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2009-09-20 [Darth Jacein]: ok babe.. free show casing for your arts, its not done, but i want you to call me when you get this.. i will work you through how to edit it your self..and up load...

2009-09-21 [Gadget]: O_O!!!! BABE!!!! It's AMAZING!

2009-09-21 [Darth Jacein]: the little things are dividers..its not that great.. but it will be when you add your art

2009-09-21 [Gadget]: ^_^!!!!! I'm so lucky to have you. You make life worth living.

2009-09-21 [Darth Jacein]: good, remember that

2009-09-21 [Gadget]: I do. Every day.

2010-01-28 [Darth Jacein]: babeh.. you should upload you other drawings..

2010-01-28 [Gadget]: I've got another banner ^_^

2010-01-28 [Darth Jacein]: k

2010-01-28 [Darth Jacein]: where is it?

2010-01-29 [Fearathress]: very nice

2010-01-29 [Darth Jacein]: i think so too.. she says shes no good at drawing..i think shes full of it..

2010-01-29 [Fearathress]: Yea I think so so to! She is amazing!

2010-01-29 [Darth Jacein]: see love

2010-01-29 [Fearathress]: And if i have to i shall message this page to a friend of mine who is an artist and have her comment it if that will change her mind!! For is is wonderful work! And i dont lie!!

2010-01-29 [Gadget]: XD I'm just a mediocre artist.

2010-01-29 [Fearathress]: No you are not!

2010-01-29 [Darth Jacein]: no matter who tells her she wont listen./.but go for it..

2010-01-29 [Fearathress]: That my dear friend is amazing work! Beyond average! Yes I actualy had to look that word up. XD Your shading and semetery, everything is amazing!

2010-01-29 [Fearathress]: *ish off to email nicole*

2010-01-29 [Darth Jacein]: uhh..what she said

2010-01-29 [Fearathress]: There i emailed her shall be expecting comments soon.

2010-01-29 [Darth Jacein]: i will not hacve that kinda lies spread on my wiki.. there for i got rid of it babe

2010-01-29 [Darth Jacein]: ...deleted aswell

2010-01-29 [Gadget]: ʇsıʇɹɐ ǝbɐɹǝʌɐ ɹnoʎ ʇsnظ ɯ,ı

2010-01-29 [Fearathress]: no you are not!

2010-01-29 [Darth Jacein]: ...ok i cant delete that...its too interesting..

2010-01-29 [Gadget]: .ǝɹǝɥʇ ʇno sʇsıʇɹɐ poob ʎ11ɐǝɹ ǝɥʇ ɟo ʇɹɐ ǝɥʇ buı1ʇʇı1ǝq ǝq ʇsnظ p1noʍ ʇı .ʇɐɥʇ uɐɥʇ ǝɹoɯ ou ɹnq 'ʇuǝ1ɐʇ ɐ ǝʌɐɥ ı ʇɐɥʇ ʇıɯpɐ 11,ı .ǝɹǝɥʇ ʇno sʇsıʇɹɐ ɹǝʇʇǝq ʎuɐɯ os ǝɹɐ ǝɹǝɥʇ ʇnq 'ʇɐ ʞoo1 oʇ ǝɔıu sı ɟɟnʇs ʎɯ

2010-01-29 [Darth Jacein]: no you not.. your belittling your own talent..and its annoying me..

2010-01-29 [Fearathress]: You have amazing skill and talent! Any artist will tell you nothing is ever perfect and you will NEVER see your art as perfect or better than average, but you MUST belive those around you that say it is PEFECT and MORE than AVERAGE!!

2010-01-29 [Gadget]: .poob ʇɐɥʇ s,ʇı ʎɐs oʇ ʇɹɐ ʎɯ ɥʇıʍ ɥbnouǝ ǝ1qɐʇɹoɟɯoɔ ʇou ɯ,ı ʇnq 'ʇsoɯ uɐɥʇ ɹǝʇʇǝq s,ʇı puɐ 'ʍɐɹp uɐɔ ı ʇɐɥʇ ʍouʞ ı .ʇuǝ1ɐʇ ǝʌɐɥ ʇ,upıp ı ʇɐɥʇ pıɐs ɹǝʌǝu

2010-01-29 [Fearathress]: lol.. stubborn.. now how on earth are you doing that? that is just cool

2010-01-29 [Gadget]: s11ıʞs pɐɯ ǝʌɐɥ ʇsnظ ı

2010-01-29 [Darth Jacein]: its a web site...and if you dont start accepting my compliments on your art.. ima cut my hair..

2010-01-29 [Fearathress]: Mad skills you do, its called your art work. XD

2010-01-29 [Darth Jacein]: i agree

2010-01-29 [Dragonfeather]: Hey, not bad at all, i like your work^^ keep it up and your skill will only improve. X3 I'm an artist so i can tell you from my point that your not average, i know people that can't draw to save their lives and as that is the case, they just don't have the talent for it. but you do so don't give up!

2010-01-29 [Fearathress]: See see!!! Thank you Nicole!! *huggles*

2010-01-30 [Darth Jacein]: yes thank you see babe.. you butt head..

2010-01-30 [Gadget]: I'm not a butt head. I'm stubborn. I still don't think my work is anything amazing.

2010-01-30 [Darth Jacein]: RRRRAAAAAAA!!!*tackes her to the ground* Accept our compliments!! for they are truth!

2010-01-30 [Gadget]: Lies!!!!!!!!!!!

2010-01-31 [Darth Jacein]: I NO LIE!!!!<img:stuff/mood5-gif.gif> no i EAT YOUR SOUL!!!

2010-01-31 [Gadget]: If you don't want people to think you're a liar... than stop lying :P

2010-01-31 [Darth Jacein]: <img:2706_1128818519.gif>..keep this up and i will cut my hair..

2010-01-31 [Gadget]: If you cut your hair, I'll cut my hair

2010-01-31 [Darth Jacein]: well then accept my compliments

2010-01-31 [Gadget]: :3 I'll think about it.

2010-01-31 [Darth Jacein]: because i swear i will cut meh hair..

2010-01-31 [Gadget]: If you cut your hair.... so will I

2010-01-31 [Darth Jacein]: i can deal with that..

2010-01-31 [Gadget]: And I can deal with your short hair. I'd prefer your long hair to your short hair, but I love you not your hair.

2010-01-31 [Darth Jacein]: oh no ima leave it long.. in some areas..medium in others....bald in most..

2010-01-31 [Gadget]: .... I'd rather you be bald than have a mullet Mohawk.

2010-01-31 [Darth Jacein]: umm more like i attacked myself with a pair of buzz clippers..

2010-01-31 [Gadget]: ._.  No.

2010-01-31 [Darth Jacein]: then accept the compliments..

2010-01-31 [Fearathress]: plain out threating may not help. You should try partial intermittent reinforcemnt Daniel. It may help. XD

2010-01-31 [Gadget]: What about my artwork is good? Don't say EVERYTHING. Cause if you do. I'll point out EVERY flaw in EVERY sketch.

2010-01-31 [Fearathress]: It is unique. It has a sense of personal style. Your shading is magnificant, and its not all clear cut cookie cutter.. it has a since of personal flare.

2010-01-31 [Darth Jacein]: you can feel the person behind the art, its not just a drawing.. its art...every stroke of the pencil carries emotion..

2010-01-31 [Gadget]: :S They just look normal to me....

2010-01-31 [Darth Jacein]: ..brb ima go oil the clippers

2010-01-31 [Fearathress]: *Shakes head*

2010-01-31 [Gadget]: NO!!!! ;_; I just don't see anything remarkable about them. It's just the stuff that I've always been able to do. When I compare my older stuff, like Hellboy and Gadget, to my new stuff, like Carmen Sandiego and Waldo, there's not much of a change in my style, but that's a year between each work.

2010-01-31 [Darth Jacein]: and? the style hasnt changed, but that doesnt mean that it isnt good

2010-01-31 [Gadget]: But... I'm not growing as an artist, no matter how often I've drawn.

2010-01-31 [Darth Jacein]: ..have you tried different styles? different subjects?something outside the norm?

2010-01-31 [Gadget]: Does my stuff look like me drawing the same thing over and over again? Gadget is the only consistent thing I draw. A whale, a bird, a sock puppet, weapons, my cousin, glass pieces, even Carmen Sandiego and Waldo are two different styles in the same piece. My stuff ends up being one dimensional, with no real ZEST to it.

2010-01-31 [Darth Jacein]: im not saying different things.. im saying different styles

2010-01-31 [Gadget]: Like what?

2010-01-31 [Darth Jacein]: i dunno what different syles there are, your the artist not me

2010-01-31 [Gadget]: :S I've tried a couple different styles. None of my stuff seems to flow.

2010-01-31 [Darth Jacein]: find something way outta your norm...armor..sci fi..not just furrie and random doodles

2010-01-31 [Gadget]: XD I've been drawing armor for the past month. I've sketched out something... sorta sci- fi, but that's not done yet.

I admit... armor is a weak point with me. And so are weapons

2010-01-31 [Darth Jacein]: well..keep working on that..test yourself..challenge yourself

2010-01-31 [Darth Jacein]: and no.. rumbles axe was awesome

2010-01-31 [Gadget]: ^_^ You mean Jace's axe. You told me Rumble's axe didn't look like that.

2010-01-31 [Darth Jacein]: oh yeah.. ok

2010-01-31 [Gadget]: :P You forgot didn't you? ^_^ It's alright. I really don't mind who it belongs to. I plan on making a doodle page for all the characters eventually. Draw up everyone's picture with their weapon of choice.

2010-01-31 [Darth Jacein]: well thatd be cool

2010-01-31 [Gadget]: *fingers crossed* Hopefully I'll get it done soon. I've got a hankerin' to draw drow right now.

2010-01-31 [Darth Jacein]: lol

2010-01-31 [Gadget]: What I said wasn't funny enough for you to fall out of your seat laughing.

2010-01-31 [Darth Jacein]: ..i didnt.. but i did laugh..i imagined you high trying to saw draw drow

2010-01-31 [Gadget]: XD ok... now THAT'S funny.

2010-01-31 [Darth Jacein]: see

2010-02-01 [Gadget]: I think I'm gonna doodle today

2010-02-01 [Darth Jacein]: i wanna play a video game today

2010-02-01 [Gadget]: Course you do :P

2010-02-01 [Darth Jacein]: lol

2010-02-01 [Darth Jacein]: i waaaannna!!!

2010-02-01 [Gadget]: Than go play your video games. What was the name of the place Jason said was hiring?

2010-02-01 [Darth Jacein]: its a gas station.. i gotta fill that out too..

2010-02-01 [Gadget]: :3 What about that place that does the roofing?

2010-02-01 [Darth Jacein]: what about it?

2010-09-19 [Gadget]: Alright.... I need some extra cash... I'm thinking about offering small commissions for a little bit. I have three slots open. Any offers?

2010-09-20 [Darth Jacein]: im still waiting on mine..

2010-12-27 [Gadget]: Still waiting on the cash :P

2011-02-21 [Darth Jacein]: you'll get it when my drawings done

2011-03-13 [Gadget]: Ugh... alright.

2011-09-04 [Darth Jacein]: some times i still come here and look at these, and i miss you and wish you would talk to me again.

2011-09-04 [Gadget]: It hurts to come on here and look at these. All I feel is hurt and broken. I don't want to remember. Remembering hurts and remembering only reminds me that my feelings are still the same. I can't talk to you. Talking to you before I'm over you is just opening myself up to hurt again. You didn't trust me. You lied to me. And deep down you despised me. You said so yourself. I trusted you... and I trusted "her". And both of you lied to me. And she lied to me... and she lied to you. I hate her with every drop of blood that runs through my veins. With every breath I take. With every aspect of my being I LOATHE that Jezzabell.
So no... I'm still hurt. And I'm not ready to talk. The lies are still murking up the water, and until they settle down, and I can see the truth... and finally not hurt anymore... then we can see.

2011-09-05 [Darth Jacein]: we put eachother through hell. neither of us deserved what we put the other through. i understand your being hurt, but i didnt lie to you. i dont want to hurt you, or bring up the past, or relive old memories , be they bad or good. i just want to know that your ok. i miss you danie , you where my best friend for seven years. i have faught a hard battle to keep from calling you , texting you, and messaging you atleast once a day. just to ask how you are. i think i've done well in the "leave you be" aspect of things. but i caved on elftown...and im sorry. you once told me that you couldnt help but still be my friend if we broke up(i believe i said i dont think i could even talk to you if we ever broke up.) roles are aparently reversed now....
i dont know what im trying to say here..other than i miss you, and i hope your doing good.

2011-09-05 [Gadget]: I miss you too, but it hurts to see you. To hear you. To remember. I miss you sooooooooo much. I feel like a part of myself is gone.

I still love you... And I think I always will.

And that hurts even more...

2011-09-05 [Darth Jacein]: thats why i untagged myself in our photos.. thats why i wanted to get your stuff out of her house..i gotten rid of everything that i can, that reminds me of you, except for elftown.. its the last bit of evidence of what once was.. and i dont think i can bring myself to get rid of it. it doesnt get easier over time.. it just gets easier to hide.

2011-09-06 [Gadget]: I still love you Daniel... and a part of me holds on to the hope of "one day..."

2011-09-09 [Darth Jacein]: if there where such a day, it would be a long way off..but thats not why i came here danie.. i just wanted to know that you where doing good.. maybe that things are looking up...i just want to know how you are...

2011-10-04 [Gadget]: I never stopped loving you.

2013-08-26 [Darth Jacein]: Me either

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