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Are you the kind of person who spends hours daydreaming about when your Prince Charming will come and sweep you away to a land where homework didn't exist? Or maybe you are the kind of guy who waits for your own Cinderella to come waltzing down the red carpeted steps so you may wisp her off her feet?

If so, you are in the right place.

Hopeless Romantics is a little group of people who have their heads in their own fantasy worlds more often than not. Here, you will find others who are just as dreamy as you are.

Hopeless Romantics: Sign Up Come here to sign up with HR!
Hopeless Romantics: Banners Even more banners to put in your house!
Hopeless Romantics: Newbies New and want to introduce yourself? Want to meet the staff? Come here!
Hopeless Romantics: Chat For those who just want to dream and tell about it.
Hopeless Romantics: Art Here, you may post all art related items, such as drawings, poetry, and books.
Hopeless Romantics: Contests Just the occasional contest for you to be involved in. Current contests: Halloween Themed
Hopeless Romantics: Staff Have a question? Maybe a suggestion? Or do you just want to know who is running this circus? This be the place for ye!
Hopeless Romantics: Advice Have problems with a crush or relationship etc... come on in.
Hopeless Romantics: Awards Me new idea. Come on in and hear about it!
Hopeless Romantics: The Paper Want to be involved with HR? Want to advertise your own wiki? Come look at the HR paper!

Have fun!

Opening for Vice President of HR
If you are interested, please email me at JC_ARTWORKS@YAHOO.COM with HR-Application in the subject or you can message me here. Please include a paragraph on why you consider yourself the best canidate for this position (experience in running online organizations, personality, whatever else you can think of). Thank you.
-[Morgan le Fay]

*June 12, 2005 - Okay. I've figured it out. I have finally come to the conclusion that I cannot do everything. Due to my getting into th largest musical production of the summer in my county, I am spending less and less time online due to the rehersals and am finding it very difficult to keep up with all my Elftown obligations. I am not ready to completely disappear, but I am looking for help. I am looking for someone who can be sort of vice president of this place and help me stay on top of the mountain of work that is HR (I love it dearly, but it has become a lot of work...). If you are interested, please email me at JC_ARTWORKS@YAHOO.COM with HR-Application in the subject. (I check this daily but do not always have the time to check my messages here). Please include a paragraph on why you consider yourself the best canidate for this position (experience in running online organizations, personality, whatever else you can think of). I really care for this place and am not going to let just anyone take up second-in-command. Please don't get upset if I don't pick you: I am only wanting what is best for the community.

Thank you for your patience and please accept my apologies for not being what this community deserves.
-[Morgan le Fay]

*May 17, 2005 - Wow... I haven't updated in a LONG time.... I'm sorry... I really am. And I am quite thankful that you all haven't come after me with pitchforks and burned down the cardboard box in which I live. Well, you all deserve an explanation, so I'm going to give you one whether you like it or not. I got in the spring play at school (Margot in The Diary of Anne Frank). It was wonderful! And then I have a gazillion auditions for stuff this summer/next year. And homework. And life. (I think I like it better when I DON'T have one of these.) I hope you all can forgive me...^^ If not... Well, that makes me sad. In my absence, however, you all have done a fantastic job!!! And there are more members than I ever could have wished for!! I plan on doing a slightly different layout for this place as soon as I get my computer fixed (as my sister's has no paint programs AT ALL) which should be soon. And it will be after finals are over/school ends (ONE week!!!). So hang in there all!!!!

Hugs to all!!!!
-[Morgan le Fay]

*January 10, 2005 - Long time, no see! Happy New Years to everyone and I hope everyone had a nice holiday season! I'm really sorry I haven't been around often, but I have been quite busy. (To see full rantings about what has been going, check out In fact, I just got a part in a play in which there were only five female roles, so I am quite proud. But, unfortunately, that means more of my being busy and absent from Elftown. I hope you will all forgive me! For the moment, everything to do with the contests will be put on hold until at least early March (when I get my life/free time back). I hope you all are okay with this... ^_^ Until then, have fun chatting around here and being the Hopeless Romantics that you are! /end cheesy comment

*December 8, 2004 - Whoo! The musical went great and I'm finally getting back on top of all the school work. But, as I doubt you all care, I'll move on. ^_^ A new contest is up over at Hopeless Romantics: Contests! Go look at it! It is a really great way to get involved! And it proves to me that there are a lot of members here, instead of people who just sign the list and disappear, which I frown upon.... makes me sad, those kinds of people. But to you all who do talk in the comments and participate in the contests and help out the newbies, I really do appreciate you! And, speaking of member counts, I would like to congradulate you all for reaching 650 members. As I haven't really done much these past months, you all must have been the ones bringing in the members. Thanks to you all, we are now one of the biggest wikis here! Whoo! Okay, I'll stop bragging on you now... ^_^ But, going back to what I was saying, you guys who are not participating need to say hello over at Hopeless Romantics: Newbies! The members of HR are really quite helpful and we don't bite! Well... most of us don't.... ^_^* Ok... I'll stop for now...

- Wheeeeeee! 

[Morgan le Fay]

*October 19, 2004 - 600 members! Woot! Um. Contests are still going on if anyone would like to join! You all probably aren't going to be seeing a lot of me this month as not only do I have a few musical preformances, but also am participating in NANOWRIMO (For more information, go to ). Yes, I have no life. Okay, leaving now I am!


*September 30, 2004 - New contest started at Hopeless Romantics: Contests Huzzah for halloween themed contests. Winners of the previous contests also posted. Thats it for the moment...^_^;


*September 17, 2004 - Whew... I'm tired. Sorry I haven't updated in a while. It looks like I might be REALLY busy until the end of November (I got into the school musical... lotsa' rehersals) so don't be worried that I abandoned you all or something if I don't seem to be around that much... ^^ New page! Hopeless Romantics: The Paper is up! Moved the classifides there as well as a place for you all to advertise what-not. the Hopeless Romantics: Awards are still going on! Nominate people! 

Time for shameless self-promotion! I am teaching a photography class over at the Elftown Academy if anyone is interested in a Black & White class! Ok.... I'll stop now... ^_^


No, not really. 'Tis Morgan... again...

P.S. I would love to think of something big to do for HR's one year birthday (November 25). If anyone has any suggestions, bump over to Hopeless Romantics: Staff

*August 31, 2004 - w00t! We got an award! We are up at the The Wiki Awards! Wow! Ok, that makes my day! I know you all deserve some new pages, or whatever, but nobody is telling me what they want! Head over to the Hopeless Romantics: Staff to suggest some! PLEASE! The Hopeless Romantics: Awards are starting up, so go there and nominate people! Ta for now!


*August 5, 2004 ~ I'm back! Vacation was fun, but I'm glad to be back home with an internet connection. [HiddenFire], great job with HR while I was gone. Am glad to see it isn't up in flames. ^_^ Well, I have some ideas for the wiki, but they will have to wait until another time when I am fully awake. I do, however, plan on getting us into the wiki award nominations tonight. Just thought it would be neat. 
-Guess who.

for those of you who couldn't, [Morgan le Fay]

*July 27, 2004 ~ Yes, I am still alive but considering there has been no nice update yet, I doubt you all care. ^_^ Well, I am leaving town tomorrow for a vacation so I won't be back till thursday. [HiddenFire] is hearby in charge of HR until my return, just to make sure that the wiki isn't up in flames when I get back. ^_^ Ok, well, I'll see you all Thursday! ::grabs suitcase:: Vegas, here I come!


*June 17, 2004 ~ Ok, you all deserve an update... a nice fat update... but, I'll have to give you an I.O.U for right now. I am so swamped. It's summer and I'm more busy than I was during the school year. Thanks [gal pal] for being member #400! In the May 12 entry, I talk about an idea I was bouncing around other members/staff and I have decided to go for it. I've gotten some mixed feelings on it, but if it flops, oh well. The world won't come to an end. I'm currently making a page for it so I'll talk about it there. Well, that's it for now...

-Morgan (again)

P.S. Just got that section finished. Go to Hopeless Romantics: Awards to read about it.

Hopeless Romantics: Old News

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2006-10-22 [~Crimson Angel~]: how are you?

2006-10-22 [haldirrox]: I HAVE A NEW BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2006-10-22 [~Crimson Angel~]: really??

2006-10-23 [medina]: koolness

2006-10-23 [Light for the Darkness]: awww congrats hal! if you dont mind me calling you that... I am good misty!! thanks for asking!!

2006-10-23 [Asalli_Angel]: new bfrd? awesome!

2006-10-23 [~Crimson Angel~]: yep

2006-10-24 [Light for the Darkness]: lol I know that is!!

2006-10-24 [~Crimson Angel~]: ok

2006-10-24 [Light for the Darkness]: lol

2006-10-24 [~Crimson Angel~]: ^_^

2006-10-24 [Light for the Darkness]: ..... -tries to smile a little-

2006-10-24 [medina]: hey there everyone i need your help with something i really need to getr my grades up so i've thinking of breaking up with my love ivan....i had decide not to but then i talkt o one i=of my friends who siad i sould so i can pay more attenion to my school me sould my head come befor my heart???

2006-10-24 [Alfirin Lindlea]: Just explain to him you need to focus on your school work and you might have to see a little less of each other for a while. If you really are in love with each other it'll be fine - and you never know, not seeing each other as often will probably make it more exciting when you do!

2006-10-25 [~Crimson Angel~]: Yeah,what [Alfirin Lindlea] said.

2006-10-26 [Light for the Darkness]: -nods- I agree

2006-10-26 [~Crimson Angel~]: yep

2006-10-26 [Asalli_Angel]: ?

2006-10-26 [Light for the Darkness]: haha... I dunno... sorry....

2006-10-27 [~Crimson Angel~]: ok

2006-10-27 [Light for the Darkness]: hahaha!!!!!!!!!!! -ish extremely happy- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my mom is/was trying to hook me up with this one guy and he's talking to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O.o do I seem a little too happy about that? lol!!!!!

2006-10-27 [~Crimson Angel~]: yeah

2006-10-27 [Light for the Darkness]: lol -falls over with a dazed extremely happy look on my face--sits up with a strait face- you didn't just see that... lol

2006-10-27 [~Crimson Angel~]: yes i did*looks at you*do you like the guy?

2006-10-27 [Light for the Darkness]: -nods- yea I do!!! but I've never quite met him unless you count myspace and now we are talking a bit on there... yay!!! lol

2006-10-27 [~Crimson Angel~]: lol

2006-10-27 [Light for the Darkness]: lol omgsh he's so beautiful and amazing too!!!!!

2006-10-27 [~Crimson Angel~]: lol

2006-10-27 [Light for the Darkness]: lol sorry.. I was a little.. enthused(?) last night... lol

2006-10-27 [Asalli_Angel]: ?? you people scare me *ish scared*

2006-10-27 [Light for the Darkness]: haha sorry.... I was just happy about that guy...

2006-10-27 [Asalli_Angel]: hehe
good for you!

2006-10-27 [Light for the Darkness]: lol thanksies!!

2006-10-28 [~Crimson Angel~]: *hugs everyone*

2006-10-28 [medina]: *hugs back*hi

2006-10-28 [Panda-monium]: *slowly walks in, taking off her hat and shaking the rain from it methodically. Surveys the room thoughtfully before returning the hat to my head, I seating myself in the corner*

2006-10-28 [medina]: really now??well have fun in that corner...

2006-10-28 [~Crimson Angel~]: Hello Panda-monium.

2006-10-28 [Panda-monium]: *nods* Hey, and thanks I will.

2006-10-28 [~Crimson Angel~]: ok

2006-10-28 [medina]: *does happy dance*

2006-10-28 [~Crimson Angel~]: lol

2006-10-28 [medina]: what i like my happy dance

2006-10-28 [~Crimson Angel~]: ok

2006-10-29 [Light for the Darkness]: -ish happy-

2006-10-30 [~Crimson Angel~]: Go to my new wiki,Naruto Lovers,please.

2006-10-30 [Light for the Darkness]: kk... -sings 'Losing Grip'-

2006-10-30 [~Crimson Angel~]: ok

2006-10-30 [Light for the Darkness]: haha

2006-10-30 [~Crimson Angel~]: what?

2006-10-30 [Light for the Darkness]: I dunno...

2006-10-30 [~Crimson Angel~]: ok

2006-10-30 [Light for the Darkness]: ^-^ I ish happy!!

2006-11-01 [~Crimson Angel~]: why?

2006-11-01 [Light for the Darkness]: me and that one guy.. I dunno.. lol

2006-11-01 [~Crimson Angel~]: oh,ok

2006-11-02 [Light for the Darkness]: haha yea... lol

2006-11-03 [Asalli_Angel]: lol~
wierd ppl

2006-11-03 [Light for the Darkness]: lol -nods- yup!!!

2006-11-04 [~Crimson Angel~]: ^_^

2006-11-04 [Asalli_Angel]: I think I like Gaara...

2006-11-04 [~Crimson Angel~]: cool

2006-11-05 [Asalli_Angel]: But he scares me...

2006-11-05 [Light for the Darkness]: lol

2006-11-06 [Asalli_Angel]: ^^
I am wierd neh?
Oh yeah I am rp in Honor of the hidden leaf I am majorly wierd, bet you can't guess who I am~

2006-11-06 [Light for the Darkness]: -shrugs- I've never heard of it.... but we are all a little weird though!! lol

2006-11-06 [Asalli_Angel]: Nah I take the tops~

2006-11-06 [Light for the Darkness]: haha!! if you're sure!!!!

2006-11-07 [~Crimson Angel~]: ok,cool

2006-11-07 [Light for the Darkness]: lol -nods-

2006-11-07 [Asalli_Angel]: I am wierd! I am da wierdest!

2006-11-07 [Light for the Darkness]: lol alright!! lol who comes in second then???

2006-11-08 [Asalli_Angel]: eh... da rest of you~

2006-11-09 [~Crimson Angel~]: YAYNESS!

2006-11-09 [Light for the Darkness]: haha alright then!! lol

2006-11-09 [Asalli_Angel]: ~~

2006-11-09 [Light for the Darkness]: lol.....

2006-11-10 [Asalli_Angel]: hehe

2006-11-10 [Light for the Darkness]: lol ^-^ my foot was vibrating and it hurt so I had to get an icepack and it still hurts!!! but worse!!!!!!!!!

2006-11-11 [~Crimson Angel~]: vibrating??

2006-11-11 [Light for the Darkness]: yea when my foot falls asleep, it vibrates and it feels like I've got needles going into my foot.. its weird...

2006-11-11 [~Crimson Angel~]: oh,ok

2006-11-11 [Light for the Darkness]: yea... hey can you take my poll for me? or did you already?

2006-11-11 [Asalli_Angel]: vibrates... weurd...

2006-11-11 [Light for the Darkness]: well it feels like its vibrating and it feels like people keep sticking needles into my foot... kindof like how your body feels when they are putting you to sleep before sugery

2006-11-11 [Asalli_Angel]: ...

2006-11-11 [haldirrox]: um....never been in surgery...don't know...

2006-11-11 [Asalli_Angel]: me niether...

2006-11-11 [Light for the Darkness]: oooo you both suck!!! (no pun intended..)

2006-11-12 [haldirrox]: lol!

2006-11-12 [Light for the Darkness]: lol! you just love that dont you!?!? lol its kinda funny though!! lol

2006-11-12 [~Crimson Angel~]: who me?

2006-11-12 [Light for the Darkness]: lol no

2006-11-12 [~Crimson Angel~]: no,do you want me to take your poll?

2006-11-12 [Light for the Darkness]: if you'd like!! I have a feeling I know your answer... its about a dream of mine that I've had a couple of times

2006-11-12 [~Crimson Angel~]: ok

2006-11-12 [Light for the Darkness]: -nods-

2006-11-12 [~Crimson Angel~]: I put no.

2006-11-12 [Light for the Darkness]: lol I thought so

2006-11-12 [Asalli_Angel]: i. suck.

2006-11-12 [Light for the Darkness]: no you dont!! my life does though....

2006-11-12 [~Crimson Angel~]: ?_?

2006-11-13 [Light for the Darkness]: dont

2006-11-13 [Asalli_Angel]: ??

2006-11-13 [Light for the Darkness]: O.O whats with all the '?'s?

2006-11-13 [Asalli_Angel]: ???
question marks??

2006-11-13 [Light for the Darkness]: lol yea

2006-11-14 [Asalli_Angel]: ah.......

2006-11-14 [Light for the Darkness]: my friend Angel aka [Angelic Chaos] got into a truck/motorcycle accident......

2006-11-14 [Asalli_Angel]: Oo
are you ok??

2006-11-14 [Light for the Darkness]: I dunno... I'm alright I guess... I'm just worried.... [XxIrish_CloverxX] said he doesn't know the condition yet... or they dont know his condition... or something like that... so I'm worried but other than that....

2006-11-14 [Asalli_Angel]: ...

2006-11-14 [Light for the Darkness]: other than that I'm good..... so anywho... how are you?

2006-11-14 [Asalli_Angel]: eh tired.
gonna eat supper now now...

2006-11-14 [Light for the Darkness]: supper? what time is it there?

2006-11-14 [Asalli_Angel]: eh... 8:35pm~

2006-11-14 [Light for the Darkness]: O.O ohh...... where do you live?!?!?! like, what country?

2006-11-14 [Asalli_Angel]: SA
South Africa.

2006-11-14 [Light for the Darkness]: ohhhh thats cool!!!! US.. how fun.... -sarcasticness- lol

2006-11-14 [Asalli_Angel]: oh...

2006-11-14 [Light for the Darkness]: O.o huh?

2006-11-14 [Asalli_Angel]: US is not fun?

2006-11-14 [Light for the Darkness]: I dunno... its my country so I'm going to back it up... its just... I'm not always so proud of the things we do... and THAT I'm not backing up...

2006-11-14 [Asalli_Angel]: ...

2006-11-14 [Light for the Darkness]: what?

2006-11-14 [Asalli_Angel]: playing guitar...

2006-11-14 [Light for the Darkness]: ooo fun!!

2006-11-14 [Asalli_Angel]: i suppose.

2006-11-14 [Light for the Darkness]: lol yea... I dont know how to play so its really cool for me... lol

2006-11-15 [Asalli_Angel]: oh. It's gives you callouses. but otherwise it is fun.

2006-11-15 [Blaithin]: I've always wanted to learn how to play the fiddle

2006-11-15 [Asalli_Angel]: fiddle?

2006-11-15 [Blaithin]: Violin.

2006-11-15 [Asalli_Angel]: violin. I didn't have the patience...
I've gone through so many instruments:piano, flute, sax, drums and now guitar...

2006-11-15 [Blaithin]: It's not hard to learn, I just haven't lol

2006-11-15 [Asalli_Angel]: ^^

2006-11-15 [Light for the Darkness]: lol I am learning the piano.... I only have one hand down but I know a song and parts of other songs... its just I'm too lazy to go through and read them all right now... bad... but I'll probly start reading the notes again later or something....

2006-11-15 [Asalli_Angel]: heehee

2006-11-15 [Light for the Darkness]: lol

2006-11-16 [Asalli_Angel]: ^^

2006-12-02 [~Crimson Angel~]: sup?

2006-12-02 [Light for the Darkness]: lol nothing. whats up with you?

2006-12-02 [~Crimson Angel~]: nothing.

2006-12-02 [Light for the Darkness]: thats cool

2006-12-02 [~Crimson Angel~]: yep

2006-12-02 [Light for the Darkness]: mmmhmmmm

2006-12-02 [~Crimson Angel~]: how are you?

2006-12-02 [Light for the Darkness]: I'm alright!! how are you?

2006-12-02 [~Crimson Angel~]: I'm good

2006-12-02 [Light for the Darkness]: thats good!!

2006-12-02 [~Crimson Angel~]: yep

2006-12-02 [Light for the Darkness]: lol

2006-12-02 [~Crimson Angel~]: I'm glad that you are good.<img:img/mood/44166_1164145221.gif>

2006-12-02 [Light for the Darkness]: thanksies!! I am glad that you are good too!!!

2006-12-02 [~Crimson Angel~]: YAY!<img:img/mood/44166_1164145221.gif>

2006-12-02 [Light for the Darkness]: yay!!!

2006-12-02 [~Crimson Angel~]: lol

2006-12-02 [Light for the Darkness]: lol I ish happy and hyper!!!

2006-12-02 [~Crimson Angel~]: <img:img/mood/44166_1164145221.gif>

2006-12-02 [Light for the Darkness]: ^-^

2006-12-02 [~Crimson Angel~]: <img:img/mood/44166_1164144932.gif>

2006-12-02 [Light for the Darkness]: <img:img/mood/44166_1164145171.gif>

2006-12-02 [Flight of the Butterfly]: Uh oh! Now with the new smileys, we'll be having emoticon conversations....

2006-12-02 [Light for the Darkness]: lol thats... awkward

2006-12-03 [lyubomir]: hey guys

... <img:img/mood/44166_1164145147.gif> ...there is not even a single rose in here ? ...the romantic side of ET ...<img:img/mood/44166_1164145087.gif>



2006-12-03 [Light for the Darkness]: lol hilo

2006-12-03 [medina]: hey everyone can i ask ya'all sum thing my and my b/f broke up like a three weeks ago but he stil act's like we'r going out and he stil say's he luvs it wrong for me to let him kiss me andhold me still when we'r not going out i luve him so muchi dk what to was a really messy break up too..if that help you guys help me..

2006-12-03 [Light for the Darkness]: what did you break up about?

2006-12-03 [medina]: i'm not sure he said he loved me and that he jus he need his space but that what i dont get if he needs his space why is he around me more now then when we were going out???he told he love even if he's not with me...i dk i know he has porbalms but so i and idk he mekas so happy when hes around but at same time it hurts cause he not mine.....maybe our problams got in the way idont know...

2006-12-03 [Light for the Darkness]: ohhh I know that feeling wayyy too well.... umm... technically, no. he shouldn't be holding you and kissing you if you broke up. I've liked guys with problems before... haha now I'm ticked at all of them... lol if I were you, I'd ask him why he broke up with you if he still loves you... umm... I dont know how much advise to give... if he says he doesn't love you though, tell him he needs to stay away from you.. if he says he loves you, then ask him about it.. confront him about it..

2006-12-03 [medina]: idont know if i can i guess i can try....

2006-12-03 [~Crimson Angel~]: <img:img/mood/45154_1117568632.gif><img:img/mood/44166_1164218120.gif><img:img/mood/44166_1164903263.gif><img:img/mood/61691_1132959456.gif><img:img/mood/61691_1132936287.gif><img:img/mood/44166_1164099989.gif><img:img/mood/45154_1117568632.gif>How's this for romance?<img:img/mood/44166_1164099989.gif>

2006-12-03 [Light for the Darkness]: lol well good luck medina!! you dont have to.. I'd just at least ask him why he broke up with you

2006-12-03 [~Crimson Angel~]: ...

2006-12-03 [Light for the Darkness]: hihi

2006-12-03 [~Crimson Angel~]: hello

2006-12-03 [Light for the Darkness]: how are you?

2006-12-03 [medina]: lol..thx..i think...

2006-12-03 [Light for the Darkness]: lol your welcome!! I think.. lol

2006-12-06 [~Crimson Angel~]: lol,i'm good.

2006-12-06 [Light for the Darkness]: lol thats good!!!

2006-12-06 [lyubomir]: <img:44166_1164469620.gif><img:44166_1164557391.gif><img:44166_1164144921.gif>

2006-12-06 [Light for the Darkness]: O.O lol

2006-12-08 [~Crimson Angel~]: Are you drunk?

2006-12-08 [lyubomir]: not at all *where is that button*... oh here it i
ss ...i can send with the big one ?
o.O ?

come onnnn

2006-12-08 [lyubomir]: ...yeah ... arrows sucks :(

2006-12-09 [Light for the Darkness]: O.o??? lol

2006-12-09 [~Crimson Angel~]: yep

2006-12-09 [lyubomir]: ..when you press the "enter" key you cant send messege you have to press the green arrow... god even i am drunk i think more clearly than you XP

2006-12-10 [~Crimson Angel~]: yeah and it sucks.

2006-12-10 [Panda-monium]: It is slightly annoying, but you get used to it.

2006-12-10 [lyubomir]: :) i am used to it ..i am in ET from an year ago ..i think ..but when you are drunk the thing around you are really deficult

2006-12-11 [Light for the Darkness]: lol if you press tab then enter you can send it

2006-12-11 [lyubomir]: hm... k then :P

2006-12-11 [Light for the Darkness]: -nods- lol I dont remember how I found that out though... most likely on accident as usual... lol

2006-12-16 [~Crimson Angel~]: yep

2006-12-25 [Light for the Darkness]: lol

2006-12-25 [lyubomir]: Merry Chirstmas ! XP

2006-12-25 [medina]: merry christmas to all...

2006-12-25 [haldirrox]: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!

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