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Histories of Nyan

.... it isn't much... but's it Nyan...
*inclines her head and withdraws*


The Beginning ~ The Birthing of the World

- The Eve of Ivenúm: The Dawning of the World.

The First Age ~ Dragon Wars

- The Day of Ra’Fàhlen:(meaning “The Day of the Stars”) This was the day on which the Angels descended and ended the Dragon Wars.

The Dragon Wars would last for 20 000 years.

The Second Age ~ Elven Years


- Year 1050: The War of Ulienë ~ Meaning the "War of Souls". A war fought between the Elves and the Shades as the Shades had developped a hunger for Elven Souls. Ended year 2029

The Third Age ~ The Dark Years

The Fourth Age ~


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