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Hellsing: Amen

by Notan Rappa

Order 2: A Small Problem…
      Seras had this odd feeling. Almost as if there was a musical beat searing through her veins. 
      “Hello, Victoria!” said one of the men at the firing range as he passed by. They were alone. Suddenly the feeling took over. She lunged for the man’s throat. He screamed, but there was no one listening. He tried to push her off, but his strength was inadequate. Just then, Seras was lifted off of the man. She found herself staring into the eyes of Alucard.
      “M…Master?” Suddenly, she and Alucard were in her room. He put her down next to the table. 
      “Drink.” he said to her.
      “Yes, master.” She picked up the blood bag and drank. As she drank, she felt the odd sensation subsiding.
      “You no longer need to call me master. You need never call anyone that again. You are a true vampire now. You are your own master, Seras Victoria.”
      “How come you don’t call me police girl anymore?” Alucard grinned.
      “You chose the darkness on the night that you died, but until recently you had resisted the song of blood flowing through your body. Now you will feel the song, not as a grating dirge, but as a sensual symphony, and you will live in harmony with that song and walk the night and drink blood of your own free will.” 
      “…” Seras wanted to ask Alucard something, but hesitated.
      Alucard turned towards the door. “I will send down someone to give you more blood. You haven’t had any blood almost since the day you died. You’re going to be rather thirsty for a while.”
      “Alucard…will I ever be as strong as you?” Seras wanted to kick herself for being such a coward. That was not what she had wanted to ask. 
      Alucard’s smile told her that he knew that was the case.

      Integra was watching a news tape of the incident from a few days ago. She sat bolt upright when she saw at the corner of the screen. 
      “…found this man who has been confirmed to have been the pilot of the helicopter. This man is Walter C. Dornez, butler to the Hellsing family. Badly injured, he has been admitted to London Hospital, where he is currently undergoing surgery.”
      ‘He’s alive.’ Integra thought. ‘He is alive!’
~~~End Order 2~~~

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