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How to Wiki

Feeling newbie and looking for some help? Check at these ones:

AG Advanced Graphite
Bass guitar for beginners
Crash Course Wiki Construction
Danas eye tutorial
Elftown CG Tutorials
Elftown Tutorials
Eye tutorial
How 2 RP
How to RP
Learn Swedish
Pinkdonkey's How to Draw Guide
Pseudo html pro
Sexy Eye Tutorial
Simple Eye Tutorial
Template guide
Tutorial for pencil drawings
Wiki Building Corp
Zabs Eye tutorial

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2005-02-20 [*starryniite*]: how do i have a wiki page??

2005-06-12 [Like Sun Through The Rain]: um yea i dont mean 2 sound sick or nuhtin but i figured ppl would make fun of this and put up how 2 how to wikis

2005-06-13 [Yoruno]: O_o Sorry, but I didn't understand a word of that comment...

2005-08-02 [sequeena_rae]: Me neither lol

2005-11-30 [gypsygrl]: I tryed to get my wiki listed here but it's not working. you have to enter the name of it specifically if you want to find ti. What's up?

2005-12-02 [Gone123456789]: Listed on this wiki index or in the Elftown database itself. If you are talking about in this wiki index, then if you haven't submitted the name to one of the branches in this wiki then cahnces are it's not here. We don't automatically add the wikis, we only add wikis that are submitted to us by other Elftowners. If you are talking about not being able to find the wiki page on the Elftown DB, then I suggest messaging one of the guards with the wiki name if all means have failed.

2006-09-06 [iippo]: Do you list official wikis? Because there's Elftown Tutorials by the tutors.

2006-09-06 [Yoruno]: I list whatever I can :P Thanks for the link! ^__^

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