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Holiday Cheer Promotions


Alright the last couple years of this wiki have been a bit dull so to speak. We need a bit more promotion to get it off its feet and to let people know that it’s here. This is the place where you post your ideas of attention grabbers or ways to gather more images for greetings. Please, please post your ideas ASAP so that we can have the materials organized for the Christmas season :)

Format: 0. [ UserName ] – idea.


1. [Blaithin] – We need at least one new banner as well as a new divider if possible. If anyone is interested in donating such items that would be great, if not I believe a contest will work well. The only thing with that is it would most likely be best if someone volunteered to make badges.

2. [Blaithin] – A contest for Christmas / Winter scenes that we would be able to use as greetings. Once again it would be best of someone else made banners since graphics aren’t generally my thing XD

3. [Blaithin] – A separate wiki where potential well wishers post their names only. This way I (or anyone else who wishes to help) can message the person about their interest in the wiki and how they wished to send greetings. This way people who find the wiki early won’t forget about it.


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2006-09-12 [Artsieladie]: Hello... :D I make oodles of graphics & I especially love making holiday graphics. Some holidays that I've made graphics for are here: EG *Artsie's* Seasonal if you'd like to take a peek. I'm always making graphics for Elf12, as well, b/c I started their netpaper, of which I'm the Editor in Chief of. Each issue I make graphics for its theme. If you think I could help, let me know. :D

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