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Halloween Costume Competition - 2005, Page 1

Please see the rules on the main page:

Halloween Costume Competition

Winners: Halloween Costume Competition - 2005

<news:Halloween 2005 Contest Winners>

By [Kéioko Matsukaze]
By [Seyra]


Thank you to all that contributed!


Reminder: Number your entries, and separate them with the <hr> tag.

1.[Kéioko Matsukaze] Yay! Samurai armour! ^^; Made from cardboard, coloured paper, yarn and glue.
(Broken link:

2.[Lullaby] This is my rennaissance fair outfit that I will be wearing for Halloween! I made the boddess and the rest of the pieces were from either my closet or from a thrift store. I modified them with safety pins and a few stitches here and there to get the desired effect. :)

3. [madmal]

4. [Suri Quill] I'm Rikku From Final Fantasy X!

5. [Seyra] who was damn lucky to get her connection back and have finished her costume a day before the end of the contest. I called this outfit Fire Princess (Of Doom) Sorry for the poor photo, I won't have time to take a better one :(
(Broken link:>)

6. [Aiah] A witch who was tortured to death comes back to haunt her killers...

7.[Bloody_Rose69] me getting ready to take your last rights ... all made by me by hand

8. [whimsical fae] Me as Lady Gryffindor. Finished it yesterday. ^^

9. [Lakayana] Aha!!! we don't celebrate halloween in my country but there is a campus show tommorow in my school and it's called "Halloween slam" and I am one of the artist for the show. I am will be going on stage with this outfit to commemorate the day.I bought the materials(Ashoke) and my tailor made them up for me. Happy Hall"O"Ween

10. [Gry] Just a random masked lady dressed in black that you may not want to be alone in an alley with...

... and a picture without the mask tells you why ^_^


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2005-10-21 [gabetheangel]: no one seems to want to do this one *tears*

2005-10-22 [Mental Terrorist]: i would but no costume!

2005-10-22 [Kitsune Arashi]: Yeah, I'm not much a seamstress

2005-10-22 [Charybdis]: It was only started up last night, so maybe people haven't had time to upload their photos yet- or, some might still be working on theirs. :)

2005-10-22 [Kitsune Arashi]: Kinda late to be putting something like this up. Halloween isn't that far off. I don'tthink anyone's noticed this page.

2005-10-22 [Ilana]: I'm going to enter... I just have to get my costume together... it's going to be awesome.

2005-10-22 [Sunrose]: How so? If you are celebrating Halloween, wouldn't you already be working on your costume? ;)

2005-10-22 [Kitsune Arashi]: Well, just because it's so close, that people figure that if they hadn't done it earlier in the month than they probably wont have it up.

2005-10-22 [Shinras Number One]: I am going to put one up probably

2005-10-23 [Kuruni]: I noticed today....i'll see if i can make it to the deadline :(((((

2005-10-23 [Kéioko Matsukaze]: Is it possible that I reserve a spot for my costume?

2005-10-23 [Lullaby]: I would put one up but I dont know how to get the url for the image...

2005-10-23 [Sunrose]: There is no need to reserve a spot as you can always enter until the day of the deadline :)

2005-10-23 [Charybdis]: [Lullaby]: Try img, or CNETG9, if you're not sure how to put your picture up ^^

2005-10-23 [Kéioko Matsukaze]: Okay, thanks ^^;

2005-10-23 [Desire.]: Kamala wants to put her picture up...but she won't get the material for her costume til a few days from now...I don't think i will finish it in time ;_;

2005-10-24 [Charybdis]: Give it your best shot :) The deadline is midnight on the 29th, ET time, which does give you next Saturday to work on it (or most of it, depending on your time zone ^^) If worst comes to worst, you could take a picture of what you've done so far- remember, we don't know the finished product that you have in mind :P (Plus this contest needs entries!)

2005-10-24 [Ilana]: I'm only going to have all the parts for my costume on Thursday... I'll have to put it together and take a picture then. Sigh... I hope I can make it. I still have to dye my hair!

2005-10-25 [lraina]: yay someone finaly added one

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