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Hiuko Silverbane

"Strength is optional, but knowledge is mandatory"

Welcome everyone to the [Hiuko] wiki. Hiuko is getting old and with age comes change however, I'm not about to throw out his old bios. This wiki will have some changes and additions both for his past and present but for now I give you these pages.
Hiuko's Changes! (For a quick glimpse)
Hiuko 2005 - 2010
Hiuko Present Day!

You can also check out Bangs, Hachen, and Icarus Nearanather. This was brought to you by [Hiuko]

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2007-04-28 [ta 'hca with zi 'sta]: Six feet is NOT SHORT!

2007-04-29 [Hiuko]: For an elf it is, and besides you're not short either compared to tons of people I know.

2007-04-29 [ta 'hca with zi 'sta]: 5'2" is still pretty short. Yes there are people shorter then me but I'm still pretty small.

2007-04-29 [Hiuko]: At least you know that. :p

2007-05-19 [shiro tagachi]: at least your not 4'6" then you would be counted as a midget

2007-05-20 [Hiuko]: Size doesn't really matter, all that matters is that you can beat up the person calling you short.

2007-05-20 [ta 'hca with zi 'sta]: Violence is not the key, threats are. XD

2007-05-20 [Hiuko]: I didn;t say you had to start the fight. Besides it's much better to be on the defensive and threats usually lead to fights so there isn't much point in threat without expecting a fight.

2007-05-21 [ta 'hca with zi 'sta]: I was being silly. 

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