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Winners: Halloween Art Competition – 2004

<news:[Halloween Art Competition - 2004@wiki]>

Freaky Fur by [Adnama]
Trick or Treat? by [akhirah]

All submissions:
Halloween art 04, page 1
Halloween art 04, page 2
Halloween art 04, page 3


Thank you to all that contributed!





41. "The Vampire Shanti" - [june]
[Please upload image again]

42. "Candy for Kitty?" - [Moorn]

43. "Beware Where You Change into Your Costume" - [Faraday3]
"Don't Make Me Cry" (check out the bigger version in my house!)

44. "Witch" ~[the Indigo]

45. "The Demon Behind Me" - [Ironballs "the Preposterous One"]
"Calling of the Cyruan"

46. "The Nightmare Before Christmas"-[Jake_W]
Image taken of for violating the Uploading Art Rules. For questions about this you can turn to [Sunrose].

47. JackSkellington-[DarkJenni]

48. "Freaky Fur" - [Adnama]

49. "Pumpkin in love" - [Blue Highway] (Happy now [a clockwork orange]?? Hehe! Still, I hope YOU will be a winner! :)

50. "Teenage witch" - [Whatever_90]
Unfortunally havn't had the time to colour it yet, and the quality isn't so good. Get a better look here:

51. "Secret Schizophrenia" - [Elinore]'s first ever entry in an art competition.
The scary side of everyone's personality.


52. "Satan's Banishment" - [Elinore]
Extra luck.


53. "Blood on Hallowe'en" - [FiSHr.]
mmmm..... BLOOD (nice effect)

54. "Trick or Treak..." - [Thallium]

55. "come to play..." - [melsnel]

56. "Halloween Kitty" -[Falx]

57. "Trick or Treat?" [Daisy le Fleur]

58. "Black Widow" [Kemical Reaxion]

59. "Nightmare" - [Adnama]

60. "Holloween Witch" - [LauRRa]

61. "Faerie Horse - Autumn" - [malraune]

62. "miss Frankenstein" - [da soul sistaz]
"the lady in red"

63. "Vampire" [Cloudwatcher]

64. "Zig-Zag" -- Place Holder [chelekat]


65. "Trick... and, or treat?" [RFCreeps]

66. "Don't sleep with an open window" [weerwolfje]

67. "Who said Halloween Has To Be Happy?" [Saya`]

68. Addicted to Milkshape. [Cookieholic]

69. "Anime Vampire" [suducing rayne]
I might fix this up later..

70. "Oops!" - [Lady Diamanta]

71. "Demonic Pumpkin" One of my annual pumpkin carvings for Halloween. Takes me a few hours to do. Sorry that the image is a little blurry. [Nightfall]
For a closer look:

72. "Things that go bump in the night" Nity Halloween costume, eh? [Nightfall]

73. "Ugly Anime" Well it isn't really anime, but I think it's creepy. [0000----]

74. "The Halloween Book" [Peppercat]

75. "Lame halloween costume" [nudge the dude]

76. "happpy halloween" [truth.]

77. "happy halloween" [eskalilah]

78. "*cat is falling off*"@#%$*!!" ... witch: "Happy Hallowe'en Elftown! ... oops.." *splat* "[Charybdis]


79. "what will become of this night?" [felcin]


80. Baby eating pumpkin (this took me very long and is the best I can do)[dimmu_borgir3212]




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2004-10-20 [irulan]: Whoever accidentally posted the picture at the top of the page, it didn't work so I have removed it. :)

2004-10-21 [DarkJenni]: mine needs to be shrinked...>.<, this is my second entry!!*pokes [Jake_W]*

2004-10-21 [Faraday3]: thank you to whoever moved my entry to this page! I really appreciate it!

2004-10-21 [Sunrose]: [irulan] did *^^*

2004-10-21 [Thallium]: oooh! i have the perfect picture!!!

2004-10-21 [FiSHr.]: hmmmmm...... not sure it will get me any where but...... its a try.....

2004-10-21 [Thallium]: wohoo there ya go. hehe

2004-10-21 [SerenityBug]: Awesome, [Thallium]~good to see some realistic pencil drawings. :)

2004-10-21 [Sotalean]: hangon.. I thought we were only allowed to have one entry a person?

2004-10-21 [Adnama]: Nope. :o We get two entries. :3

2004-10-21 [Sotalean]: You sure? The first page said one. O.o

2004-10-21 [Adnama]: I just read the first page and they have 2 in bold. O_o.. Go check and see. They may have changed it. :o

2004-10-21 [Sunrose]: 2 entries per person :)

2004-10-21 [melsnel]: sorry silly question but how do i upload!

2004-10-21 [Sunrose]: You upload the image on your house. Rightclick "Properties" Copy the url. Paste the url: <IMG:paste url here>. Then edit this wiki and paste that on the wiki like the others have done.. :)

2004-10-21 [melsnel]: thnkyou ill give it a go, stil new to elfwood :)

2004-10-21 [Sunrose]: *spanks* elfTown! ;)

2004-10-21 [melsnel]: :> sorry! :P thnkx for your help im all uploaded now! thnkies! :)

2004-10-21 [Sunrose]: You did well! :D

2004-10-21 [melsnel]: thnkx :D, i love puppy :S

2004-10-21 [Sunrose]: spooky.. Oo

2004-10-21 [melsnel]: and just tihnk i see that everynight! :( *eye twiches*

2004-10-21 [Sunrose]: *runs*

2004-10-21 [melsnel]: hehe, thnkx for all your help ,bibi

2004-10-21 [Sunrose]: you're welcome honey! :D

2004-10-22 [FiSHr.]: do u like my one

2004-10-22 [melsnel]: yeah! very bloody dude! :)

2004-10-22 [LauRRa]: Yay it's up :)

2004-10-23 [WestFactor]: *shoves Adnama* Awesome!

2004-10-23 [FiSHr.]: hmmm..... ur all TOO good

2004-10-23 [Adnama]: *pounces on West* Thanks Spoot! XP

2004-10-23 [Cookieholic]: oh god... i just noticed how bad my pic is =P lol

2004-10-23 [Sunrose]: stop being so negative about your entries [Cookieholic] (both art and poem); you have done a great job! *pats*

2004-10-23 [FiSHr.]: mine is awful

2004-10-23 [Adnama]: Hm. Looks like someone has spyware on their computer. :o *goes to fix the link to the costume competition* :B

2004-10-23 [Sunrose]: It's a creepy one ^^

2004-10-23 [The Dark Lord]: no its not awful its great, infact i like yours especially [FiSHr.] because the writting in it reminds me of iron maiden style text

2004-10-23 [FiSHr.]: cooool thanx meeesa like iron maiden (i made that font using a font renderer)

2004-10-23 [The Dark Lord]: kewl!

2004-10-23 [Lady Diamanta]: Whee! I finally entered. ^^ The shrinking ruined it. XP

2004-10-23 [The Dark Lord]: its grrrrrrreat

2004-10-23 [Sunrose]: [Nightfall]: can you try and get a better picture? Your entry looks awesome, I wish it was a better picture!

2004-10-24 [Cookieholic]: thanks sunrose =P but I do suck =P

2004-10-24 [felcin]: how do you put a picture up?

2004-10-24 [Sunrose]: Upload it on your house, rightclick 'Properties' Copy the url. Paste the url here <IMG:paste url here>, click "Edit this page" on this wiki and put that on this page after the last entries and "submit changes to this page" :)

2004-10-24 [missmax]: HOw do i add my pics???????????

2004-10-24 [Sunrose]: Read my comment.

2004-10-25 [Sotalean]: ...

2004-10-25 [Sunrose]: my thinking exactly ;)

2004-10-25 [DarkJenni]: changed my piccy to...he doesn't look very happy though for a happy

2004-10-25 [The Dark Lord]: ive had to rearrange the whole order of pics as somebody withdrew their entry

2004-10-25 [Charybdis]: Yay! I entered ^_^ *pats the cat*

2004-10-25 [moira hawthorne]: cat barely shows.... *pout*

2004-10-25 [Charybdis]: Yeah, I know.. for some reason Elftown likes to make my pictures darker. I tried to change it - in fact, when I open it in Photoshop the cat is practically light grey -_- Ah well. As long as it looks like something's there ^_^ Maybe I'll re-upload it and see if I can make it show up better.

2004-10-25 [The Dark Lord]: try uploading it again

2004-10-25 [The Dark Lord]: MESSAGE TO ALL:Please DO NOT place your image below the green divider, thankyou

2004-10-25 [dimmu_borgir3212]: I hope you all like mine

2004-10-25 [Charybdis]: Okay, I uploaded the new and improved (?) version.. Do you think the cat is more visible now?

2004-10-26 [moira hawthorne]: cat shows a bit better but is still lost a the background.... maybe make it glow abit like magical panic!???! would add to the humour and its such a cute cat!

2004-10-26 [Charybdis]: Lol, thanks ^_^ .. who is magical panic?

2004-10-26 [moira hawthorne]: not who what! like the cat does want to drop and is glowing in panic... and it magical glowing b/c he is a witch's cat and otherwise cats dont glow.....

2004-10-26 [Nightfall]: Better picture of which entry? I'm assuming you mean the pumpkin... that was the best shot I could get with the exposure. For a clearer look at the pumpkin, you can always check out my art at elfwood :D The link's on muh house

2004-10-26 [Nightfall]: Here's the link to the clearer picture of my pumpkin

2004-10-26 [Sunrose]: [RFCreeps]: Is your image broken, or is that just my computer?

2004-10-26 [Sunrose]: [Nightfall]: I added the link below your entry, because it adds to it! It looks great!

2004-10-26 [Charybdis]: Aaaahhh! I see! lol.. I thought you were talking about a cartoon character x_x; A larger version is now in my house.. dang it, it's still dark O_o [RFCreeps]:That's odd.. have you tried refreshing? It shows up for me, and a wonderful picture it is too ^_^

2004-10-26 [Sunrose]: Ah yes, the image has appeared again, must have been my computer >_<

2004-10-26 [dimmu_borgir3212]: does any one like mine? this is the best pic i ever made in my life. just to let you all know

2004-10-26 [Sunrose]: This contest will close the 27th at midnight Swedish time: get your entries up before that time!

2004-10-27 [Nightfall]: Thanks [Sunrose]! :D

2004-10-27 [dimmu_borgir3212]: how do people vote?

2004-10-27 [Sunrose]: You're welcome! / The judges are going to be the crew of basically they are the ones to vote for the best piece :)

2004-10-27 [dimmu_borgir3212]: thats cool thanks.

2004-11-01 [moira hawthorne]: Congratulations!!!48. "Freaky Fur" - [Adnama]

2004-11-03 [Adnama]: Yeee! ^_^ THANK YOU! :D

2004-11-03 [dimmu_borgir3212]: that is some great work you did

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