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Hellsing: Amen

by Notan Rappa

Order 1: Jailhouse Blues
      Integra watched the wine from the shattered glass drip like blood from Alucard’s clenched fist. His smile prompted a smile of her own.
      “Well…” Alucard said. 
      “No, Alucard. I do not want you to drink my blood.”
      “I was merely asking if you wanted me to break you out of here.” Alucard’s smile seemed to imply otherwise. Integra’s smile showed just how little she believed him, but did not press the point. This talk of drinking blood made her uncomfortable. ‘Which is probably why he does it.’ she thought.
      “No. Best to go through the red tape and get out of here legally, albeit in a couple of months, then to get out now and be an outlaw.”
      Alucard bowed. “As you wish.”
      “Has there been any word of Walter?”
      “No. It is quite likely that he died in the crash.”
      “Be that as it may, it remains possible that he is out there and injured. Find him, Alucard.” 
      “Yes, my master.” He stepped back and seemed to seep into the shadows until all that could be seen was the shine off of his red glasses and the glint of light off of his teeth which were bared in full grin. Then he faded completely, leaving Integra alone. She stared at the spot that he had come from and frowned. 
      “Walter…my dear friend. Please be safe…”

~~~End Order 1~~~

Hellsing: Amen
Hellsing: Amen (Order 2)

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