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2005-04-21 15:02:06
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This is for all of the hockey freaks out there. I know that they are out there, im not crazy.

If you want to get in, just add your name.

[kelso411] looks like i have to fix everything...
[yang1089] ...i can fix it

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2005-07-20 [Red Devil]: October

2005-07-30 [tomboy2.0]: october wat?

2005-09-06 [tomboy2.0]: hey theres a new that good?

2005-09-07 [Red Devil]: lol

2005-09-07 [Red Devil]: depends who he is and his career

2005-09-08 [tomboy2.0]: who is he?

2005-09-09 [Red Devil]: i dont really care about coaches

2005-09-10 [tomboy2.0]: but they make the team good dont they?

2005-09-12 [Red Devil]: they help

2005-09-13 [tomboy2.0]: ah i good or bad?

2005-09-13 [kelso411]: niether, try a nuetral approach :) why is everything so this or that what happened to all the shades of gray i could take advantage of *cries*

2005-09-15 [Red Devil]: lol yeah

2005-10-15 [tomboy2.0]: hey hey....count down till ice pilots......6 days

2005-10-16 [Red Devil]: lol

2005-10-16 [tomboy2.0]: 5 days

2005-10-16 [Red Devil]: silly girl

2005-10-16 [tomboy2.0]: hey im excited so nu

2005-10-18 [Red Devil]: yep, 3 DAYS

2005-10-19 [tomboy2.0]: YAY!!!

2005-10-20 [Red Devil]: 2 Days!

2005-10-22 [tomboy2.0]: no days!!!!

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