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Halloween Art Competition - 2005, Page 1

Please see the rules on the main page:

Halloween Art Competition


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Reminder: Number your entries, and separate them with the <hr> tag.

1."Jack as a Man" - [DarkJenni]
Click here for bigger view.

2. 'Devil's Night is NOT a Cat's Delight' [moira hawthorne]

3. 'Its Not Santa On Your Roof' [evilclownofdeath]

4. 'What Preys on Hallow's Eve...' (can't think of a better title...) by [the Indigo]

5. 'Death's Day' by [Sir. Robert]

6. 'Halloween-icorn' What can I say, I'm not good with titles.^^; by [Forever Equine]

7. 'Halloween night' by [Blue Highway]

8. Halloween of judgement' by [Artemis Riddle]

9. "Halloween with Friends" by [Melocrie]

10. Removed: photomanipulation

11."Photos should scare you." By [Suzu]

12."Jack Skellington." By [lraina]

13."Spiders Snare" by [Cloudwatcher]India Ink and Sharpie..O.o

14. "Halloween Cats" by [Katie Staines]

15. "Happy halloween"[madmal]

16. "Omg eet lives!" [evilhamster]

17. "Even chibis dress up for Halloween" (Kurama from YuYu Hakusho) [Tabi]

18. "Trick or treat" [RoyDante]

19. "Happy Halloween" [Ocean Soul]

20. "Trick or Treat" [Sue Falkenkralle]


22.'Life of revenge' [Nocternity S.]

23.'Merciless Death' [Nocternity S.]

24. 'Devils Dance' just a little 3some... in party dress. ink pen and antique colour via PS [moira hawthorne]

25. "Happy Ghosting" [spiritee]

26."Halloween Nightmare." By [lraina]

27."Halloween's creatures"[Ikko]

28. "My pumpkin patch" [zacula]

29. "What's Inside?" [zacula]

30. "cheesy cat" [Aidan Ryuko]

31. I changed my entry, this one is 'what happends when you don't give children sweets'. you see the head? [Artemis Riddle]

32. Trick or Treat [Dark Angel]

33. Wicked Witch of Wymondham [cobwebb]

34. I told you I wasn’t a *bleeping* costume!! XD [toycar]

35. "Never Too Old" [spiritee]

36. Happy Halloween! [*Cookie Monster*]

37. [Li-Ga] - Wizard Wolard (in his owl form) is wishing you a Happy Halloween!
(watersoluble pencils on black paper)

38. "Bubble,Bubble Toil and Trouble" [Mom]

39. 'Angel of Darkness' [Soul Guardian]/ [xX.//Standing Up From Underneath//.Xx]

40. 'Not what it seems' [sugar_crazy_Fox]


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2005-10-22 [spiritee]: tsk.. too little time left..

2005-10-22 [moira hawthorne]: [Katie Staines] I love your cats!

2005-10-22 [bluefarie]: hey, um, i thought you weren't allowed to use photos?

2005-10-22 [Katie Staines]: Heehee, thank you [moira hawthorne]! I must say that I love your cat much better though, it has such a deviously cute face! So sweet!

2005-10-22 [Forever Equine]: I like your cats black! Makes me want to go bowling! Lol! They're cute.=)

2005-10-22 [Katie Staines]: Heehee, thats what they were at first, the concepts for turning bowling pins into cats. It got a little out of hand. ^.^ SssssTRrrrrIKE!!!

2005-10-22 [Forever Equine]: Hehe! Fun concept and well done!=D

2005-10-22 [Artemis Riddle]: [madmal] if you add <*img:*> without the stars, your picture will be shown in stead of just the link to it.

2005-10-22 [moira hawthorne]: O.O elephant? wow now thats different...

2005-10-22 [Forever Equine]: A sexy one at that!;) I love the shading on the pumpkins.=)

2005-10-22 [moira hawthorne]: Bet she like to hear sweet nothings whispered in her ear....   ....from the next block...

2005-10-22 [RoyDante]: #6 is absolutely beautiful! :D

2005-10-23 [Forever Equine]: Thank you but the shading on yours is AWESOME Roy! It's so smooth and clean!

2005-10-23 [bluefarie]: there are 2 #13's...& #10 is a photo...& i thought there were no pictures allowed...?

2005-10-23 [moira hawthorne]: 10 is a photmanipulation... it art.. its not a photo

2005-10-23 [bluefarie]: "All mediums, excepting photography, will be accepted." it says nothing about photomanipulation...

2005-10-23 [moira hawthorne]: yes it does... All mediums includes photomanipulation ... the ONLY THING excluded is PHOTOs

2005-10-23 [moira hawthorne]: if any should be deleted it maybe should be... 3....[ Please put forth your best effort and the best quality, i.e. no drawings on lined notebook paper. Any such entry will be removed. Also, scan your images if at all possible.] ... 3....cant possible be a best effort.. the fact... its not flat... its not cropped.. it shows the ringbinder...

2005-10-23 [Forever Equine]: Not to nit pick but I have to agree with [moira hawthorne]

2005-10-23 [bluefarie]: well, that really isn't lined paper..but, i know what you mean..that's how i feel about #10

2005-10-23 [moira hawthorne]: 10 is straight and cropped and doesnt show the back ground or or pad or what ever

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