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Name: Gael Nightshade a.k.a Gale
Race: Dragon
Kingdom: Wanders through them all
Rank: Elder
Alliance: Neutral
Personality: Gael is serious and quiet. She is thoughtful about all that she does and can be very forgiving... if she wants to. She is fiercely independant and dispises traitors more than anything, her she enjoys walking alone but at the same time she is lonely and hopes to find a companion.
Weapon: A bow and her dragon abilities as well as several daggers she carries hidden on her person.
Abilities:The breath of Life. She uses this ability by bringing random things to life to help her fight. She can also blend into shadows, dissolving her body and appearing anywhere else where there is a shadow. This makes it very hard to hit her.
History: Gael was hatched a long time ago and avoided contact with people by living deep in the mountains. Occassionally she is sought after by people who wish to have loved ones restored to life but she rarely grants the request. Gael usually stays out of any problems happening and only intervens when she has been wronged or feels that things are getting out of hand. She has always been a loner, her past is neither sad or happy, from the time she hatched she grew up alone, training herself and avoiding others. She carries a deep lonliness but will never admit it to anyone.
Her Dragon Form:
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2009-10-11 [Eyden13]: I like her, Can't wait to see the finsh result of her charater when your done. ^-^. You can finish, I am done editing the character page. Awesome, I love it. Just add kingdom she lives in rank as elder then her allience then your done

2009-10-13 [Eyden13]: Great, all I need is what alliance your on

2009-10-15 [Lirerial]: Can she be neutral? She's both

2009-10-16 [Eyden13]: sure, just put Alliance: Neutral

2009-10-17 [Eyden13]: You ahve offically been accepted

2009-10-17 [Lirerial]: yay!! lol

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