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I wonder who is Elftown's biggest Geek...YOU?

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Feel free to post a banner in your house.

1. [Mom]-20.11834%
2. [Stratakus] - 26%
3. [Trennas] - 36% (seriously, that scared even me!)
4. [Linderel] - 14
5. [Cia_mar] - 44.18146% (don't know if i should be scared or proud!?!?)
6. [Channy] - 29.4714% (...wat :3)
7. [Calico Tiger] - 38.2643%
8. [Jitter] - 38.2643% Same score as Cali bwahahha) Yay for geekiness
9. [Clairey] - 17%
10.[Perplexity] 42.20907% - sad that I thought I might score higher...
11.[Yuriona] - 55.6213% - Extreme geek (its only this high 'cuz [Acerbus] is making me learn geeky computer stuff!)
12.[Ramirez] - 24.45758%
13.[Lord Dog] - 49.11243%
14.[Grandamelf] - 14.79 -I knew taking Latin would come in handy someday!
15.[moira hawthorne] 39.05325% Major Geek
17.[Ihsahn] 37.08087% - Major Geek! So what if I love startrek that much? <.<
17.[TheRogue] 31.16371% - Total Geek: The comics, SCA, and Gaming did it I'm Sure...
18.[CillaCat] 21.30178% -Geek.
19.[Balthizar]=39.84221% - Major Geek-I would like to thank RPing for this award..and theatre.
20.[Sir. Robert] - 42.20907% (Engineering, Drum Major, D&D, Computer Games etc...)
21.[Skydancer] 11.04536%
22.[stuffAEAmade] 25.83826%
23.[Jeccabee] 21.69625%
24.[Maketsu] 31.75542% - phew, at least there are worse geeks than me.
25.[Nocturnaliss] - 13.21499% - Geekish Tendencies. I knew this all along. XD
26.[Iske] 9.46746% - well yeah , positive score :)
27.[Papa Don't Preach] 26.42998% - Total Geek
28.[Thistlewood] 17.15976% - Geek
29.[peura] 41.42012% - Major geek (I've eaten computers for breakfast since 1994...)
30. [Ariandra] 32.74162%-I am a total geek!
31.[Cassave] 47.73176% Super Geek (damnation, I was hoping for at least 50%)
32.[Nita] 31.16371% - Total Geek
33.[Lerune] 38.65878% - Major Geek
34.[Linn Scarlett] 40.43393% - Major Geek (Programming, Rping, comics and LotR did it to me, I swear :p)
35.[Kaimee] 57.79093% Extreme Geek EDIT: 71.59763% Geek God uh oh >.>
36.[Paul Doyle] 40.8284% - Major Geek (surprised, since I missed out on the Internet boom and online gaming explosion of the 1990s/early 2000's. But I'm a coin-collecting dragon, dammit, so I get that ices it :3)
37.[Fetish Dolly Koneko™] 47.14004% - Super Geek. (What can I say? I love this shit.)
38.[Dark Side of the Moon] 20.11834% - Geek (Not geeky enough... :^( )
39.[Angel In Red]: 10.05917% - Geekish Tendencies
40.[Serwa] 4.14201% - Poser
41.[Mordigen] 47.53452% - Super Geek , omg "I have... 'snorted while laughing' " *snorts* me?? never... XD
42.[sequeena_rae] 4.93097% - Poser (sounds about right :P)
43.[Mercenes] 16.17357% - Geek...ish. 
44.[Chimes] 35.10848% - Major Geek, Hooray!
45.[SilverFire] 29.19132
46.[Hendercrazy] 35.30572% - Major Geek
47.[thisfleshatomb] 52.26824% - Super Geek ^_^ yay....try to beat
  long live harry potter
48. [nehirwen] 33.33333% - I go to museums by my own freewill O.o
49.[Synsae] 6.90335% - guess I am just not as geeky as the rest of you...
50.[Anvikit] 35.89744% Major Geek :D
51.[Kyrinn] 50.88757% - Super Geek OMG I answered truthfully, I SWEAR!! XD
52.[Savien] 40.03945% - Major Geek Definitely the movies and roleplaying....[Ariandra] couldn't believe I knew my age in binary...*snorts*
53.[Chrysilla] 20.51282% - Not that bad :)
54.[Morphea] 28.20513% - Total Geek. Actually I am a bit dissappointed. I feel that my geekiness is soo much higher.
55.[Triola] 21.10454% - Geek
56.[Teufelsweib] 16.76529 - more than I thought O_o
57.[The Red Baron] 61.93294% - Extreme Geek. I admit that I have been seduced by the Down Side of the Schwartz.
58.[crowfeather] 25.64103% - Total Geek ....<.< If there were more Renn or art questions then it would be higher ^^;
59.[smakeupfx]: me = 56.21302% - Extreme Geek
60.[The real life Bella Swan]: 43.3925% - Major Geek (D&D, computer stuff, gaming, reading, the list goes on)
61.[Levoton] 16.76529% - Geek. (Apparently I've dropped 9% in a few weeks.)
62.[Tingis] 21% -Geek..... i'm dissapointed =( I want to be a major geek!!
63.[Morningstar Rising] 50.4931% - Super Geek = (has to be all the reading I do. LOL)
64.[ceridwen] 56.41026% - Extreme Geek
65.[True, plain and simple] 31.55819% - Total Geek
66.[Lothuriel] - 74.75345% - GEEK GOD 
67.[iippo] - 41.42012% - Major Geek (Nehirwen's number is the coolest)
68.[irulan] - 34.31953% - Total Geek
69.[Akeatia] - 43.58974 - Major geek ... well... I knew this score was gonna be high...
70. [nokaredes] - 52.66272% Super Geek
71. [Angelic nightmares] - 32.1499% Total Geek
72. [Mortified Penguin] - 55.02959% Extreme Geek (I'm so ashamed)
73.[DarkRedKrueger]- 43.58974% - Major Geek
74. [Arwen Elf Friend] - 28.20513 % - Total Geek (and proud of it!!!)
75. [Elisha Kelly] - 14.7929% - Geekish Tendencies (I is not very geeky :P)
76. [eyes of frost]- 72.78107% -Geek God (I never thought I was THAT geeky...-sigh)
77. [Ylaraniala Majere] 66.6666% - Geek God!! WOO!
78.[WonderTweek] 45.95661% - Super Geek (Uhh.. That's sad)
79. [Child of God]: 40.63116% - Major Geek (Wow, much lower then I had thought it would be)
80. [Caterin S.] 34.91124% - Total Geek (need more SW questions for that one)
81. [Doormat] 21.69625% - Geek (Skipped meals to game? O_O)
82. [jenoclone1] 24.06312% - Geek (no comment)
83. [blackwitch] 6.70611% -poser? XD
84. [HardRockAngel] 6.70654 - poser =P
85. [Caelypse] 56.01578% - Extreme Geek (I'm disappointed with myself, I thought I was much more geeky)
86. [MisLuck] I'm not sure should I admit this on here... :/ 80.86785% Dysfunctional geek. Well I DO study computer sciense so it lifted it up a lot I think. Am seriously not that geeky. :/
87. [dew_farie] 25.24655% - Total Geek, I am dissapointed in myself. :)
88. [Sturmi] - 17.357% - Geek, I thought I was worse
89. [kay-chan] - 15.97633% - Geek, I guess it could be worse...
90. [Pyra]- 51.67653% - Super Geek.... =(
91. [All_Most PUNK] - 12.82051 - Geekish tendencies (So low, wow).
92. [imperfectionist] - 18.3432% - Geek (heh not what i thought)
93.[drakkar]- 46.15385%-Super Geek - XD saw that coming
94. [Fearathress]- 26.23274% - Total Geek. Tottaly saw that.. I mean who loves school other than a geek? XD
95.[3222] 33.72781% - Total Geek (table top rpg's)
96. [Acerbus] - 57.36945% - Extreme Geek. Hooray!!! I'm still slightly in touch with reality!!!
97.[wicked fae mage] 37 and some odd percent. You forgot the third LOTR movie. I thought I was more of a geek. lol.
98. [Venus 53] - uh-oh, gone up from 28.99408% to 30.17751% =P haha to 35.05535% 39.48339%
99. [Alistaire] 0.78895% Ahahaha.
100. [Khronos Atmosphaera] 31.75542% I'm not as geeky as I thought...
101.[LinkTurrner] 44.3787% - Major Geek... i fill sad for me
102. [someelf] - 35.30572% I'm a major geek :3 cool -drools-
103. [FAE] - 24.26036%
104. [Kaeirdwyn] - 51.87377% SuperGeek! ummm... I am way more a geek than I thought. I guess I am just a repository of knowledge or something. And so what if I like to learn.... *laugh*
105. [EnigmaXero] 42.99803% - Major Geek. Not too sure what to think of it. =D
106. [Rat Hacker]78.69822 Dysfunctional Geek (Uber Geek or at least I like to think so. Born in 12/18/89 do the math.)
107.[Captain Rachel Black]43.98422% - Major Geek (and at 16 parents are so proud XD)
108. [allenp] 16.17357% Geek I feel like I failed..... :(
109. [deeterhi]-8.6785%
110. [Mikie9191] - 33.728% - One third geek, two thirds um... something else.
111. [Jack Off Jill] 36.88363% - Major Geek i win :) i think XD
112. [Celtic Rain] 61.53846% - extreme geek. Whats wrong with building your own computer?! I do it every year.
113. [Duke Devlin] - 20.11834% - Geek. :O Well, not too good, not too bad. ;)
114. [itoe] - 53.0572% - Super Geek. Alas, I scored higher whilst I was still an undergrad.
115.[gone from elftown. deleted.] 19%.. Hmm what do you expect? I teach physics and chemistry
116. [BinaryPhoenix] - 48.91519% - Super Geek
117. [Malnu] - 42.20907% - Major Geek
118. [*Phoenix*] - 28.79684% - Total Geek
119. [Kito-Tai] - 64.89153%- Extreme Geek..... yeah... no comment
120. [elfprincess] - 18.73767% - Geek nice
121. [pelv13] 33.33333% - Total Geek =)... version 3.1
122. [Kiddalee] 31.18081% - Total Geek - Oh, thank God. I thought I was going to get a lot lower. Hopefully I can be up to Major in a few years.
123. [Eledhel] 41.14391% - Major Geek - not bad! Working to score higher next time.


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2008-11-30 [The Red Baron]: I should cut down on the glitterstim.

Nice swirly colours and double vision......

2008-12-01 [Paul Doyle]: That sounds like something said by hippies of the future. "Check out all the groovy colors, mannnn"

2008-12-01 [Dark Side of the Moon]: I think the penguins on the old Fleetwood Mac albums were pretty groovy. Does anyone still say "groovy"? I do. *hangs head in shame*

2008-12-01 [The Red Baron]: Skin those penguins alive, impale them, then use their pelts for shoes, wallets, coats, and bags.

2008-12-01 [Jeccabee]: my graphic design professor said "groovy cool" all the time! We used to make fun of him for it. *sigh* At least it's not "cool beans!" OMG I hate that one. My mom says it.

2008-12-01 [The Red Baron]: Thank God I'm the type that rarely praises anything; it's mostly indifference, derision, and/or sarcasm on my part concerning almost everything in (real) life.

2008-12-01 [Mom]: I says cool beans...=\

2008-12-01 [The Red Baron]: I am feeling a sarcasmic rush at the moment....

2008-12-01 [Jeccabee]: I think "cool beans" got ruined for me when my algebra teacher in high school said it ALL THE TIME! It got annoying, so I just stopped liking it.

dont worry [Mom] I wont have a fit if you say it in conversation.

2008-12-07 [The Red Baron]: I tend to say "Thundering Tankdroids!" or "Rolling Droidekas!" whenever something weird is afoot.

2008-12-08 [Dark Side of the Moon]: gah-ROO-vay...!

2008-12-08 [Jeccabee]: *giggles*

2009-01-06 [Kaeirdwyn]: I must admit I have said cool beans a lot... not lately, but as recently as last year...

I think my newer phrasing is something quite mudane... like Freakin' cool. Lately inspiration to be different, abherent or interesting is just not there.:(

2009-01-10 [Jeccabee]: I tend to say wicked a lot...or sweet. I dont know why. I say sweet mostly when texting...or cool.

my best friend says "nods" (meaning that she is nodding in agreement. She's had to explain that to a lot of people. :P

2009-01-11 [*Phoenix*]: SWEET!! I love this test!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to send the link to some of my friends!!!

2009-01-23 [Dark Side of the Moon]: I'm still mad that I haven't live up to the standards of geekiness that I aspired to in high school. If only I'd gone on to university and become a nuclear physicist... *sighs*

2009-03-25 [jaraden]: just redid the test... is utra chuffed at the results!!!! ranked..... wait for it....40.43393% - Major Geek!!!!!!!!! how's them apples!!!!!!!!! WHA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! *snorts*

2009-07-11 [elfprincess021]: haha funny test

2010-02-07 [Kaimee]: I got geekier apparently >.>

2010-10-18 [July 47]: on the 3.1 test i scored 47.53452%

2010-12-23 [I'm her Georgia *Peach!*]: 37.45387%, yeahhhh

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