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Hellsing: Amen

by Notan Rappa

Order 3: Alucard’s Problem
      Alucard got dressed in some less conspicuous clothes and went out. He had heard the news. Walter was alive at London Hospital. 
      ‘Well, she did ask me to find him.’ he thought. ‘I wonder, now that Seras is becoming a real vampire, will she finally gain the courage to resist me?’ He turned and left the room. He decided to take his time with this ‘assignment’.
      When he got outside, he looked up at the moon. “What a beautiful night.” It was a beautiful night, but something marred it. Some odd sense of something not quite being right. Alucard wasn’t worried. He hardly had occasion to worry nowadays. 
      He walked for a while, before getting to London Hospital. Getting inside, he walked up to the desk.
      “I am looking for a patient here, name of Dornez. Walter C. Dornez.” The girl at the desk reached down and pulled up a clipboard and began scanning the pages.
      “I’m terribly sorry, sir, but the man you wish to see is currently recovering from surgery.” Alucard looked her straight in the eyes and spoke slowly and quietly.
      “Where is he?”
      “Ro…room…nine-nine-eight-one.” she said sleepily. 
      “Thank you.” Alucard said, and proceeded up the stairs to the aforementioned room number. Reaching the room, he found the door locked. Not a problem for Alucard. Turning into mist, he crept under the door and into the room. Reforming, he looked at the bed where Walter should have been, but wasn’t. Alucard frowned.
      ‘What’s this, now?’ The air smelled very very faintly of something arcane. He wanted to follow the scent before the trail grew cold, but felt a familiar tug in his hands. The control art. Integra was calling him.
      Then he heard footsteps and someone talking. It was that girl from the counter. “I told him he couldn’t go in, but he didn’t listen…*pant**pant*…made me tell him…which room.”
      “Very well, then!” came another voice also coming up the stairs. Alucard stepped back and faded out of sight. 
      ‘I do not wish to deal with these foolish humans tonight.’ he thought. “Besides, my master beckons.’
      A few moments later, the lock clicked and two figures burst into the room.
      “My God! He’s…they’re…gone!”
~~~End Order 3~~~

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