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2010-08-03 20:33:25
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2010-08-04 [sweet.tx.tea]: How funny! I just did some of these! Great minds...

2010-08-04 [Akayume]: Totally think alike. (; XD I know!

2010-08-04 [sweet.tx.tea]: It's kind of scaryyyy!

2010-08-04 [Akayume]: I knowwwww. :O :O :O

2010-08-04 [Hedda]: Oh! It took a while, but eventually I understood that this wasn't a club for people who are fans of holding hands!

Very nice shots generally! At first I thought that
was quite bad, but it does make a point after all. Awkward angle and bad light is something artists often overlook, I think.

2010-08-04 [Akayume]: I see? .___.

2010-08-04 [Akayume]: I can delete it if it's unsatisfactory.

2010-08-04 [Hedda]: No, as I wrote, it is really interesting if you think about it.

2010-08-05 [Akayume]: Oh, I see. I don't know, when I draw sometimes I want to do "funny angles" (is the best way to put it), but I can't imagine them in my head, so looking at a picture would be nice.

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