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Here are the names of all those who have had fifteen (15) or more poems featured on Main Street. They are our Grandmaster Poets!


The Grandmaster Poets

[Akayume] - 21
[Alexi Ice] -18
[Doormat] - 25
[Chetleon] - 18
[davis van] - 15
[kamisch] - 28
[little flag] - 24
[MyAlterEgo] - 16
[Nioniel] - 17
[Nite_Owl] - 21
[Nuriko-kun] - 18
[pegasus1000] - 15
[Roma] - 17
[Deus Ex Taco] - 16
[tenshi-ryuu] - 15
[hannes] - 26
[Tickle Me Emo] - 19
[Triola] - 20

Those who have had their poetry featured on Main Street 30 times become Great Grandmaster Poets.


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2010-08-15 [Nite_Owl]: I think you should be made honorary Grandmaster Poet :D

2010-08-15 [Linderel]: And how would that work? xD

2010-08-15 [Nite_Owl]: I dunno lol :P But you deserve it regardless! So sad that bosses can't be chosen.

2010-08-16 [Linderel]: Well, they can be. Every once in a while. If one of the other bosses on the job does it. But my poems were removed from the queue for safekeeping ages ago (so that True wouldn't accidentally feature them) so there's nothing to pick. :)

2010-11-25 [kamisch]: Yay for 3rd!
*bares hairy chest*
...and I hope others get that reference, otherwise it's just...odd ;) Thanks guys!

2011-04-07 [Akayume]: So when does it switch to a colored badge? :O I always forget the progression (since it starts off green and goes from there).

2011-04-07 [Linderel]: I have it written down somewhere xD *goes look*

2011-04-07 [Akayume]: YOU DO!?

2011-04-07 [Linderel]: Ah, yes. 22. There's actually no logical progression; the numbers are a tad bumpy. :P The next stage, a green Great Grandmaster Poets badge, comes at 30. I've not yet firmly decided on a coloured badge limit for that one since my obsession with the number 42 keeps interfering.

2011-04-07 [Akayume]: XD I see. I am excited to see the first person to reach that 22 point. :P

2011-04-11 [kamisch]: 42 is for the Ultimate Grandmaster! :D

2011-04-16 [Doormat]: /r/ namechange from Great Grandmaster Poet to Legendary Poet. Also, the badge is a rainbow seizure .gif.

2011-05-09 [Akayume]: Sounds like a plan Stan. :P

2011-06-07 [LIL_ELF_GURL14]: *jaw drops* holyy cow. they must be amazing :P

2012-04-27 [tenshi-ryuu]: Hahahaha, Wheee! Goal Accomplished :)

2012-04-27 [tenshi-ryuu]: To that note, my badge is only listing 13 featured. Hmmmm. :D

2012-04-27 [Flisky]: Fixed it. Thanks for letting us know.

2012-04-28 [tenshi-ryuu]: Danke!

2012-06-25 [Tickle Me Emo]: WAOH~! That's my name! ^^

2012-11-02 [Doormat]: Apparently I'm neck and neck (once this updates) with someone who hasn't been active in a year. GGgggggggggggggggggg

2012-12-10 [kamisch]: I was out. But I'm here now >P I better submit more poems lol.

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