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Hiuko Silverbane

"Strength is optional, but knowledge is mandatory!"

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Username: [Hiuko]
Name: Hiuko Silverbane
Race: Half-Elf (Half human, half blood elf)
Age: 200
Weapon: Unarmed
Armor: None

Strengths: Pretty much anything really. Wide or confined space, places with a lot or a little activity. Really I can't draw on just one because of the vast number but this vast number comes from the ability to adapt to his surroundings, I actually didn't plan for this. his age and experience. After living 200 years and still being as youthful as him you learn how to fight better and you gain the authority of age and he also has the abilities of the commander of armies and the defender or destroyer of the world behind him. His voice and air of command are extremely strong, only outmatched by those born to lead or people older than he.

Weaknesses: Yes the great Hiuko has weaknesses. Strong smells that he thinks are bad smelling, extremely loud sounds, and fighting in either sand, water, or mid-air because it takes away his best weapon; vibration location. Also bombs, it seems Hiuko can't quite fight bombs.

Appearance: About 5'8" and scrawny with short silver hair that only goes down the base of his neck and he has long bangs that go past his blind grey eyes that also seem full of knowledge past that of most people even ten times his age. He wears a dark blue tunic with gold trim, brown pants, a brown leather belt, and no shoes. All of his clothes are clean. He also has an ritualistic seal on his right hand that keeps him bound to his companion, a demon cat named Bangs. He, like most elves, has pointed ears but he has a human face. He also has green rucksack that contains food, water, and flint. He also has a cat named Bangs, named so because she likes to bat around or nibble on Hiuko's bangs. Bangs is a cat as small as a kitten and has brown with white stripes, or the other way around, not sure, anyway. Bang is a demon cat so thus she looks like a normal cat but can, in a startling transformation, turn into a giant black cat with thicker fur, rougher fur, sharper claws and teeth, a roar that even frightens the largest of animals, and giant demonic wings. The wings however can be brought out in little cat form showing a small cat with small demon wings. Bangs is as old as Hiuko and travels in his rucksack. His rucksack fits around his shoulders by a rope that is attached to the rucksack.

Personality: He is a nice, patient, and calm person. He is not prejudice and is quick to make either friends or enemies but finds it hard to forget about any other them. He is quick to think in and out of a battle but even quicker to act. He, although short, is extremely powerful and can take down enemies quickly if he wishes to. He believes strongly in the theory of knowledge is power. Lastly he doesn't like people who take pity on him or go easy on him in a fight just because he is blind.

History: The story of Hiuko starts, of course, with his parents. Rykoon and Sylvia Silverbane were great parents both with unusual traits. His father Rykoon was a blood elf of incredible physical strength. The blood elves were created in labs by magical genetic engineering and it was a success and a new race was born! Some have arcane or divine magic while others blessed with mountains of physical strength. His father Rykoon was not an original but the offspring of a gene spliced elf and he passed on the traits of a blood elf to Hiuko. 

His mother, although human, was less than normal also. Hiuko’s grandparent, on his mother’s side, both had an abnormality. His grandfather had Magic Tongue, which let him talk to anything and in any language. He could even talk to plants, animals, beasts, and demons too! His grandmother had the unique abnormality of stomach compact which lets you retain food. She could eat a meal and that could sustain her for a week. Also his that ability you can eat as much as you want or as little. You only feel hungry when your retained food is gone. Also you don’t get stomach aches and stomach viruses because you are immune if you have stomach compact. His mother was born with both abnormalities and passed them on to Hiuko. 

Rykoon and Sylvia met outside a village and Sylvia found Rykoon when he was injured about to die. She helped him recover and they fell in love in little time. Knowing that a normal village wouldn’t let them marry they not only left the country but also the continent. The ship however was attacked and even after Rykoon defeated the monster the ship was still wrecked. Rykoon and Sylvia found some planks of wood they set forth paddling with their feet towards a continent in the distance. They found themselves on land outside a forest. A couple of dwarfs and gnomes helped them out of the water and took them to their home. The village in the forest was the perfect place for them to live because it was free of prejudice. They were full breeds and half-breeds of all sorts! 

Hiuko was born a year after their marriage and grew up happily as a half-elf. He was taught by many different races as teachers and his friends were all sorts of races also. One of his friends was even a half-dragon! When Hiuko was born there was a litter of kittens born and when Hiuko opened his eyes, Bang opened her eyes too. When the doctor wiped off Hiuko he found a seal on his hand and the same thing for Bangs. Hiuko and Bangs had a strong attraction to each other their whole life and when he was just ten he ran off and found Bangs in the same village. When Bangs’ owner saw the mark on his hand was the same as Bangs’ mark, although it was Fluffy at the time, she knew they were meant to be together and they were never apart again. When Bangs and Hiuko touched for the first time their seals burned and a telepathic link was set. Bangs was also a half-breed cat it seemed. She was a cross between a demon cat and a regular cat. Although unlike Hiuko she can change shape to either side of her heritage. Also being linked by the seal means that the one with a shorter life span can live as long as the one with the longer life span. That same year Hiuko’s sister Kiki was born with the same traits as him although not marked with the seal. 

Hiuko fell in love with a supposed human girl who was actually a dragoon, her species lived on another planet. They got married when they where thirty and they started having children right away. They only had two and when Salina was ten, Alebaster eight, men came to bring the dragoon back to the organization. While trying to fight off the evil men trying to take the one he loved he was cursed with an irremovable curse of blindness. He was taught, though meditation, the ability to ‘see’ using his other senses and he was soon very good at it. Also with this ability he became quicker at deciphering an opponents next moves and this made his curse, a gift! 

He gave his children to his parents thinking his quest to be a short one and he set off to find her and not too long into the search he met the dark knight! The knight managed to knock out Bangs and trick Hiuko into losing his footing in a stream by a waterfall. Hiuko slipped and fell down the waterfall and the dark knight threw Hiuko’s rucksack (because Bangs was resting in there after being knocked out) over the waterfall edge too! He woke up in a bed in the house of a family of potion makers. They found him almost dead by the waterfall while the potion family’s daughter was out playing with the baby sitter. Both he and Bangs had amnesia but they gave both a potion to regain their memory. It was an incomplete potion though because they were one herb short. They still had no memory of what happened but they remember an organization taking Hiuko’s loved one away for some reason, and that was all. They now have full memory of their past but at the time they have very little. While in the village the dark knight heard Hiuko survived and came to kill him for sure and this time Hiuko won because he had forgotten the formal techniques he once knew and he was able to fight freestyle!

 Hiuko has traveled to many places around the continent and wound up in Elftown feeling destiny calling him to stay here. He has met many people who he has made a strong friendship with. Bangs too has found friends there. They also found out a couple tricks from a teacher in Elftown, one is soul mixing which can only be done by two being that are linked to each other. Bangs and hiuko can combine, mix up, or completely swap their souls. Bangs changes into a half elf when they mix or swap and Hiuko, although stays a half-elf, becomes more beast like and he gets Bangs’ fur armor that cane come out on command. Also Hiuko and Bangs can combine their souls into one being and they can release her demon and his mind restrictions. The restrictions of the mind are restrictions the mind uses to preserve the body although being in his mind so many times to use his senses effectively he has learned how to break these and achieve massive power. Their abilities with that have even come as far as combining with other people without seals, this comes from channeling soul energy around they can do that with other peoples but only if they put all their soul into it.

During the crusade to end the wars of the continent he and his friends fought the General and the General revealed one of his dragoons as Hiuko's wife. Although it sent him into shock he was able to snap out of it quick enough to help gravely injure the General, his friend killed him completing the General's Prophecy of Steel Blood. When the General died all of the dragoons went with him. Hiuko's wife, Cheryll Silverbane, filled in the final gaps of memory before she disappeared and though Bang's eyes he was able to see her one last time. 

Now he travels to find his son. He traveled to his home town Seoul where he learned that his children left, however his parents received a wedding invitation from Salina his daughter. He found his daughter in the Desert Nations south of Elftown. He found her a few days before she was to be married to a prince so she bought him new clothes so he could meet his son-in-law and his parents and not look drabby. He was able to walk his daughter down the aisle and before leaving to find his son he told his daughter everything about his mother and told her about his memory loss. His daughter, Salina, told him that her brother, Reed, became a treasure hunter working for an expedition team that uses a flying ship to get around. He is very adventurous thanks to his father's blood however very angry at his father and will attack him on sight.

This is however just a broad overview highlighting the major events. There are so many stories and journeys that Hiuko has had that I am thinking about making a novel about him, although all in due time right?

Other: Now that he has his full memory expect him to be a lot stronger and better at fighting <insert maniacal smile here>. Also he is very intelligent because of his mother’s side of the family. His grandparents and mother were scholars and the knack for knowing things and thinking quickly was passed on. Although thinking like a supercomputer during battle came from his father who had to think fast in the heat of battle because as a blood elf he was literally born to fight!
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