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This is just a quick glimpse at Hiuko through the ages because much of what I use in the new bio is the old bio and I just changed a few things. Instead this will give you a brief overview.
Hiuko Present:
-He has a change of clothes in that he wears a dark blue tunic with gold trim, brown pants, a brown leather belt, but still no shoes. He also got a hair cut and his hair only goes down to the base of his neck in the back, the front is the same.
-He is also stronger now because he has 200 years of fighting experience so don't be surprised if I dodge more attacks and do more impossible stunts not many others can. Also on the topic of age, he will center more around his age and this will bolser many of his emotions and actions. He will be able to preform more stunts, his emotions are more towards saving people and not just goal oriented, even his conversations will be different because he has more empathy with people because he has lived through what they are going through. He will also show his air of command much more and it too will be bolstered by his age and his past where he has been the commander of a armies, leader of men, the savior or destroyer of the world, and has more authority in his words than most kings.
-Also he has a reputation after all these years and if I use that every now and then don't be surprised, although where I'd use it I don't quite know.
-Last but not least, he and Bangs have worked out soul swapping without touching and Bangs can unleash her half-elf form without Hiuko lsing his half-elf form. This though is because the demon inside is a demon that takes the strongest shape it can and Bangs has found that his form can be extremely strong, or seductively deadly. Thus her demon soul accepted it as one of her natural forms now! Yay! However for certain abilities of one another they do need to soul swap.
-That is all for the present Hiuko, made in 2010.
Return to Hiuko, Hiuko 2005 - 2010, or to Hiuko Present Day! You can also check out Bangs, Hachen, and Icarus Nearanather. This was brought to you by [Hiuko]

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