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2005-10-30 00:05:12
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Halloween Art Competition - 2005, Page 2

Please see the rules on the main page:

Halloween Art Competition


Reminder: Number your entries, and separate them with the <hr> tag.

41. Entry removed - photomanipulation

42. Entry removed - photomanipulation

43. ">:0" [evilhamster]

44. The pumpkin ghost [Lakayana]

45. Halloween Humore [tigerwitch]

46. "Boo!" [Levoton]

47. 'Full Moon' [Charybdis]

48. 'When All Show True' [Child of God]


49. 'Brent' [LastDecember]

50. "Halloween at the Inn" [Apus]


51."crappy Halloween" [~Crimson Angel~]

52. Twilight at Hadeshorn [Aradon Templar]
(click to enlarge)

53. "halloween belongs to the anthros" (thanx for helping me get it posted [Hummingbird])-[raynesprite]

"Anthro Zack Greeting" [Rat Hacker]
Just because the anthro/human is diabetic doesn't mean he still can't attempt to look intimidating. Diabetes makes you no different then others.

55. "halloween spirit" - [!!!Yulyusik!!!]

56. "Witch of Halloween" - [Leara] Email compressed the linework...>.> Used the same characters from last year's Halloween pic, this time though instead of the kitty being in the pumpkin, the kitty ate the pumpkin in kitty. O.O

57. "Time To Fright and Shine" - [Artsieladie]

58. "Halloween Spirit: Hochi" - [liiga] My first Halloween themed drawing ever, woot. ^^

59.[*Midori*] This is Candy! Halloween CANDY! She gives reasons for smiling ^_^
B.Jack belongs to Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Nano the elftown maiden, belongs to me! ^-^

60. [Lothuriel] Goblins and Fairies and Candy, oh my!

61. Penguin Bear - [Artsieladie]


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2005-10-30 [Charybdis]: Slightly ;)

2005-10-30 [nokaredes]: Is this contest closed now?

2005-10-30 [Charybdis]: Yes. It's been about 45 minutes :)

2005-10-30 [nokaredes]: *annoyed*

2005-10-30 [Charybdis]: The deadline was on the main page, and it is past midnight Elftown time... :/

2005-10-30 [nokaredes]: I don't see the main page, and I never said I was annoyed at you ;P

2005-10-30 [Charybdis]: ^^; You don't see the main page?

2005-10-30 [nokaredes]: >_> ...not often enough to remember the end date to this contest...

2005-10-30 [Charybdis]: Ah. -_-;; Well, there's always the Christmas one...

2005-10-30 [nokaredes]: Pfft.

2005-10-30 [*Midori*]: Dang I went out trick or treating the deadlines over! *crys* I wanted to edit my pic more! ...Oh well candy makes it better *eats a whole bag* lol

2005-10-30 [Leara]: O.O It's not halloween could you go trick or treating

2005-10-30 [Lothuriel]: lots of places are having trick-or-treating tonight. 

2005-10-30 [Leara]: O.O Weird. We've always done it on Halloween night.

2005-10-30 [Lothuriel]: Usually here we almost always have it on Friday before or after...this year we are having it on Monday and that stinks.

2005-10-30 [Leara]: Why? Most people I know of don't stay out later than 9, so even on school nights you still get as much candy as on weekends

2005-10-30 [toycar]: where i live, the best candy you get are cough mints from 80 year old men... or dental floss. :(

2005-11-21 [Lakayana]: why can't I find a badge in my own house? I see the Halloween Art 05 badge in the houses of all those who participated except me. Am I exemted from it?

2005-11-21 [Child of God]: I don't have a badge either. How do we go about getting one if we submitted art?

2005-11-21 [Lothuriel]: Be patient and wait....

2005-11-21 [Charybdis]: Badging doesn't happen on its own, which is why it can take a while for everyone to get one. :)

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