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The decision has been made; two images have been chosen out of the many wonderful entries that you, the people of Elftown, have sent.
The Great Assembly is proud to present to you the winners of the Halloween Art Competition - 2004!


Winners: Halloween Art Competition – 2004

Freaky Fur by [Adnama]
Trick or Treat? by [akhirah]

All submissions:
Halloween art 04, page 1
Halloween art 04, page 2
Halloween art 04, page 3


Thank you to all that contributed!

(All the other wonderful submissions (108!!) made for this contest can be found on the pages below!)


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2004-10-19 [Dil*]: lol ahh!

2004-10-19 [Sotalean]: yeah! I love the colored version leara! It's to cute!

2004-10-19 [Dil*]: god..the shrunk version destroys the quality, but goodwork..leara.

2004-10-19 [DarkJenni]: maybe I should put happy halloween on mine too...*looks at it*

2004-10-19 [Leara]: V.V; Bloody thing took me over 12 hours of coloring. If the version in the link is to small for my liking, when I get it on Deviantart, it'll be bigger.

2004-10-19 [Dil*]: 12 hours?! that's only takes me like 2 or 3 to do one pic..

2004-10-19 [Asrun]: OMG OMG OMG! Kitty! :D :D :D That's some great colouring Leara. :D

2004-10-19 [DarkJenni]: mine took three days.....>.<

2004-10-19 [Leara]: I suck at coloring...and thats the best job at CG'ing I've done to date...and it's because I suck it took so long. >.> So slow.

2004-10-19 [Dil*]: what program you use?

2004-10-19 [DarkJenni]: who?

2004-10-19 [Leara]: adobe photoshop 7, it's all I have other than mspaint.

2004-10-19 [Dil*]: leara.

2004-10-19 [Sotalean]: You're right. O.o that shrinkage really does suck the quality. Hmm.. Still amazing Leara. Definitely your best CG I've ever seen.

2004-10-19 [Leara]: Of course, it better be, I've never spent more than 5-6 hours coloring before. X.X Now lets never let that happen again, I may die, if my computer doesn't first. X.X; I need a shower.

2004-10-19 [Asrun]: My colouring took about 10 hours in total.. Straight. I didn't stop. X.X I have sympathy. And yes, the shrinking isn't kind. :(

2004-10-19 [Dil*]: photoshop, i'll send you this tutorial i use to color lineart..tis' mighty useful.

2004-10-19 [Dil*]: i use photoshop7 too.

2004-10-19 [DarkJenni]: photoshop is fun.

2004-10-19 [Leara]: But Asrun is a natural at coloring. X.X I'm not. I've seen your marker coloring dammit! X.X I can't even color with leads, let alone markers.

2004-10-19 [Dil*]: er...the markers were pretty cool, thin ones, the tool was good: that's the only reason it looked decent.

2004-10-19 [Asrun]: *lubs colouring* ^.^

2004-10-19 [Dil*]: heh..same..

2004-10-19 [irulan]: When the contest gets to 40 entries, I'll start another page. =)

2004-10-19 [Orouriel]: WHEE behold my Goblin Girl! :-))

2004-10-19 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: lol, cute :D

2004-10-20 [SerenityBug]: I think I'll try this out... :) (*blushes* Oops, sorry [Dark Mousy the Kaitou]...)

2004-10-20 [Dark Mousy the Kaitou]: It's all good >.< I kinda wrote too much anyways. I love yours by the way.^^(pun intended)

2004-10-20 [Sotalean]: Love him? Oo That's a face only a mother could love

2004-10-20 [Dark Mousy the Kaitou]: You've never met me before. *glomps the skeleton face* It's so prettiful!

2004-10-20 [cipher_felsong]: I had an idea for a pic, but, alas, I have no photo reference for the clothing, and I'm getting very frustrated at the lack of such a photo. I would have a few choice words to say about it, but I'm a Christian woman....

2004-10-20 [Chel.]: I entered...

2004-10-20 [Leara]: I didn't even think of using the link to the version on deviant @_@ That one is much bigger.

2004-10-20 [Bratt]: Your version on Deviant is so beautiful Leara your right about losing detail. Fab job!

2004-10-20 [Leara]: Thankies. Shrinking pics hurts >.>

2004-10-20 [Madame Black]: yay Chels! :D

2004-10-20 [SerenityBug]: Cool, I'm happy someone can read the cracks on his head, I was a bit worried no one would pay attention to it.. (=[])

2004-10-20 [SerenityBug]: (By the way [Leara]~I am not much of an anime fan, so don't take this lightly... I went and looked at the larger version of your peice, it is really quite beautifully done! I am very impressed by all the different values, and detail! :))

2004-10-20 [Leara]: Yay! Appreciation! Thankies muchly. ^^

2004-10-20 [irulan]: [Faraday3] - I have moved your entry to the second page so don't panic that it's not here. :)

2004-10-20 [the Indigo]: i enter!

2004-10-20 [Dil*]: contemplating adding background to my piece...hmm

2004-10-20 [moira hawthorne]: a moon some stars and some writing? would work....

2004-10-20 [irulan]: Please put new entries on Page 2!! [the Indigo]: yours is going to be moved.

2004-10-20 [irulan]: Good idea [Sunrose]! :D

2004-10-20 [Dil*]: only spent less than 2 hours coloring so i might spend a bit more time..i still have the psd version so yeah..

2004-10-20 [Sunrose]: *chuckles* thanks!

2004-10-20 [the Indigo]: sorry...

2004-10-21 [Pegasus Rider and Lancer]: a dumb question. For those who are going to enter another picture, do we put that on page 2 as well?

2004-10-21 [moira hawthorne]: yes... How to post it here: Add your image after the last one that has been already posted.

2004-10-21 [Pegasus Rider and Lancer]: Thank you moira. ^_^

2004-10-21 [moira hawthorne]: so rite....

2004-10-21 [Ironballs "the Preposterous One"]: Yay! I've done two photo manips for halloween! So umm... here they are!

2004-10-21 [Adnama]: I wish we could have them be normal sized up here and have them be clickable on Mainstreet for the winners. :P People wouldn't have to lose detail due to shrinkage. :3

2004-10-21 [Ironballs "the Preposterous One"]: Yeah... well I shrunk mine down before posting them... but I see what you mean.

2004-10-21 [DarkJenni]: hey, how do you all color things like that??*rawrs*

2004-10-21 [Leara]: Patience.

2004-10-21 [Ironballs "the Preposterous One"]: Hmmm... Now I wish I still had the original scale image >.<

2004-10-21 [Chel.]: yea, my picture is natually like 4 times bigger...:\

2004-10-21 [moira hawthorne]: mine too!evan the larger version on my house is shruck from the original.....

2004-10-21 [Adnama]: I decided to crop mine smaller instead of trying to shrink the whole thing and get a blurry mess. XP My entry is just a small part of a larger picture. :3

2004-10-21 [Ironballs "the Preposterous One"]: Mine were about 4 times bigger... came from a digi camera so yeah...

2004-10-21 [DarkJenni]: yours is way good....[Adnama]!!loves it.

2004-10-21 [moira hawthorne]: total agrees.... but you are on the next page....

2004-10-21 [Adnama]: Hehe. Thanks! ^_^

2004-10-21 [DarkJenni]: np...I put Jack up to although someone already beat me to it and did a far better job...^_^!

2004-10-21 [Ironballs "the Preposterous One"]: These are all great pieces of work ^^ I'm so happy to be a part of it!

2004-10-21 [DarkJenni]: me too and its fun!!

2004-10-21 [Elloquay]: WHEE! This looks fun! I gotta work on some pics for this. (^__^)

2004-10-22 [Erestor]: Thanks!

2004-10-22 [Sunrose]: You're welcome!

2004-10-22 [RavnBlade]: oh my goodness goshness, once I get my scanner loaded onto my comp, I'll have some work for you

2004-10-22 [Sunrose]: *^^*

2004-10-22 [Les chansons d'amour]: I ahve a pic i did, butits on paint program is this ok?

2004-10-22 [Sunrose]: Send it to me in a PM..

2004-10-22 [WestFactor]: Oooh, this will be fun.

2004-10-24 [WestFactor]: These entries are great, but I have one question. What happened to the 300 x 500 limit? Hehe:)

2004-10-24 [Paul Doyle]: Good question :P

2004-10-24 [Sunrose]: People who didn't follow the rules might be disqualified after being given a warning by us...

2004-10-24 [Yhkamc Tacanja Du Tea]: [Sunrose], I'm wanting to put my picture that has been rezised up, how would I go about doing this? Theres a password on the page now, and I've altered the picture to the 300 x 500 limit

2004-10-24 [Sunrose]: I will send you the password ;)

2004-10-24 [Yhkamc Tacanja Du Tea]: Thanks again, [Sunrose]

2004-10-24 [Sunrose]: You're welcome.. :)

2004-10-24 [Epscillon]: I may need that password in order to resize, too... If you don't mind, [Sunrose]. :)

2004-10-24 [Cathos]: Me too. *smacks own wrist for not reading instructions*

2004-10-24 [Madame Black]: I as well.... I've got to edit my piece

2004-10-24 [Yhkamc Tacanja Du Tea]: Heh.. I think everyone is having to edit their peices now.. :P

2004-10-24 [Erestor]: Yep I need to aswell!

2004-10-24 [SerenityBug]: Theres just something about putting a password in that tends to make everyone need to fix certain mishaps. ;)

2004-10-24 [Sunrose]: Well that's ok, it works then doesn't it: people need to fix their entry! I will remove password again for a day.

2004-10-25 [Sir. Robert]: Ok...I fixed my two pictures...sorry about that :P

2004-10-25 [Madame Black]: I'm so sorry, but I had to delete one of mine so I kinda threw off the number system... hope you dont mind that I fixed the numbers on this page to be correct, but I'm sure the ones on the other page are still not right >.<

2004-10-25 [The Dark Lord]: ok thnx for letting us no, ill sort it out

2004-10-26 [Sunrose]: This contest will close the 27th at midnight Swedish time: get your entries up before that time!

2004-10-27 [Chel.]: why cant you do it?:\

2004-10-27 [Asrun]: The full pages are now password protected

2004-10-27 [WestFactor]: Procrastinators have page 3 all to ourselves. :/ lol

2004-10-27 [Chel.]: oh yea...missed that detail...

2004-10-27 [Asrun]: Baaad procrastinators! XD Hehehe! There's some great entries on those pages though

2004-10-27 [ShadowPhoenix]: When does this comp close?

2004-10-27 [Chel.]: read the quote above the pic silly

2004-10-27 [irulan]: [Dil*] - I changed your entry. =)

2004-10-27 [Madame Black]: gah... and I've got to edit my picture again! larger version here...

2004-10-27 [Dil*]: thanks :)

2004-10-27 [DarkJenni]: can't wait tell the 27th!*meeps*

2004-10-27 [Leara]: It's tomorrow. >.>

2004-10-27 [DarkJenni]: *laughs* because she didn't know it.^_^

2004-10-27 [WestFactor]: Gah, I'll have to scramble after work!

2004-10-27 [SerenityBug]: ..Hmm, I got asked if I took a picture of my entry then photoshoped it... I wonder how I did that..

2004-10-27 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: hehe... x-rayed your skull first or something :D

2004-10-27 [SerenityBug]: Oh ya caught me! ..Darn it! Heh, I actually drew it first, scanned it, stuck it in photoshop, used the burn tool, and dodge tool, then the plastic filter... And Voila!

2004-10-27 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: *applause & cheers*... woot woot! :)

2004-10-27 [Madame Black]: hope I can get to change it one last time before the deadline! >.<

2004-10-27 [WestFactor]: AAGGH...*scribbles* FAAWWWK!

2004-10-27 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: uh?

2004-10-28 [Madame Black]: gah... darnit..

2004-10-28 [SerenityBug]: ...Don't you just love deadlines?

2004-10-28 [DarkJenni]: *sniffles* no....

2004-10-28 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: hehe :)

2004-10-28 [Paul Doyle]: *jaw drops* better plan this better next time :P

2004-10-28 [Thistlewood]: When will we see the winners on mainstreet?

2004-10-28 [Yhkamc Tacanja Du Tea]: Lol. People seem to be getting stressed over the announcements... We should give the council and assmebly time to pick out the winners :) I should think it takes a while to do so.. Theres alot of entries..

2004-10-28 [Thistlewood]: No, just wondering. I'm not in a hurry!

2004-10-28 [Yhkamc Tacanja Du Tea]: Heh, I think some people will be.. they may have been the first ones to get it up and are at the edges of their seats in anticipation ;P

2004-10-28 [SerenityBug]: Well, personally... I'm not worried at all, I'll be happy to get a participant badge.

2004-10-28 [Thistlewood]: I'm not worried about that either. I just joined to prove to myself that I could do it.

2004-10-29 [DarkJenni]: agrees with Scarlet Desire, me too!

2004-10-29 [irulan]: The winners should be announced sometime on Halloween day. 

2004-10-30 [DarkJenni]: yay!...I mean, O.o cool!

2004-10-31 [Elmiira]: happy halloween everyone!

2004-10-31 [DarkJenni]: BOO!!!

2004-10-31 [Yhkamc Tacanja Du Tea]: Happy Hallow's Eve, Elftown ! :)

2004-10-31 [The Dark Lord]: Happy halloween

2004-10-31 [DarkJenni]: Trick or Treat?

2004-10-31 [the Indigo]: what they said and all that jazz

2004-10-31 [Yhkamc Tacanja Du Tea]: Lol! Weird.. No Halloweeners have come to this house yet.. Alot of them did do at this time of night... Hmm..

2004-10-31 [SerenityBug]: ...Roar!?

2004-10-31 [Charybdis]: I swear I didn't eat them! *burp*

2004-10-31 [Leara]: My cousin and her friend have been to my house so far. It's almost 8...:S My aunt next door only had two people so far too...; _ ; My first year not trick or treating...I wanted to get rid of my hang over by handing out candy, I even made a jack o lantern and tried to make it look like Jack Skellington..

2004-10-31 [moira hawthorne]: hehehehhehehehehehe frightening the kids coming to the door! HAPPY SAMHAIN!!!

2004-10-31 [DarkJenni]: *laughs* carving pumpkins are gross...ew, it felt I was takin out some sort of hands are kinda orange.>.<, but it was fun!

2004-10-31 [Sunrose]: eeek!

2004-11-01 [Leara]: I love carving pumpkns

2004-11-01 [moira hawthorne]: SUGAR HIGH!!!

2004-11-01 [DarkJenni]: ...and then later, roasting the pumpkins seeds are the best...*pokes* moira hawthrone* give me some CANDY!!!

2004-11-01 [moira hawthorne]: *flings candy about* hehehehehehehe

2004-11-01 [Asrun]: I've had about 30 kids. My pumpkin was carved as the mad hatter. :D Only as a skeleton

2004-11-01 [Leara]: I've learned I suck at coming up with faces to carve. >.>

2004-11-01 [moira hawthorne]: Eirikr (my almost 4 yr old) carved his own this year! o.O

2004-11-01 [DarkJenni]: O.o, I carved a skeleton face type thingy, it was easy, but I got pumpkin guts all over me..*take the candy* whee!

2004-11-01 [Charybdis]: *sigh* We didn't even do a jack-o-lantern this year.. no kids came at all, not even my faithful two babysittees ;_; But then, it's raining.. meh. Hope you all are having a more exciting evening :)

2004-11-01 [DarkJenni]: what? no trick or treators?awww....*sniffles*

2004-11-01 [Charybdis]: Well, we do live out of town, lol, but there is a bag of small chocolates we got just in case, and since noone has come by.. :d

2004-11-01 [DarkJenni]: i get all the candy!!yeah!candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy!!

2004-11-01 [Charybdis]: *gives you some*

2004-11-01 [DarkJenni]: woa....*takes the candy too*mmmm....

2004-11-01 [moira hawthorne]: Eirikr hauled home enough candy to keep us busy for a year eating it.....

2004-11-01 [DarkJenni]: *suddendly feels sick...* no more

2004-11-01 [moira hawthorne]: 'one thin chocolate waffer'

2004-11-01 [DarkJenni]: *wonders win this contest will be featuring on Mainstreet*O.o*and can't wait any longer*

2004-11-01 [Leara]: We had a box of 30 little bags of mini chips ahoy cookies, a box of 27 bags of hickory sticks, and a box of 8 juice pack thingys to give to cousins...a cousin and her friend came, they got one of the rest is ours I was raining here too...

2004-11-01 [moira hawthorne]: It stop raining today! prefert!

2004-11-01 [Leara]: It was raining off and on all was so...un-eventful.

2004-11-01 [Chel.]: so who won?? i thought they would say today...

2004-11-01 [DarkJenni]: me too, that is what I thought!

2004-11-01 [Chel.]: hmm...

2004-11-01 [ButterflyFairy]: *has had way too much chocolate today*...LOL

2004-11-01 [Chel.]: me too!! *begins to do sit-ups*

2004-11-01 [Chel.]: CONGRATS WINNERS!!! It was very well deserved!! and Yay for the participants (like myself) who get halloween badges!!!

2004-11-01 [Charybdis]: Yes, well done, both of you! ^_^

2004-11-01 [akhirah]: XD!!!!!

2004-11-01 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: we get halloween badges? cool... when can we see them :)

2004-11-01 [moira hawthorne]: CONGRATS WINNERS!!! Trick or Treat? by [akhirah]

2004-11-01 [Epscillon]: speaking of badges, where can the ones for the participants be found? :p (good job winners!)

2004-11-01 [moira hawthorne]: CONGRATS WINNERS!!! Freaky Fur by [Adnama] & Trick or Treat? by [akhirah]

2004-11-01 [Dil*]: congrats to winners!!!!!!

2004-11-01 [Erestor]: yeppo well done!

2004-11-01 [Yhkamc Tacanja Du Tea]: Greatly done ^^ Well done to the two winners :)

2004-11-01 [Thistlewood]: Congrats Winners!!!!!

2004-11-01 [ButterflyFairy]: Congrats to the winners!!!..And all the entries were awesome!^_^

2004-11-01 [Yncke]: Congratulations to the winners!

2004-11-01 [Asrun]: Congrats Winners. :)

2004-11-01 [akhirah]: thnx *happiness..*

2004-11-01 [Chel.]: hey [Epscillon], usually the people in like the assembly put them on your house least that is what they did when i was in the mainstreet image competition...

2004-11-01 [Sunrose]: you will be given the badge eventually, it takes a little time to proces.. :)

2004-11-01 [Chel.]: yup yup!! ^.^

2004-11-02 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: yay... *does the 'i can't wait to get a badge' dance* =)

2004-11-02 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: yay! a badge :D thx badge people

2004-11-02 [DarkJenni]: congratulations to the winners and hoooozaaa for the badge, thankies!^_^

2004-11-02 [RFCreeps]: Time for me to conform. YEY! Congadulations to the winners.

2004-11-02 [RFCreeps]: Oh, and that wasn't meant to sound that sarcastic... Heh. But nice work.

2004-11-02 [WestFactor]: Congrats. :)

2004-11-02 [Cookieholic]: congrats you two ^_^

2004-11-02 [Lady Diamanta]: Congratulations! ^^

2004-11-03 [Adnama]: Thanks so much! :D

2004-11-04 [Kemical Reaxion]: Congrats to both of ya! Two definitely well-deserved wins.

2004-11-04 [trevi726]: great job pplz and to who didnt win good luck next time!

2004-11-05 [birdsong]: Congratulations to EVERYONE! You All did a Wonderful job!!

2008-01-27 [Artsieladie]: I uploaded [akhirah]'s image to Elftown. :)

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