more incoherent words and then was silent.

"See? She gets me," Akira said confidently.

"Thinking of screwing them is a horror movie," Lulu shuddered.

Nami considered it, "Yeah...the horror..."

"Onto happier not scary topics..." Nagi cut in. "Who remembered to bring coloring and acticity books?"

Julian carefuly turns around and gives Nagi a "are you kidding me" look. "You really need to join the mile high club."

"I'm just fine, thanks," Nagi said dryly, having heard the 'need to get laid' lines in every possible wording already.

Julian chuckled. "Relax, it was nothing more than a joke. If you want something to do, Nikita has two crossword puzzle books in her lap top bag."

"Anka brought a few sketchpads." Lulu commented, "If you dare reach into the bottomless depths of her bag." Her tone took on a spooky pitch as she grinned mischieviously.

Nagi made a face. "Say, let's dump out her bag instead..."

"Not a good idea if you know what I mean." Lulu fidgeted, looking around them cautiously, "She packed a little something... extra."

"Good kinda extra or bad kinda extra?" Nagi asked.

"Ooooh! Sounds intriguing," James spun around with a lopsided grin.

"The Anka attachment kinda extra." Lulu replied evenly, "We may wanna wait til she wakes up to get into her stuff anyway."

"Best friend code," Nami said as she hopped up, grabbing Anka's purse. She pulled out a box of colored pencils, a coloring book and a word search book. "This should do for now."

"Woo! Pokemon coloring book!" Nagi cheered as he took the book and pulled out a color pencil, Nami sighing and pulling out a pen.

"You are such a child." Lulu rolled her eyes, fumbling around cautiously in Anka's bag, "Woo! Disney Princesses!" She crowed triumphantly.

"He's cute though," Akira cooed, pinching Nagi's cheek.

"That's almost as creepy as the time we all switched...erm..nevermind..." Nami paused, continuing to scan the search.

"I still have the earring... best experience of my life." Lulu sighed distantly as she pulled it out of her pocket, "See? Wonder if Anka still has hers... that'd be fun." She grinned wickedly.

"NO! No second virginity," Nami chided.

"Huh?" James questioned, having overheard their conversation.

"Long story," Akira said to James. "...and that would be fun..." he said to Lulu.

"No worries, silly... I just want to switch with Akira." Lulu drooled, contemplating whether she wanted to chance reaching further into Anka's bag or not.

"Oh...well..." Nami tapered off.

"Have fun?" Nagi blinked, trying to shake the image from his head.

"If I can find it." Lulu frowned, reaching first into the pouches on the side of the bag and then into the bag itself, "Wow... This girl sure knows how to pack." She whistled thoughtfully, "Should have thought to ask her to bring a few things for me..."

" about mile high club after the switch?" Akira asked as he twiddled his thumbs.

"Oh! There's a bed in here... change of plans, Akira better hold on tight!" Lulu giggled, grabbing his arm as she reached further into the bag, "Distract the teacher." She hissed to Nami and Nagi.

"Oh...umm..." Nagi shrugged.

"Hey, James," Nami moved to sit beside him. "What made you want to become a teacher?"

"You're the first person to ask me that," James said thoughtfully. "I just want to leave an impression on people, a lasting one, you know."

"Good enough?" Akira asked Lulu.

"Perfect." Lulu grinned as her fingers closed around what felt like the other earring, "Here we go!" With that the pair vanished, Anka's bag slipping to the floor soundlessly.

"I've got an interesting idea..." Nagi said with a smirk.

Nami met his gaze, "Oh?"

"Well, do you think size matters to Lulu?" he asked, stroking his chin.

"Of course it does," Nami replied. "But, I'm not following."

Nagi reached into Lulu's purse, pulling out a string of condoms. He tore one from the list, tossing it into Anka's purse. "There."

"What's that for?" Nami questioned.

"Well, Lulu will go through denial about Akira so this should prove interesting. That and they won't have sex in Anka's possessions."

Nami chuckled, "Oh!" She sprayed a few sprits of Anka's bodyspray into the bag. "Smells and sounds are amplified when you're smaller."

"We're like kids on an anthill with a magnefying glass..." Nagi muttered before dropping an earbud into Anka's bag, blasting his MP3 player's sound as high as it would go.

"They deserve it," Nami reasoned.

"And it's fun..." Nagi added.

James burst into tears, "Nobody listens to me! She walked away when I was talking...and...and..." he sniffled.

"We heard every word," Nagi assured James.

"Then what rank did I graduate high school?" James demanded.

"60th," Nami said evenly.

"And what made me teach college?" James asked.

"The girls are mostly legal," Nagi answered.

"Wow, you guys do listen," James muttered.

"We have to to pass notes and txt while taking notes," Nami said sheepishly.

Anka blinked her eyes open drowsily, "Dammit... can't sleep." She muttered to herself, careful not to allow her gaze to fall on the window, no need for repeat hysterics after all.

She handed him another brownie, smiling softly and blushing.

He smiled hesitantly. " you treat me as a person....why don't you treat me badly or pretend I don't exist?" He whispered in confusion.

Ciarine looked at him softly. "Because you are a person...and I like you....alot..."

Kyo blushed. "No one else has ever treated me like I am a one else has shown such interest in me before...thank you..."

Ciarine blushed. ((You need to post a few sentences at a time remember?))

Kyo sat silently not sure what more to say. He wasn't used to such kindness or speaking to another. He was blushing slightly confused by her kindness and wondering if she had some secret motive he didn't know about.

Ciarine continued to sit in the seat next to Kyo, and put in only one of her earbuds to listen to Kyo's CD that he had given her. She handed him part of the story she was working on, and keep the part she was working on infront of her, and started to work as she listened to the music and for anything that Kyo would say. Her fingers started to tap to the music.

He read her story. His music was very moving and emotional, it seemed to portray his thoughts and emotions and she realized just how lonely and isolated he was based on the lyrics and rythm of the music.

The main character seemed to be based off of her, in her friend shy and quiet personality. Though he could tell that the person was tried to keep friends, but she seems to keep her sadness hidden. And in a world of magic and reality in her story, that can be hard to do.

He looked up at her. "Are you...lonely too?" He whispered wondering if he had found a soul like his own. He looked at her with concern and emotion that showed he felt for her

"I am always alone..." she whispered. She looked at him. "You are is in your music."

He looked down. "Yea....I.,..don't come from a nice family like I tell people...I am living in an one wants me..."

"You...want to be friends with me....?" she asked. "Or...more...?" she whispered the last part.

He turned scarlet. " me that much?" He asked almost scared to form the question

"I do want to be friends first.... but I would like to be...more...." Ciarine whispered to him.

He blushed deeply. " would I... I can't believe you actually like me...thank you.' He hugged her with a blush.

Ciarine hugged back. "I do...I really do like you...." she said softly. She gently kissed his cheek.

He blushed and hesitantly kissed her. "I...think you." He gently kissed her and hugged her

Ciarine hugged and kissed him back, blushing. "" she whispered.

He blushed. " do? you."

Ciarine nodded, and then kissed him. She then looked down shyly, with a smile on her face.

"So...tell me more about yourself. I want to know more if we are to date."

"I'm originally from Ireland....and I'm an only child....I also started reading and writing at a young age...." Ciarine said.

"Oh...well....I am an orphan and I started writing music at a young age. I joined a band and we have been fairly successful." He told her more.

"Welcome back!" Nagi and Nami chorused, grinning sheepishly.

"So what'd I miss?" Anka asked curiously, wiping the sleep from her eyes as she adjusted in her seat.

"Well...Akira and Lulu..." Nagi started, rubbing the back of his head.

"We're teaching them a lesson in manners..." Nami whispered, smirking as her eyes dropped down to Anka's bag.

"No, you're kidding!" Anka gasped, glaring at her bag, "They're going to regret trying something like that..." She smirked evilly as she thought of Yaryck, who was also in the bag... And she remembered that Akira had still had chocolate.

"We already threw in a giant condom and have Nagi's music blairing," Nami shrugged.

"Should we not have that?" Nagi asked.

"It's not enough, and I'll be pissed if they break anything." Anka growled, opening it as she slipped out of her seat, "I'll be right back." She muttered, closing the bathroom door behind her and rummaging in her bag until she found the pair, she pulled them from the bag, semi-satisfied as they fell in a heap on the floor.

"Thank you, thank you!" They groveled at her feet.

"Give me the earrings, Lu." Anka held out her hand impatiently.

"What are you talking a-" Lulu froze at the look on Anka's face and handed the pair over, "We just wanted to have some fun!" She whined.

"You don't play with this sort of thing, are you nuts?" Anka slipped her fingers into her purse, rummaging around for a moment before she closed it, the earrings having disappeared, "Have you forgotten we're on a plane bound for Egypt... An enclosed environment where we wouldn't be able to fix the problem before it got out of hand?" She put her hand on the door, glaring back at the sheepish pair, "Learn to behave."

Julian carefuly got up moving Nikita with a soft touch and streched. "James would you like something to drink?" He asked standing in the isle.

"Oh yes," James said happily. "Never thought you kids would get through customs with food and drinks..." he admitted.

Julian smiled. "It's not that hard, what do you want?" He replied.

"I'm not picky. Whatever you have," James replied. " did you get through customs? I'll get a pizza or some Chinese on the way back through if I can."

"All I brought through was chocolate through but it's very easy, I was going to go and get something from the cart." He replied.

"Alright, get me whatever you grab," James shrugged. "I'm not picky. But I'm gonna see about getting some good food for the return trip and plot it out," he rubbed his hands together maniacally.

"Just let me know what you come up with. I have found, the pregnant girlfriend or wife gets almost any kind of food or drink on." Julian reponded nodding before walk down the asle to first class.

"Oh! Great idea. I'll kidnap a pregnant woman!" James said, snapping his fingers.

"Legality?" Nagi tilted his head to the side.

"Oh, yeah..." James sighed as he slumped in his seat.

Julian passed by Jade and Claudia walking up to a flight attendant. "Can I get two Altbier Cola on the rocks please." He asked smiling flashing her his ID.

"Of cource you can darling." She replied turning and walking to the galley.

Jullian turned back around and looked at the two women. "Having fun?" He asked them.

Claudia kept a hand on Jade's shoulder as the flight attendant got their drinks as well, she turned her cold gaze on Jullian, appraising him briefly, "I've got papers to grade on a long flight." She muttered after a moment, "Poor Jade is stuck helping me due to a seating... issue."

Jade nodded, playing her part perfectly, "I'm helping because I don't want her to miss out on the... fun of this trip." She replied evenly, "You'd better remind everyone to behave, one toe out of line gets you a one way ticket back home and a failed grade for the class."

Jullian smiled at them both. "Grading papers is never fun, neither is this long plane trip, however I am sure you will have plenty of fun in Egypt, a place of mystery and story telling. As to everyone else, their fine, and always behaving. I am sorry we weren't able to accomidate you Jade, maybe next time. Your such an intresting person to be around." He replied giving off his gayish cuteness.

Anka brushed past Claudia and Jade, headed for her seat again, muttering to herself, "I swear those two need to stop being so... freaking immature."

Jullian raised an eyebrow at Anka as the flight attendent walked up handing Jullian the two drinks. "Well, do try and enjoy the rest of the flight my gorgeous ladies." He said giving them a boyish smile before following Anka back to their seats. "Here we go James, my speciality." He said handing James his glass before taking a good drink from his own.

"Sheesh, already drinking?" Anka teased briefly, leaning over the seat, "I could have gotten you something better than watered down airline drinks..."

"Nah, this is fine," James grinned, "There's plenty of time for the good stuff later, there are some decent stores in Egypt I've been told."

"I've heard the same. Lu has every intention of getting plenty for the class." Anka replied briefly, "We just have to... figure out how to get everything around er..." She glanced at Jade and Claudia.

"Everything will work out just fine." James nodded, turning to Jullian, "Thanks, I appreciate it."

"Yes, don't worry." Jullian agreed. "No problem. It isn't as good as the true stuff, but comes close." He said starting to take his seat.

Jullian's butt hadn't even reached the seat when Nikita's eyes popped open and she took in a deep snif. "Oooo, is that an Altbier Cola?" She asked snatching the glass from Jullian's hand taking a drink before choking it down. "That is absolutely horrible Jullian! How in the hell can you drink that? That's not even close!" Nikita choked out in a half angry half disgusted voice.

"We'll get the good stuff later." Anka whispered, leaning over the seat to glance at the glass with mild distaste, "It'll be pretty awesome. Party in Egypt." She grinned.

Nikita looked at Anka as she handed the glass back to Jullian. "Oh I know, question is how do we get rid of the bitches from hell?"

"Oh... we've got ideas, just don't worry about it." Anka replied with a nonchallant shrug.

"Nothing dangerous I hope." James raised a brow.

"Nope, they'll be fine in the long run." Anka said.

Nami produced a photo album. "Here's what Lulu came up with!" In the album was a bunch of drawings of Claudia dying in brutal, bloody, yet somehow kind of cute ways.

"Yeah, she's pretty good, see?" Nagi grinned, snickering a little.

Nikita turned and looked at the drawing and laughed. "I love it!"

Jullian took a quick glance before shaking his head. "Come now they are not that bad."

"Are you kidding?" Anka gaped, "Nami and I almost weren't able to come, we were forced to scrub down the entire classroom and sort through every file... For no reason at all."

"Yeah, she's a wicked demon," Nami agreed, "Speaking of which, we should exorsice her."

"Already tried, it won't work." Anka shook her head sadly.

"Damn..." Nami snapped her fingers.

"We should have Spike curse her," Nagi said dryly.

"Are you sure you didn't do anything?" Jullian asked rasing an eyebrow.

"She's a royal bitch. You are way too kind hearted." Nikita replied rolling her eyes at Jullian.

"Jade's the favorite, anybody else is just an insect on the windshield." Anka made a face, "She makes up reasons to punish us, dunno why Nami and I are so much worse than everyone else, but she honestly despises us."

"Did you ever do anything to make her despise you?" Jullian asked curiously.

"No, royal bitch is the final answer," Nami replied.

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