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Every year to celebrate Halloween and all its oddities, the Council holds a Halloween Poetry Competition! So come one and all, submit your poems, and enjoy!


Halloween Poetry Contest Winners

Elftown-Halloween-poem-competition '03: [Barak_the_Blade], [Khisto], [Chaos*],
[Lady Lazarus] & [Sheona]
Halloween Poem Competition - 2004: [giadriana], [TheRogue], [Keii] & [Linderel]
Halloween Poetry Competition '05: [stevedoyle], [Deleted1906721], [Blaithin], [FireOpal],
[omgOMEGA] & [spiritee]
Halloween Poetry Competition '06: [Flisky], [Mekashef], [Dark Side of the Moon],
[earthkynd] & [Elegy - gone]
Halloween Poetry Competition '07: [Artsieladie], [Grandamelf], [crikketcandy],
[Morningstar Rising] & [Moonlit Serenade]
Halloween Poetry Competition '08: [Captain Rachel Black], [Madame Black],
[Crankychangeling], [Thunder Cid] & [All_Most PUNK]
Halloween Poetry Competition '09: [Rice], [Mortified Penguin] & [Teufelsweib]
Halloween Poetry Competition '10: [Nioniel] & [Leb]
Halloween Poetry Competition '11: [Ravenclaw]
Halloween Poetry Competition '12: [Lirerial]
Halloween Poetry Competition '13: [Lirerial]
Halloween Poetry Competition '14: [Sunrose]


The Halloween Poetry Donors
One donation.


[Lillith Winchester]
[.+*Visions of Falling Stars*+.]


[Account No Longer Active]
[Aidan Ryuko]
[Anaranë Telrúnya]
[Argent Dawn]


[Black Adder]
[Blood Filled Necrophiliac666]
[Bye bye elftown]


[Cascading water lillies]


[Danse Macabre]
[dark cleric]
[davis van]
[divine miss]
[Drowning In A Daydream]




[Fire Child]
[Fire Hunter]
[Fire Panther]


[Gentle Genocide]


[Halcyon Harmony]
[Headless Golfimbul]
[Hello Sunshine]
[Hype Hype'.]


[immortal daydreams.]
[immortal pherian Aviel]
[Intrigued Lover From Hell]
[irana(please talk to me!)]
[I stabbith ye]
[It isn't so bad here.]


[Jadala*(Once upon a moment)]


[king of Africa]


[Lady Chaos]
[Lady Vanira]
[Lady of Lore]
[Lithium Lullaby]
[lothorion the duck]


[Magami no Shi]
[champagnebommer 77]
[Maurer's conclusions]
[Mikhul, the Bard]
[Misty Lady]
[Mizz Morpheus]




[odet amo]


[Paradise Lost]
[Pick Your Own Strawberries]




[Rat Hacker]


[sXe=clean punk]
[kians mummy]
[Shade Slayer]
[shadow dust]
[Silver Phantoms]
[Sir. Robert]
[Snow White Queen]
[Sue Falkenkralle]
[Sweet Tatia]


[Talos Cyrion]
[The Dizzy Raven]
[The Coffee-Prophet]
[The Dark Lord]
[The Only The young]
[The Pink Panther]
[Tickle Me Emo]
[Tiny Suicide]
[Tonight's Crowd.]






[wiccan commander 2525]
[Winged Cupid Painted Blind]


[Ylaraniala Majere]
[Ghost the Hybrid]


[Zakuro-iro no Kara-Karasu]
[Zombie Prom Queen]
Two donations.

[Dezirae Darkone]
[Codename B]
[Koho Ai]
[Evolution X]
[Soul Guardian]
[wicked fae mage]
Three donations.

[Nocternity S.]
[Tranquil Insanity]
Four donations or winner.

[Alexi Ice]
[All_Most PUNK]
[Captain Rachel Black]
[Dark Side of the Moon]
[Elegy - gone]
[Lady Lazarus]
[Madame Black]
[Moonlit Serenade]
[Morningstar Rising]
[Mortified Penguin]
[Paul Doyle]
[Thunder Cid]


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2003-10-31 [Cristina]: All solved. Found the poem that had been deleted. Gonna give badge to Ever.Rayne *pfiew*

2003-11-01 [Goldice]: well done to everyone.ive just found out i got the badgey thing

2003-11-02 [Anonymous]: Well done little bat ^_^

2003-11-03 [Lady Lazarus]: Congratulations all entrants! I liked reading all of them ! ^.^

2003-11-04 [Cristina]: Hey grampa! *kicks with her teddy bear* I'm no lil' brat... I'm almost five now! *grabs her diaper and walks away*

2003-11-09 [Sepharin]: -raises hand tentatively- Can I put my Haloween Poem up on a new page, along with a link to it on the Contest page? I was too shy to enter it in, but I'd still like to share it...

2003-11-09 [Calico Tiger]: Don't be shy! We'd love to read your poetry ^_^

2003-11-09 [Sepharin]: BWEE ^_______^

2003-12-15 [Sheona]: I love my new badge! *big grin*

2004-11-29 [JhaefDane]: -Pats Sheona on the head-

2005-11-26 [FireOpal]: When do we get badges? I won one at Halloween and don't know what happens next :(

2005-11-27 [Sunrose]: Sorry to say but is all people care about badges or what? You can stand in line like the rest who have asked: badges will be given when we have time to give them. You are not the only one to get one and we do have personal lives, giving out some 80 badges is not done in 5 minutes you know. Especially not if you have to do it for 3 contests.

2005-11-27 [FireOpal]: Sorry! :( It's not all I care about, I was just wondering. Sorry.

2005-11-30 [omgOMEGA]: Hey, just wondering, how come this page hasn't got the 2005 poets on?

2005-11-30 [omgOMEGA]: Not that I'm accusing the elftown main people organising thingys of slacking, I know they have alot to do, but is there any particular reason?

2005-11-30 [Sunrose]: Because they haven't been listed yet obviously.

2005-12-01 [omgOMEGA]: Oooh I see...

2009-11-01 [Ravendust]: just pointing out: [Moonlit Serenade] won Halloween Poetry Competition 200

There is no ending year. :)

2009-11-01 [SilverFire]: Fixed, thanks. :)

2009-11-01 [Ravendust]: :) no problem

2009-12-15 [Alexi Ice]: Ok, I'm confused...what are the astricks for? I need to know what kind of update [Lakayana] needs.

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