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Halloween Costumes 09, Page 1

Elftown Halloween Competitions


Please see the rules on the main page:
Halloween Costume Competition
 - Halloween Art Competition
 - Halloween Poetry Competition

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Contest Begun: September 7th 2009
Contest Closed: November 11th 2009

Thank you to all that contributed!



<news:[Elftown Halloween competitions@wiki] winners! >

     Clothing Winner:

         By: [whimsical fae]

  *Crew Favourite*:

         By: [nevermore]

          Makeup Winner:

              By: [Nioniel]



Theme - The Elftown Halloween Masquerade Ball! This year we're looking for all of the members who make Elftown what it is: a town of elves, dwarves, fairies, orcs, ducks and halflings! That's right, we want to see how your Elftown self would come to a fancy Masquerade ball!

A Masquerade ball isn't a costume party but a fancy get together where the emphasis is the mask one wears. The clothes are secondary to the mask which can be fancy, plain, exquisite or grotesque. We're looking for something like the Masquerade scene from movies The Phantom of the Opera or Labyrinth.


How to post your entry:
Add your image after the last one that has been already posted. Number your entries, and separate them with the <hr> tag. Don't forget to write your username and the title of the entry:

0. [ username ] - "title"

There is a theme: Elftown Masquerade Ball



1. [Lakayana] - THE GOLDEN UNICORN

Yeah! I think am ready for the ball. I'm coming out as the golden unicorn. This costume was made by me. made of Gold wrapping sheets and feathers.

2. [Nevermore.] - Edwardian Air goddess. 
fluffy couds and buildings! Made by me, hopefully to be worn by me when I go out this year.

2b <img300*0:>
The edwardian head dress and mask.

3. [moira hawthorne] 'ME Piratin Hat with Mask' & 'Because Pirates Can Be Faerys and Faery Pirates!' & 'Red Faery Wings'
<img0*400:stuff/m%20me%20piratin%20hat1%20S09.jpg> <img0*400:stuff/FaeryPirate2%20S09.jpg>
flash back and front/my side
painted with red black gold and reflective spray paints and red black white and phosphorescent acrylic paint

4. [Yuriona] "Spooky" Dragon costume I made for my youngest daughter.
<img300*0:stuff/Emilys%20OC%20Dragon.JPG> <img300*0:stuff/Emilys%20OC%20Dragon%202.JPG>

5. [Yuriona] "Cynder" Dragon costume I made for my eldest daughter based on the dragon character Cynder from the game 'Spyro'.
<img300*0:stuff/Grace%20as%20Cynder.JPG> <img300*0:stuff/Grace%20as%20Cynder%202.JPG>

6. [whimsical fae] "Gypsy" My mother and I got to spend some quality time together while we were getting the fabric for this. I hope you like it!!

7. [Ravendust] "Sorceress Charm" ~And so I hide behind the mask, that I may hide yet longer.~



1. [Nioniel]

2. [Cillamoon] - Glitter Masked

Username (or number or email):


2009-10-31 [Skydancer]: Great fun, and the gypsy is a very nice addition.

2009-11-02 [Ravendust]: Whew, finally got that up there ><;; had to do finishing touches on the dress yesterday and was finally able to get the image up :)

2009-11-02 [whimsical fae]: Looking good [Ravendust]! What symbol is on your forehead?

2009-11-02 [Skydancer]: Nicely done, there is a lot of interesting talent here. :)

2009-11-02 [Ravendust]: It's really no symbol I just doodled, thought it looked cool^^;; Though it does look like something I should know... hmmm, but thank you, glad that it is liked :)

2009-11-02 [Lothuriel]: [Ravendust] I believe your entry should go under make-up and not the costume section.

2009-11-02 [Ravendust]: How so? The costume was pretty much made by me too... It started out plain black and I had to get the other fabrics to add onto it... So I really don't understand :-/

2009-11-02 [moira hawthorne]: yah I agree with [Ravendust]... its a costume (with makeup)
if she took a second portrait photo (a close up shot of her just her face)... that would go into makeup section

2009-11-02 [Lothuriel]: Are you sure about that [Ravendust]? 

2009-11-02 [Ravendust]: very, I saw a longer dress of similar design in the store and liked the idea, so I decided to put some effort into it. Took forever to find the right colored fabric... not to mention the sleeves... And I don't have a sewing machine so I jabbed myself a bunch of times :-[

2009-11-03 [Anvikit]: Blah.. usually there is at least a weeks time after Halloween night to post up costumes it seemed.. Oh well I'm too late I guess.. but enjoy my handyworks anyways :) I painted my and my honeys faces up pretty this year. Took maybe and hour and a half two hours on mine.. and I think an hour, on his..

2009-11-03 [moira hawthorne]: coooool very El Día de los Muertos like! great paintin

2009-11-03 [Anvikit]: :) Thank you, I love the Day of the dead sugar skulls.. and I especially love the paintings done by Sylvia Ji.. Here is another of my practice face painting done a few days prior to Halloween.. to see how long it would take me.. (I had more time to just sit and play around with color blends.. :) )


2009-11-03 [Skydancer]: Brilliant, those are quite amazing face pieces.

2009-11-03 [Alexi Ice]: Anvikit - W.O.W. Seriously, that's amazing. O.o

2009-11-03 [sweet.tx.tea]: I agree! Fantastic!

2009-11-04 [Anvikit]: :) thanks

2009-11-06 [▲.]: Ooooh. How pretty!

2009-11-10 [Delilah88]: Oooh, Phoenix, I like ur picture!

2009-11-11 [Nioniel]: Thanks!

2009-12-10 [Delilah88]: :)

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