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Town Guides are members of Elftown who well know their way around the winding streets, dark caves and sprawling woods of Elftown. They are active on help-wikis and/or in the forums such as the newbie-forum. Knowing the way they can answer all sorts of questions and help new members get acquainted with all that is possible on Elftown.


Town Guides

Illustrious [Flisky]
Illustrious [Ravendust]


I have a Question!

You have a question, what can you do?
1. Go to Help and seek if there is a wiki answering your question. You can also ask questions on those wikis.
2. Go to the newbie-forum and make a post with your question.
To go to the newbie forum, click <URL:view_forum.html?forumnr=1>
3. Ask your question in the comment section of this wiki.

Note: Do not send your question in a personal message. Asking the question as given above will prevent cluttered inboxes of Guides and will also assure you a faster answer!

Please keep this wiki chat free so that the Guides can do their work. Unrelated comments may be deleted.


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2005-03-26 [hanhepi]: *waits for someone to need help. * there was someone, but i wasnt quick enough to snag them off the council page, someone got them first. sigh.

2005-03-26 [hanhepi]: in the "I have a question" section.. should "commentsection" be one word, or 2?

2005-03-26 [Paul Doyle]: Hello, where can I get a good bite to eat? ^_^

2005-03-26 [hanhepi]: um..., try your kitchen! :P

2005-03-26 [Paul Doyle]: LMAO! Some things are best left buried.

2005-03-26 [hanhepi]: yes i know. lol thats why i'm gonna edit that comment.

2005-03-26 [Paul Doyle]: "Cooking with Pauly!" Dear lord, now I've got fodder for another "Pauly the Anthro-Dragon" pic when I can't be motivated to work on illustrations for Novel One.

2005-03-26 [hanhepi]: so, do i get a congratulations or what man?? lol. I got this job yesterday, and ive only helped one person since then. i keep hoping for more people to help. lol. 

2005-03-26 [True, plain and simple]: Congrats. :P

2005-03-26 [Paul Doyle]: *hugs and congrats* Plenty of good will come of this wiki :) 

2005-03-26 [hanhepi]: ty you guys. lmao @ the pomp and circumstance.  now, drag some Noobs in here. lol.

2005-05-03 [Raejinx]: Hey ppl

2005-05-03 [Raejinx]: I hav no Idea bout how 2 work dis site:(

2005-05-04 [hanhepi]: ok, heres a few links to get you started: and Help

2005-05-22 [Poindextra]: I fixed a spelling mistake in the second paragraph. "Acquainted."

2005-05-23 [hanhepi]: thank you :)

2005-06-02 [ally]: looky looky I'm "illustrios" >:p

2005-06-03 [hanhepi]: congratulations ally!!!!

2005-06-03 [ally]: ^_^ Thankyou. Looks like I'm in good company here =p

2005-06-03 [hanhepi]: yeah, the company is great! but buisness is sloooow.

2005-06-03 [ally]: Hehe guess we'll have to help eachother out here. Any problems? :p

2005-06-03 [hanhepi]: not so far, other than sunrose creating new help wiki's i can direct people to, and not having anyone ask for help on the wiki. those are the only problems so far. hehe

2005-06-03 [ally]: hehe I have a problem watching all those help-wiki's :p

2005-06-03 [hanhepi]: i dont watch them all.. just the main ones: the how do i? one, the help-how does et work one and hel. lol.

2005-06-03 [nokaredes]: then I think I'm watching more than you are. ;P

2005-06-03 [hanhepi]: i basicly only watch the ones i need to take links from.

2005-06-03 [nokaredes]: I watch the ones that I want to know if they change (AKA, the Uploading Art Rules)

2005-06-03 [nokaredes]: Oh, and since I'm here, would you happen to know where the 'learn HTML' wikis have gotten to?

2005-06-03 [ally]: you mean pseudo-html? guide to the pseudo HTML on Elftown Otherwise I wouldn't know O.o But there's a nice tutorial on :p

2005-06-04 [nokaredes]: ah, thanks. ^_^

2005-06-04 [nokaredes]: Are there any wiki rules, besides the ones at the Uploading Art Rules?

2005-06-04 [ally]: Depends on whether the wiki is advertized or not I guess.

2005-06-04 [nokaredes]: Oh, I forgot you were a guide. >_<

2005-06-04 [nokaredes]: The wiki we're talking about is advertised.

2005-06-04 [ally]: ^^only recently. Hm I would go to [thispersonisgone] house and report her to the guards, ask them if they want to ask her to remove the ad. I don't think that wiki breaks the rules as long as they don't post pictures.

2005-06-04 [nokaredes]: Well, I'm sure somebody has already done so, if only there was a guard here to tell me. *stares at [ally]* you're not a guard, too, are you?

2005-06-04 [ally]: No, hehe don't worry, I'm harmless =p. Gah I guess she is breaking a rule by asking minors to post nude pics of themselves though. O.o Gah what a creepy person

2005-06-04 [ally]: "- Abuse of Elftown systems in a way others find offensive.For example, running around yelling at people to 'cyber' with you isn't the smartest thing you could do." Well she's not exactly running around but I consider her to be an asshole

2005-06-04 [nokaredes]: Where's that from?

2005-06-04 [ally]: the Elftown rules: rule #1: don't be an asshole: What is an asshole?

2005-06-04 [missy123]: how do you see the name of people who joined?

2005-06-05 [ally]: Joined what? Elftown? Your wiki? O.o

2005-06-23 [Sunrose]: Crap! I wasn't watching this page! -_-

2005-06-23 [ally]: :o

2005-07-01 [Sunrose]: I have seen a preview of your badgyyy! It's awesome! :D

2005-07-01 [hanhepi]: oooo!! its almost done??? yay!!

2005-07-01 [Sunrose]: *^_^*

2005-07-01 [True, plain and simple]: :O

2005-07-02 [ally]: Badgyyy? Where? What? Something I need to see?

2005-07-02 [Sunrose]: Not yet :p

2005-07-02 [ally]: Can't you give a little hint? *hopes it's not some creepy bug* XD

2005-07-02 [Sunrose]: It's a dog :p

2005-07-02 [nokaredes]: That makes sense ;)

2005-07-03 [ally]: I hope it's a golden retriever *crosses fingers* :p

2005-07-03 [Sunrose]: Not telling =P

2005-07-05 [ally]: :(

2005-07-12 [Janouk]: Oohhh...Shiny brand new badges from [May-lea] ^__^

2005-07-12 [Sunrose]: Yea! :D

2005-07-13 [Erestor]: Wow, the new badge rocks

2005-07-13 [Sunrose]: It's awesome! It looks like a picture, amazing! (because it isn't a picture ;)

2005-07-18 [hanhepi]: great badge! so perty!

2005-07-19 [Sunrose]: Yea! :D

2005-07-21 [Paul Doyle]: You can sense that tail is wagging, like a good eager helpful doggie :) Just hide your shoes when you aren't wearing them :P

2005-07-28 [me-lexi]: hi

2005-08-12 [Paz]: hello

2005-09-13 [Cina]: I have a quick question! I try to edit my house, and even though I go to change a single letter, or even to delete things, I click "edit this page" and a little box pops up wanting me to save some sort of file onto my computer (that I can't open) and I never get to actually edit the page. Does anyone know why?

2005-09-15 [hanhepi]: can you copy / paste exactly what it says for me?

2005-09-15 [Cina]: sure thing ^_^

2005-09-15 [Cina]: First it says "Do you want to open or safe this file?" Below that.."Name:" then "Type: unknown file type, 89 bytes" then "From:"

2005-09-15 [hanhepi]: try removing 2 of the pics from the description. any 2, just to see if that fixes it. you are 2 images over the limit. let me know if that fixes it.

2005-09-15 [Cina]: alright, thank you!

2005-09-16 [Cina]: It worked! ^_^ Thank you very much, I wasn't even sure of the image limit (insubordinate me..!)! *bow* thank you very much!

2005-09-16 [hanhepi]: lmao!. no problem. 

2005-09-26 [xlilkikix]: Hey, How do I put a link to my wiki on my page? Because I know that links to other houses have to beinside the []'s

2005-09-26 [hanhepi]: well, you link simmilar to writing a link to a house. you use the bracketts []. only between them you put TheWiki Name@wiki . its the @wiki part that makes it work. :D

2005-09-27 [Erestor]: i.e. [wikiname@wiki]

2005-09-27 [hanhepi]: yup. good example. i was too lazy to find the tage that makes a link not work. lol

2005-09-27 [Erestor]: :P No problem here to look like a smart-ass. =OP

2005-09-28 [hanhepi]: *gasp* thats why i'm here too! are you tryig to steal my job? *makes shifty eyes* <.< ... ^.^ ... >.>

2005-09-28 [Erestor]: *shakes head* nope. >.>

2005-09-28 [hanhepi]: oh good! :)

2005-09-28 [hanhepi]: ok my turn to ask a stupid question: it said there was a wiki change or a wiki comment (not sure which, i just saw "guides" and clicked it like i usually do.) it took me to the top of the page like it was a wiki change, but 2005-07-12 was the last day it was editied, and there was no new comment... so. why am i here? why did it say there was a change/comment?

2005-09-28 [Sunrose]: Maybe someone commented and then removed the comment again?

2005-09-28 [ally]: What idiot would do such a thing? :O

2005-09-28 [Sunrose]: It sounds like you feel addressed :p

2005-09-28 [ally]: :P I sometimes realize too late that I should keep my mouth shut ...

2005-09-29 [Sunrose]: *glomps* :p

2005-09-29 [hanhepi]: lmao. well, damnit, dont do that. it makes me feel like i have lost my friggin mind when i'm on a wiki then dont see anything new anywhere on it. i'm always like "whoa.. how'd i get here, there is no change.. i swear i clicked on a change... i don't think i came here to say somethin..." lol

2005-09-29 [ally]: *snogs leg*

2005-09-30 [Tess_F]:, hey? what to write here?

2005-09-30 [hanhepi]: a question preferably. a question about how to do something.

2005-10-08 [Destination Darkness]: if thereĀ“s something missing (i think so) in the log-in formular to whom should I pass a msg???

2005-10-08 [Erestor]: No, it's because I edited the comment I made. :P

2005-10-08 [Sunrose]: I don't think editing a comment means you get a new notification >.>

2005-10-08 [Erestor]: Really? I was under the impression it did. :S Oh well .. in that case I have no idea.

2005-10-14 [peacefrog]: Can I make a link to my poll instead of just saying "taake my polll" in a whiny type? If so, how?

2005-10-14 [Sunrose]: Yes, write <poll:number> :)

2005-10-14 [peacefrog]: where's the poll number. I knew it! I'm going blind...

2005-10-14 [Sunrose]: If you look at the poll itself there is a number there: number) Question

2005-10-14 [peacefrog]: therein lie my problems. Any way to make it a bit more descriptive?

2005-10-14 [Sunrose]: Where is the poll you want to link to? :)

2005-10-14 [peacefrog]: just my poll page.

2005-10-14 [Sunrose]: <poll:60874> :)

2005-10-14 [peacefrog]: I'm afraid that either you or I don't understand... I wonder if there is some way to have it say "The Coolest Dead Guy" for example.

2005-10-14 [Sunrose]: No you can't have it say that, this is the only way you can link to your poll...

2005-10-14 [peacefrog]: thanks.

2006-03-29 [Crimson Angel]: I was wondering where or who you leave a message with for a suggestion of improvement for elftown???

2006-03-30 [Crimson Angel]: thanx

2006-10-02 [taste the rainbow, punk]: I am unable to log into Elftown when I am using Firefox as my browser. Every time I try, it just takes me to the mainstreet as if I hadn't logged in. Internet Explorer works fine, but I would rather not use it if I have the choice. Do you know what the problem is?

2006-10-02 [nokaredes]: ( this one of those wikis like Guards where only people with the badge are supposed to answer?)

2006-10-02 [Zab]: Firefox is just messy like that, try to log in on and bookmark that page before you log in. That works for me.:)

[nokaredes] You can answer here if you know and are sure of the answer. :) The reason people shouldn't answer on the guards page is that many of the questions isn't possible to answer for a non-guard; guards can see more things about a member, messages and so on, than other members can. :)

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