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This is a glossary and guide list for words specific to Elftown. Some words are frequently 'misspelled' here you can find the official terms, their meaning and their spelling.


Glossary specific FAQ -> gloss_guide_faq
Not to be confused with the Elftown FAQ.

General Spelling Guide -> spelling_guide
For frequently misspelled and/or misused words, such as its/it's.

Explanation of Abbreviated phrases -> Abbreviations
For explanation of LOL, NP, etc.



We are currently listing only those letters which have words for them. Why? Because the page is already getting too big.

- > symbol in the Online Friends box that indicates they're online.
* - symbol in the Online Friends box that indicates they're logged out
? - symbol in the Online Friends box that indicates they have not been here for ten minutes or longer

Antiban - the term for the feature that allows some people to log in from banned places. Also, the act of this.

Badge - an emblem awarded for a particular accomplishment. For for information, please see the Hall of Fame
Boss - term used for some of the crew members. They run/maintain certain parts of Elftown. For more information, please see Wiki Bosses, Daily Image Bosses, Daily Poem Bosses, and ElfChat Bosses.

Comment - Your reply to a particular posting or another comment in a thread.
Copyright - the exclusive legal right to reproduce, publish, and sell a matter and form (as of a literary, musical, or artistic work). Such a work being on the internet does NOT mean it is public property.
(note - some people CANNOT get the meaning of copyright into their head, and there should be no need to put the word here.)
See also the Uploading Art Rules for more information.
Crew - people who work to make your stay in Elftown as comfortable as possible. See the Elftown Council for more information.

Daily Image/Daily Art - term for the image (and the 'service') on the Main Street. Please see Featured Art for more information. 
Daily Poem - term for the poem (and the 'service') on the Main Street. Please see Daily Poem for more information.
Description - term for the 'biography' you post in Your House. But basically you can put anything there.

Edit/Editing - term for making changes in a comment, posting, or on a wiki-page.
Elfchat - the chatbox Elftown has. Please see ElfChat for more information, or contact the ElfChat Bosses.
Elfmail - the name for the messaging system Elftown has.
Elftown - this community. See also FAQ for more information.
Elftowner - a member of Elftown
Elfwood - Online gallery or library to which Elftown is related. They are NOT the same.
Elfwoodian - a member of Elfwood
ET - abbreviation for Elftown
EW - abbreviation for Elfwood

Forum/Forums/Fora - term for some of the places where you can meet other Elftowners and discuss various topics. (See spelling_guide for an important note regarding the plural)

Guard - term for the people who make sure everyone obeys the rules. Also known as Town Guards. See Guards for more information.

Herald - term for Elftown's own E-zine. Also known as the Town Herald. See The Town Herald for more information.
Heralder - people who work for the Town Herald. For more information, see Heralders.
House - term for the page with your profile

Main Street - the main page of Elftown
Mayor - title of [Hedda]. All hail [Hedda] whom created Elftown

Newbie - a new member

Post - term for a comment left in the forums.
Posting - variant of post
Presentation - the member's house.

Relationship - the relation connecting or binding participants in a relationship. Elftown members can see when their relations are online and can read each others' friends only -diary entries.

Thread - consecutive postings and comments under the same topic
Topic - the subject of a thread
Town Guard - term for the people who make sure everyone obeys the rules. Also known as Guard. Please see Guards for more information.
Town Herald - term for Elftown's own E-zine. Also known as the Herald. Please see The Town Herald for more information.

Wiki - a set of webpages that anyone can edit
Wiki-page - a page on the wiki. You're reading one now. ^_^
Wiki-page club - a club on the wiki that you can join
Woodworks - Elfwood's monthly E-zine


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2004-01-24 [MathiasIV]: Absolutly wonderfull... When was this created and why did I never know about it :P

2004-01-24 [Athene Noctua]: This was only created like..uh..a couple days ago. ^^

2004-01-24 [Ocean Dreaming]: And you never knew about it because we didn't make it public until today.

2004-02-08 [Child of Wolves]: aah soo handy it is ^^

2004-11-19 [leelalo]: thank you!

2005-03-13 [sis_2005]: thank you for nothin

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