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2010-02-09 23:45:45
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2010-01-31 [Gadget]: If you cut your hair.... so will I

2010-01-31 [Darth Jacein]: i can deal with that..

2010-01-31 [Gadget]: And I can deal with your short hair. I'd prefer your long hair to your short hair, but I love you not your hair.

2010-01-31 [Darth Jacein]: oh no ima leave it long.. in some areas..medium in others....bald in most..

2010-01-31 [Gadget]: .... I'd rather you be bald than have a mullet Mohawk.

2010-01-31 [Darth Jacein]: umm more like i attacked myself with a pair of buzz clippers..

2010-01-31 [Gadget]: ._.  No.

2010-01-31 [Darth Jacein]: then accept the compliments..

2010-01-31 [Fearathress]: plain out threating may not help. You should try partial intermittent reinforcemnt Daniel. It may help. XD

2010-01-31 [Gadget]: What about my artwork is good? Don't say EVERYTHING. Cause if you do. I'll point out EVERY flaw in EVERY sketch.

2010-01-31 [Fearathress]: It is unique. It has a sense of personal style. Your shading is magnificant, and its not all clear cut cookie cutter.. it has a since of personal flare.

2010-01-31 [Darth Jacein]: you can feel the person behind the art, its not just a drawing.. its art...every stroke of the pencil carries emotion..

2010-01-31 [Gadget]: :S They just look normal to me....

2010-01-31 [Darth Jacein]: ..brb ima go oil the clippers

2010-01-31 [Fearathress]: *Shakes head*

2010-01-31 [Gadget]: NO!!!! ;_; I just don't see anything remarkable about them. It's just the stuff that I've always been able to do. When I compare my older stuff, like Hellboy and Gadget, to my new stuff, like Carmen Sandiego and Waldo, there's not much of a change in my style, but that's a year between each work.

2010-01-31 [Darth Jacein]: and? the style hasnt changed, but that doesnt mean that it isnt good

2010-01-31 [Gadget]: But... I'm not growing as an artist, no matter how often I've drawn.

2010-01-31 [Darth Jacein]: ..have you tried different styles? different subjects?something outside the norm?

2010-01-31 [Gadget]: Does my stuff look like me drawing the same thing over and over again? Gadget is the only consistent thing I draw. A whale, a bird, a sock puppet, weapons, my cousin, glass pieces, even Carmen Sandiego and Waldo are two different styles in the same piece. My stuff ends up being one dimensional, with no real ZEST to it.

2010-01-31 [Darth Jacein]: im not saying different things.. im saying different styles

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