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Year of the Boar (Pig)
Going Whole Hog

Years: 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031, 2043...
Positive Qualities: Reliable, Sincere, tolerant, caring, industrious, persistent, brave
Negative Qualities: Shy, short tempered, one-track mind, headstrong
Suitable Jobs: teacher, nurse, researcher
Compatible With: Rabbits, Sheep, Tiger (and Cats!)
Must Avoid: Snake, Monkey, other Boars
Ruling Hours: 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Season: Fall
Ruling Month: November
Sign Direction: North-Northwest
Fixed Element: Water
Corresponding Western Sign: Scropio


The Boar is the last of the twelve great animals of the Zodiac. While it can generally be assumed that the Boar was off feeding its face for most of the great race, one lesser-known version of the fable centers on the animals being asked to tell why they deserved to reside at the top of the Zodiac. While the Bull said it helped the farmer plow the fields and the Snake talked about how smart it was, all the boar could come up with was that the meat on his bones tasted good to eat. Sure this might not sound like a very positive thing to say, but at least the Boar was being honest.

Boars are born with an inner strength that few others can match. Offsetting the Boar's bravery is their horribly short temped that makes it all to east for a Boar to fly into a rage at the slightest provocation. Luckily, Boars generally dislike having arguments and seldom harbor any long-term grudges against anyone that has the unfortunate luck of crossing them. For anyone lucky enough to befriend a Boar thought, they are often greatly rewarded as Boars are extremely loyal and prefer to have a smaller, more close knit group of friends that are with them a lifetime.

Another interesting point to bring up about Boars is that women born in this year tend to be neat freaks--especially where their home is concerned. You would be hard pressed to find a speck of dirt or dust anywhere in sight. Male Boars onthe other had will never be able to shake the troublesome stigma that all they would rather do it wallow in the mud all day.

Even so, Boars of both sexes have a genuine thirst for knowledge and are typically well-informed individuals. They are hard working and have almost too much energy at times. Boars are often taken advantage of because they can never say "no" when asked for help. Sadly, this tend to lead them into money problems at some point of another in their life. And while Boars do manage to find a way to crawl out of their rut, they can never quite seem to keep themselves out of it due to their inability to see the sky for the trees.

Celebrity Boars:
Cristina Applegate
Tom Arnold
David Boreanaz
Val Kilmer
Stephen King
Winona Ryder
Miss Piggy

(c)1999 Natsuki Takaya

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